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User Reviews for GoToWebinar

Go to Webinar is Left in the dust by Zoom

First a perspective. I am a analog guy in a digital world( some may even say a Flintstone mobile vs a Tesla). Any way, due to Covid 19 I have been forced into conducting personal and organizational business in a virtual environment. ZOOM has been easy for me to learn, use, and be effective with communicating to the various audiences I serve or participate with. Even from Maui Hawaii I was able to set up and pull off a family reunion/ 100 th Birthday bash for my mother in Atlanta. About 80 family members from Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Miami, LA, Chicago, Metro Wash DC area, NYC. We were all able to share screens of photos, birthday cards, and other memorabilia. The point is if this old dinosaur can do all this with ease, means that anybody can be successful using the product and ZOOM on to success. CWD Maui HI

EO9981, Jul 02, 2020
Great way to network and disseminate information!!

First time I’ve tried this app (for an aviation safety Webinar) and it was the easiest I’ve seen; to log in and connect to whatever webinar one is lookin for is easy even for technologically challenged people like myself. Extremely user friendly so that one can ask questions and be answered quickly, vote on a poll, comment via text, video or microphone, etc. One can be as involved as they choose. This app is very nice and simple, yet effective and efficient!! Great app. (And for what it’s worth, I don’t rate things 5 stars often).

FirstTimebLogger, Dec 21, 2018
Great way to communicate.

I enjoyed the webinar from World Wide Travel. We could type questions and answered right away. Getting on was relatively easy. They tell you to do a test run and during that time you’re able to download their app. Then you go back to the e-mail and just hit join meeting and your on. It tells you if the host hasn’t come on yet and that she’ll be on momentarily. I would use this again, I was pleased listening and seeing pictures, it was almost like a live presentation.

Hunnyb0527, Jul 08, 2020
A great way to learn...

The COPD Foundation had a webinar, this evening, on COVID19 that was my first. While this time it was slides and audio, it was most comprehensive and helpful, and very easy to use. I can see I’ll be attending more webinars, as I hear of them.I didn’t need to worry over signing in for the event, as a link, especially for me, in the email confirmation for the webinar, took me right to where I needed to be. I still don’t know what all those little hearts are, but most of the features on the display panel were pretty intuitive.

ilovedaisiestoo, Mar 17, 2020
Zoom is better

This app used to be the only game in town and as a result they got a little full of themselves and are clearly too slow to adapt to needed changes in the way we now function. I’d say they really missed out on a great opportunity for growth. But they stuck with the same old plan. With this app you simply have to jump through too many hoops to be able to set up a meeting, host, be a panelist, view all of the panelists. It’s ridiculous. With Zoom, you simply download the app, set up a meeting or join the meeting and (snapping my finger) there everybody is! And you can share your screen. No headache. It couldn’t be any more user-friendly. But this app? No, “you have to be administrator to set up a group meeting“ nonsense. What is that anyway?? Especially when it is almost impossible to become an “administrator.”I must’ve spent an hour trying to figure out how I become an administrator. Is that a paid feature or something? I’ll be happy if I never have to open this outdated dinosaur of an inconvenience again.

Jeff DeWitte, Jun 23, 2020
Generally easy to connect and a great education tool

I have "attended and "several go to webinars and appreciate both the quality of the content the relative ease of use, and the ability to also access it on my phone when on the go. The only glitch I have experienced is getting it connected from my iPhone to the car speaker, and being able to see the screen that accompanies the audio presentation. After losing the connection when I reconnected I could no longer seem to access the slide presentation that accompanied the audio.

