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User Reviews for GoToMeeting

An unmitigated disaster.

My employer forced us to move from Zoom to GoToMeeting, and it was a huge mistake. My complaints are many! There’s no waiting room. Your only options are flood gates open, flood gates closed. And when your meeting is locked you can’t see who is waiting to get in! There’s no option to mute all participants automatically upon entering and even if you do mute all they can still unmute themselves at any time. And anyone who gets dismissed can come right back in! You can’t spotlight one video for all participants, and the audio and video quality are abysmal. If you record a meeting, you better hope it’s short because it will take absolutely forever to convert and save. And there is no way to turn off video mirroring! It might be unmirrored for other people, but that doesn’t really help me when I’m trying to present and read anything physical. The settings menu is laughable too. You can change the aspect ratio of your video and that’s about it. Genuinely floored this platform has lasted this long. Maybe it’s because the market isn’t that big? Do people not know there are better options?!?

antlersantlers, Apr 16, 2020
Good Service, So-So iOS App

GoToMeeting is a great service. (My company switched after suffering through WebEx.) However, the iOS app could use some improvements: 1. It doesn’t multitask well. It can’t run in the background long, which I could’ve sworn was possible with WebEx’s iOS app. It also doesn’t work with Split View on iPad e.g. preventing one from using the Notes app side-by-side. 2. On iPad, there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent it from using the Internet for audio by default. This is really annoying since I typically dial-in. There also isn’t an in-app control to switch audio sources. 3. While screen sharing from iPad it would be nice to be able to move the position of the webcam window of myself, and suppress sharing iOS Notifications. Overall, the GoToMeeting service is so much better than WebEx that these nitpicks with their iOS app are tolerable. P.S. Hopefully, the GoToMeeting iOS app will stop nagging me to write a review now that I’ve written this one…

btn, May 10, 2019
Want to like it but...

I’ve used GoToMeeting a handful of times during the quarantine and have only been impressed once. The very first time everything worked well, but on the second attempt my mic stopped workin on my laptop. It works with all other programs, so I know it’s an issue in GoToMeeting. While getting that fixed, I’ve been using the iPad app. I have no idea why the screen is limited to 6 people and you have no control over who those six are. I thought I must be missing an easy way to see the other people, but after a lot of searching this seems to be the only option on the iPad. Why? This seems like a terrible failure if the app isn’t able to let you actually participate in meetings of more than 5 other web cams. At least it helpfully tells you who is speaking. However, this feature is white text on a light gray background and nearly impossible to read. This seems an accessibility issue more than a mere annoyance. Assuming I can get my mic to work again, most of my complaints are limited to the iPad app. But until this app is usable, I’ll be hoping my meetings switch to zoom.

CkS0005, Apr 16, 2020
Best program for telemeetings

Have used for years, I am responsible for helping our students to sign-on and even for those that almost never turn on a computer (yes, there are many of them out there 😄) I can easily get them signed on and ready to go. As with ALL programs, the more you use them you always have a ‘wish list’ but GoToMeeting has very few items that need to be changed... but since I’m here I’d like to request better support for showing videos, it worked in the past but newest updates require the presenter to ‘dial in’ to the meeting and have their phone on speaker while running the video for the participants to hear it, when that’s fixed it will be a ‘5+’ for sure. I was on the phone with tech support for over an hour and she and I ‘discovered’ this work around which has saved us so I am grateful to that tech for taking the time to help me find a solution. Easy to use and easy to explain to others, LOVE LOVE LOVE the program.

iPhone Fanatic , Apr 10, 2020

I use this for everythjnf. The fact it transcribes my meetings and it can be searched I use it all the time for virtual assistants to have subtitles and also so I can search anything I ever say later. Also have meeting url that labeled whatever I want is awesome to keep all the different types of meetings that I always have going on separate from each other. They call this meeting rooms. But all it is is a separate URL for each type of meeting whether it’s my monthly council meetings or meetings with only the financial people etc. For some reason this review was all white text on a white background so I could not spellcheck it

karufta, Nov 14, 2020
Please allow to run in background

Overall decent - I seem to have more trouble getting the phone call audio connected with this vs. other providers’ mobile apps. It seems silly giving a review of the mobile app, since it’s the only option if your company uses GTM as its online meeting service. One “feature” that really bugs me - and that I really hope can be made optional - is the requirement to have the app on top in order to stay connected to the meeting. Often I will be doing other activities while listening to a call (email, reviewing a PDF, etc. ) and if I ignore the “Please return to GoToMeeting or the app will be closed” message, I lose the screenshare connection. Very frustrating. Can you please make this optional? Maybe a setting for timeout period vs the hard-coded 60 second timeout?

