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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

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Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Google TV: Watch Movies & TV

Buggy since name change

Prior to the name change, when it was Google Play, there were no issues. And if there were any issues, they weren’t big enough to complain about. One feature I wish was available was app control with my Apple Watch, play/pause and whatnot. Now that the app name has changed to Google TV, I can’t exactly use the app. Yes it’ll open and load, but if I try to browse, it will freeze. When I choose “My Stuff” and try to scroll through my collection, the app freezes. I can’t scroll up or down, or return to the main screen. I have to close the app and that doesn’t even solve the problem. When I close and reopen, I still can’t browse trough my stuff.

2fingermagic, Aug 03, 2022
Downloading Issues

I downloaded this app so I can watch movies on my IPad Pro. After seeing how great this looks I started to download all my movies for offline viewing. It took me three days and a lot of internet use but I finally downloaded all of them. After a few weeks and an update to my IPad all of my movies show they are not downloaded and now I have to repeat this process. Really?!! What sense does it make for me to go through that long process again and wonder if this will happen again. I’m not sure who is at fault, Apple because they hate that I won’t purchase their movies,or Google because they hate I’m watching it on the IPad. There is no guarantee this won’t happen again, and I don’t want to burn through unnecessary data. SOMEBODY PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!!!UPDATE!!!There is no point downloading a movie. As soon as there is an iOS update Apple will remove those downloads and you will have to start all over.

3609phoenix, Sep 23, 2019
Why not Apple TV?

Wouldn’t the Google TV app be a perfect candidate for availability on the Apple TV? Like, wouldn’t I want to watch TV on my TV?I can think of three reasons why:1) Pushing use of Chromecast, but this is aimed at people already in the Apple ecosystem (and I don’t want to cast/airplay, which is why I chose to connect what is essentially a computer to my TV in the form of the Apple TV)2) Users unable to purchase content from the play store on the Apple TV itself, so it would solely be used for consuming content 3) Not as much user or usage data available to make the platform worth whileI was a big-time Google user (Pixel phone, Google assistants in every room, chrome book), but since switched to Apple ecosystem. Instead of waiting for Google to improve the media experience on my platforms of choice (Google TV was too little too late) with non-commital dabbling with things like iOS support but not TVOS support, it was easier to just walk away from my purchase and start over on iTunes. If Google committed to providing my 4K content on all my devices, Google’s video service would have been a slam dunk.I wish I could have my library at the quality I purchased it on the device I want to watch it. Who else could do that besides Google? And they choose not to. Bummer.

96kiloblips, Jul 03, 2022
Good App

The app runs smooth, and they have made several changes that have made the experience better in my opinion. Although there are still some titles in my library that do not show cover art. And I would suggest that when showing titles in alphabetical form, don’t group all titles that have the word “The” in the beginning of the title together.

Anakoni76, Mar 16, 2023
Behind the curve

The app would have been a good start 5 years ago but when comparing to ReelGood or JustWatch it simply is light years behind. Design wise it certainly doesn’t fit well on iOS. Most importantly you can’t track episodes of seasons. Only supports a limited number of services. For You or Your Stuff should be the default page not Highlights which is just filler. Ideally more blended together. In the end can’t hold a candle to ReelGood and it’s strength of course is being built into GoogleTV so it’s the one we all want to want to use but google makes thst difficult. The only other benefit is it’s search feature is far better than the competitors. You can misname or type but it knows what you mean and you can search for movies similar to another which works well. I don’t expect to see much progress in this app which is too bad since the TV ui on Google TV is much better.

Applelights, Apr 24, 2023
Latest update made app unusable

I don’t understand why change up everything on an app that worked well. The remote feature is completely changed, yet doesn’t work anymore. The update ruined the app, it doesn’t even show a remote option most the time, but a third party app will work. Even when it works the app gets stuck on haptic vibrations and keeps registering pushing the up arrow button even though I’m not touching it. Switching over to 3rd party remote app until Google can get it together

Borey Bollins, May 09, 2023
User experience is awful

We have almost 300 movies, including sets we have purchased as a package. Google doesn’t organize these sets together, nor do they have a search feature in your library. It is alphabetical, but you can imagine how annoying that is when you must scroll through hundreds of movies to find one the one you want, especially when some are or organized by a “the” or “Disney’s ___”. You can’t save lists or favorite frequently watched movies to make them easily accessible. If you stop a movie mid way, and resume it on another device or cast to a different tv, it doesn’t save your place. There are no parent control features allowing you to separate or block adult content from kids, so if they have the app they can access anything purchased. Nothing about this is customizable. Why is this app so far behind all the other steaming services?! After investing so much into a major platform I assumed would perform competitively, this is extremely disappointing. Do better, Google. This app is a joke.

Breezymeeks, Feb 21, 2021
Downloads Don’t Work

What is the deal with downloads? It took me three days to download a show because they kept getting stuck so I had to download each episode separately, and the downloads took a long time per episode (my internet speed is not the issue here). THEN when they were finally done and I tried watching the downloaded shows, it says I can’t because I have no Internet connection. Isn’t that the entire point of downloading a show/movie? On top of that when I do watch with a connection, it stops every five minutes and I either need to fast forward 10 seconds or exit out of the episode and restart.

Cpan0920, Jun 07, 2022
Corrupt Agency Abuse

This showed great detail in how abuse was perpetrated dialysis elected President Trump, Michael Flynn, Kesh Patel and others. It shows how rogue agencies mislead the American people in an attempt to overthrow our government. It showed the clear ties to media outlets and how information was and still is skewed to portray a proposed narrative over facts and truth. For many people, this documentary will fracture their belief of our government. It’s extremely difficult to hear how evil others are when their public image says otherwise. I thank God and the brave patriots for bringing this into light. We need them both as this world wakes up and learns the whole truth that caused America to fall from the inside out.

Cr8zyCatLadyT, Sep 18, 2021
Garbage app

It’s Father’s Day. All I wanted to do was eat a steak, have a glass of scotch, and watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Steak. Check. Scotch. Check. Now I have a one year old which means seeing a movie in the theater is not an option. Upon looking this movie up, I found it to be available only on this app. Alright, I’ll give it a shot and pay the required $15 for the movie. First hour was fine. Streaming clearly. Then, glitch after glitch after glitch. I discovered, if I stopped the movie then restarted, it would fix itself. But towards the end of the movie, I had to stop and restart about every 5 minutes. This app is absolute garbage. I’ll be deleting this from my device immediately and never using again. Good thing my steak and scotch were good otherwise this app may have ruined Father’s Day.

Eddie Eddie 1234, Jun 22, 2020


The Google TV app, previously Play Movies & TV, makes it easy to find and enjoy the entertainment you love from across your apps, all in one place. With Google TV, you'll be able to: Find what to watch next Browse movies and TV episodes from across your streaming apps, all in one place and organized into topics and genres. Discover new things with recommendations based on what you love and what’s trending across the services you already have access to.

Search for titles to see which apps are streaming them. Create a list for all your discoveries Add interesting shows and movies to your Watchlist to keep track of your new discoveries and view them later. The Watchlist is shared across your devices, so you can even add to your Watchlist from your TV or phone and laptop through Search on any browser. Take your favorites on-the-go Your recommendations, Library and Watchlist go with you wherever you go, whether it is out the front door or just to the other room. Start streaming right on your mobile device, or download your previously purchased entertainment from your Library to watch when you're not connected. Use your phone as your Google TV / Android TV remote With a remote built right into the app, you can find something great to watch even when the couch has eaten your remote. And you can use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names or search terms on your Google TV or other Android TV OS device Learn more about Google TV: https://tv.google

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