Mattey's mom, Apr 26, 2018
On older iPad frozen at iOS 9 by Apple, get msg must upgrade to iOS 10 level

Help! App won't let me sign up for any new webinars, until I upgrade to latest app version requiring iOS 10 ... although my older iPad was frozen at iOS 9 by Apple, so CANNOT install iOS 10, and thus NOT able to run apps requiring iOS 10. PLEASE LET THOSE OF US WITH OLDER DEVICES WHICH DON'T SUPPORT iOS 10, TO CONTINUE USING PREVIOUS VERSION OF APP (which is still working fine for webinars I'd registered for earlier).(app support useless: I explained problem 4x over 20 minutes - but rep ignored everything I said, repeatedly telling me that I needed to upgrade to iOS 10 app anyway. I asked to speak to supervisor, was kept waiting 40 minutes while rep repeated same over & over, then told me supervisors too busy & one would call me back - that was a week ago, with no callback.)

metravelcrazy, Dec 21, 2017
Clear and simple

I use Zoom, MS Teams, Crowdcast and other apps for webinars. For the presentations I saw today GoToWebinar was 100% adequate. I didn’t require visual interactivity and the questions function was very easy to use. I can’t say this is my go-to app now because each platform has its uses. When chosen thoughtfully, it’s a fine app that is worth trying. It’s certainly less complex than most of its peers, particularly for seniors or those who aren’t comfortable with technology generally.

Moon Jaguar, Feb 25, 2022

This software is outstanding. I especially liked that they had a trial version that you could use to practice going to webinar the day before the event. I have never done a webinar and was afraid it would be too hard. They let me do a trial run, yesterday. I will never be afraid again. I first tried it on my older MAC. If you go to check system requirements, they will tell you if the webinar will run OK. They have good options for sound. I then tried it on my IPAD Pro. That worked flawlessly too.This is the best implemented software I have ever tried.

oak park, Dec 06, 2018
Great experience

Are use a webinar for a vocational nursing class orientation. The meeting was at 8 o’clock in the morning when I went to click on the link I immediately was in the orientation the video quality was good I didn’t miss Any verbiage due to Internet quality. I like the tabs at the bottom where you were allowed to send questions there’s also a button on top are you raise your hand that you have something to say it’s a great first time experience for me definitely will keep the app on my phone

Ra'sGurl, Jul 05, 2019


Being away from your computer doesn’t mean you have to miss out on online events. The free GoToWebinar mobile app lets you not only see and hear webinars, but take part in them as well. No matter where you are, you can ask questions, take part in polls and more.

If you’re running the webinar, you can present directly from your iPad, share your iPad’s webcam and chat with other event staff. FEATURES For Attendees Attend and participate in online events while you’re on the move. • Join easily by tapping the online event link in an invite email or your calendar. • Use a single tap to dial in to the phone conference or connect to audio using WiFi or 4G/3G. • View the event speaker’s slide presentations up close. • Participate in polls, raise your hand and ask the event speaker a question. • View up to 6 webcams on any iOS device. For Organizers In addition to the above, as an organizer you can • Schedule Webinars • View previously scheduled Webinars • View the number of registrants for an upcoming Webinar • Share a Webinar registration link via email, SMS, twitter, facebook and more. For Panelists In addition to the above, as a panelist you can use your iPad to • Share your webcam • Share a document from your favorite cloud storage app • Chat with other panelists and organizers HOW TO JOIN AN EVENT There is no purchase necessary to attend a GoToWebinar event. Two easy ways to join: • Tap an event link in the invite email or your calendar. • Tap the GoToWebinar icon after you download the app and enter the session ID. NOTE: Presenter controls can be passed to anyone in the event if they have content to share. If you’re using an iPad, you can access and present content stored on cloud services. AUDIO • Upon joining an event, you will automatically connect to audio through your Internet connection (WiFi or 4G/3G). • For the best audio experience, plug a headset into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. • If you prefer to dial in over your phone line, you can do that with a single tap after joining the event. • If you are attending the event in person, easily disconnect from audio any time so you can continue to participate in polls and see the speaker’s presentation up close. NOTE: Due to network constraints, iPhone users on the Verizon network will be unable to join the event and dial in over the phone at the same time. VIDEO CONFERENCING If additional presenters are using webcams, you will automatically see them upon joining the event. • GoToWebinar presenters can turn on webcams by tapping the webcam icon then the Share My Webcam button. • While it is possible to stream video over a 4G/3G connection, WiFi is recommended to avoid charges with your network carrier.

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