Merry jester, Dec 06, 2018
No wonder why...

I kinda was wondering why this app is falling behind zoom, but after last time I tried to organize a meet I know why. The platform needs lots of fixes. I had an account with it, so I tried to log in through the app, but after I put my email it took me to the page where the only message or a clickable button was “not me”. I didn’t know how to proceed further, as there wasn’t anything else, it didn’t even say your email is not registered or anything that could have given me any hints for further action. I tried through the website, and seems like I had to register the email. I go back to the app after registering through the website, and there the name is not what I used to register. It has the name I used before, although the new information I put was different. Gave me multiple error messages and asked to try later while creating a meeting. Shortly, they are not trying to keep up with the market.

olimibaho, Nov 26, 2020
GoTo meeting is an incredible tool but can overheat your cell in a meeting.

I have used GoTo meetings in the past. The software is extremely helpful for meeting with our clients around the USA and even a few around the world. GoTo recently started to overheat and shut off after a 20min video call. Support reached out to me after posting my bad review. All apps need to be closed. I’m good about always having my apps closed but I’ll have to double check. GoTo has great support and I’ve revised my rating. I am doing only 4 stars because there are times when we have audio problems in calls and when reaching out to GoTo, it’s an issue they’re resolving. Excellent communication with support and always ready to help!

Rickyb3, Jul 02, 2020
Video dropped/speaker dropped

I was just doing medical/doctor visit, and there was issues with my microphone kept muting and un-muting. And then when my video call came through I was about two minutes into the call and MY video dropped where I could see my doctor but she couldn’t see me and then all the sudden the speaker dropped too, but we could hear each other through our phone line. During the meeting I had gone to settings after this happened and went to turn the video back on and it said ‘turn video off’… So my video was still on but it just wasn’t working. So we just completed our call w/out video or sound, through the app.

TanyaB. MN, Oct 25, 2021
Not Quite Zoom

Honestly I am not impressed. I used it as a presenter, and a participant. Why can’t they just make both mute for sound and turning off video both red icons when off and both green when on? It is maddening to me that you can’t be sure if you are on camera or not especially if you enter in the middle of a slide share, not very intuitive. It seems they go out of their way to be different and fail in the process. Same with the chat room, it’s too hard to mute everyone and hard to dismiss people, too many steps and hard to find icons. The worst of it all is the set up, my co-presenter and I didn’t know if we had certain permissions and control, I had to log on as a guest and test to make sure I could perform simple tasks that everyone in the room could see. No I’m not technically challenged, but when your a presenter that’s your concern, not laboring over dum issues that should be intuitive.

Unihibbited, Sep 29, 2020


The GoToMeeting mobile app gives you the accessibility & reliability you need to take your work with you on the road & across the globe. Whether it’s a business-critical meeting, or a casual discussion, we know that every conversation is important. With more than 2.5 million downloads & a user rating over 4.5 stars, GoToMeeting is the premier mobile meeting app on the iOS market today.

New to GoToMeeting? • Join a session with ease, no sign up necessary! • Host a meeting for free & do so without the hassle of inputting a credit card. Already using GoToMeeting in the office? • The same great experience you know & love on your computer is now available on your mobile device. • Join meetings via our Commuter Mode feature to save up to 90% of data while on the go. • Sync your calendar to your mobile device to join meetings with a single tap. GoToMeeting Mobile App Features: • Join or host a meeting on iPhone & iPad • Participate in video conferencing with up to 6 shared webcams (HDFaces) • Crystal clear full band VoIP audio or phone call • Call me now available • Share your full device screen with everyone in your meeting • Hand-off presentation control to other attendees to view presentations, mockups, reports, etc… • See all of your upcoming meetings and join with a single tap • Get alerts when a meeting is about to start • Chat with individual attendees or everyone in the meeting • Present your documents from the cloud. GoToMeeting integrates with most file-sharing apps, including ShareFile, Dropbox and Box (iPad only) • Brainstorm together using the on-screen highlighter and whiteboard (iPad only) • Start your meeting with one tap and then seamlessly transfer the session to your Mac (or vice versa) Questions about GoToMeeting? Visit us at https://www.gotomeeting.com/meeting/online-meeting-support

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