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Thomas Ricket
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User Reviews for Gnome Homes

Perfectly Suited iPad Game

This game is the perfect iPad game. Not only is it endless fun and entertainment but it can played casually. Set all of your gnomes into action and go brush your teeth and upon your return, you've leveled and the gnomes will go take a rest earning you more play time. This game has been played and replayed a handful of times over dozens of hours. It's incredibly addictive.

AuntIzzie, Oct 01, 2012
Love this game, but!

My family loves this game, but it has some glitches that are making us mad, please tweet the glitches on the strawberries, we have planted at least 12 of them but it only shows we planted two, how are we suppose to ever finish the the task of making three James when it won't register that we even grew any more then two, same goes for some of the other task. why would we want to spend any more money on your game if I is not working as it should.

Buddamomma47, Mar 02, 2015

Very fun game, love it. Could use an update-a few issuesGlitched items like logs and acorns that show the message "please move me to a valid location"The green arrows always pointing become annoying, maybe make a setting to disable it?Sparkles that appear in the middle of the ground? (Not sure if it's for a reason but it's odd to me)Other then that I love it very much

capt-kidd, Dec 20, 2014

My 7 yo son loves this game. The tech support was quick and very helpful when we needed it.

Ford LHSS, Jun 23, 2013
Good start, needs fixes and expansion

I like the game. It's cute, costs little or nothing to play, and the various activities are fun. BUT: there are some glitches & limitations. I've been playing less than 1 week and have already hit the max level (which is 12). I can't buy any more tunnels, even though I can buy more land. Kinda silly since I can't do anything with it. The no. of tunnels one can buy was already seriously limited -- WHY? I hope the devs fix the problems and bring out new levels since it has a lot of potential.

Ghostreader, Dec 05, 2012
This game has too many problems

I read the reviews and thought maybe they had fixed the problems, but I ran into the same things. I just want my money back since I can’t enjoy this game.

Gingerlife713, Feb 14, 2020
Really like this game

Pretty addictive if you like building/simulation games, it's cute and fun, you just have to think ahead in terms of spaces and rooms. Tasks don't take hours to complete, and most importantly you DON'T have to spend money to make progress in it which makes it a five-star game in my book!

Hopeistiredofhalfassedapps, Oct 27, 2012
Unsure why its not working for me...

All the other reviews are really high for this game and I have an iPhone 7 Plus. But for some reason it’s not working well for me at all at this point I would like a refund. I can’t tap on any of the household furniture and the green arrows in the tutorial just keep bouncing on the market trying to get me to buy chairs over and over again

KiSMoore, Apr 05, 2018
Play is difficult!

This game needs better instructions on how to play the game. You need to be able to undo your mistakes and it need more details on how to build mines and rooms.

peterz549, Jan 01, 2013
Enjoying this way more than I should

I'm finding this both relaxing and fun. Have 5 minutes? Fire up the Gnomes and get building. And I love all the animals. :)

SugarPyeGirl, Oct 06, 2012


Gnomes are here! Build a thriving gnome burrow in this new simulation game. Tame and adopt wild animals like fuzzy voles, sleepy lizards, or bouncy mice.

Grow your own vegetables and fruits, and explore the depths of the meadow for precious diamonds! Gnomes features: - Dig deep through the ground, unearthing treasures, or just worms. - Customize the dozens of unique gnomes who join your burrow, with unique names, clothing, hair styles, and more! - Build anything from simple chairs to cozy fireplaces and modern electric lights! - Lots of unique animals, like bees, skinks, voles, fireflies, lizards, kangaroo mice, and more! - Let your gnomes do the work! Set up a thriving community, then sit back and watch your gnomes go about their daily chores. - Watch the weather change from bright and sunny, to a cloudy day, to a moonlit night. - Compete for special rare objects to make your burrow unique! Played Gnomes through, but wish you had something unique? We're adding more content right now. Use the "Contact Us" button to let us know what you'd like to see!

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