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User Reviews for Glitché

Amazing Glitch Editor

I’m one of those people who doesn’t write reviews very often, but I felt I had to write a review for this app. This is some of the most advanced technology I think I’ve seen with any photo/video editing app in a long time. As a person who does deep editing myself, I know how much time it takes to make certain glitch effects come to life, nevertheless actually available as a preset for users to stick on to any photo or video. Such labor-some edits available at the press of a button isn’t something that should be taken for granted here folks...this is truly amazing stuff. Technology at its finest. The price may be a little costly, perhaps to some, but in comparison to the time, learning, and money you would have to spend to purchase the software to do some of this stuff yourself, it’s worth every penny - hands down. Put things into perspective.To the developer team; yes, it would’ve been nice to know the full price of things up front, but I also understand the psychology of marketing so that’s that. You guys have made an absolutely awesome app here and I look forward to using this for my creative purposes. Amazing work.

ACMoses6, Nov 16, 2020
I love this photo/video manipulator

This app, along with Decim8 are my go to photo manipulation apps. The photo and video editing effects are inspiring. I have never used the app for subtle editing so I can't comment on that, but if you are looking for glitchy, bold, creative effects, this is probably the app for you. You do have to pay for some of the features. To me, the images/videos I have been able to create with the app make it well worth the cost. It amazes me the number of people complaining about having to shell out some cash to use all the features. There are plenty of free, inferior apps out there if you don't want to pay. 20 years ago a program that does what this app is capable of would have cost a minimum of $50. Now get off my lawn!!!

bcmuzik, Mar 08, 2018
Great app, but full-access costs $$

I was very disappointed to see that once I paid for the app, to unlock full-access, I would have to pay $9 more. It would be helpful if Glitché would make it implicit to their customers that this app will not permit full use of the filters when attempting to take a photo/video, and that this will only be used as an editing tool for photos/pictures in the iPhone photo library. I'm also not sure why I have to pay $2.99 to access "HD export" which, in all honesty, Glitché is charging me to use the full quality of the camera that is built into my phone. I already paid for the app, and an extra $2.99 for camera filter use. Why would the app block/downscale features that are native to my iPhone 7 Plus (such as HD picture/video quality)? It also charges extra to use the filters for videos in the camera roll. I'm a bit upset that I feel like I've been lied to by the app's developers in order for them to make a quick buck.

DrPickTay, Jun 24, 2017
Nice update but..

I guess that now that celebrities and musicians are using the app, they’re charging celebrity prices! The app update notes mention you can use all features for under $2. What it doesn’t mention is that there’s now subscription tiers, so that’s under $2 PER MONTH. It’ll cost you almost $35 (!!!) to unlock this “pro” tier permanently as a one-time cost. Update at your own risk. I will admit that some of the old filters got a nice upgrade, like the gradient filter. Ability to import gifs is nice too. Just a little let down that after I’ve spent like $9 to unlock “everything” it’s no longer “everything.”Update 12/21: monthly subscription prices have gone up, and they’ve raised the price of the one-time “lifetime” Pro purchase by almost double, I guess to peel some extra bucks from NTF dudes since they’re hyping NFT creation. Some of the interface updates are decent improvements but there’s still somewhat of a learning curve.

Good Worker Bee, Dec 21, 2021
Changed my life

This app has many flaws, but the creativity it allows is mind-opening. First you must get passed the learning curve and the design issues with features like GIF creator. This app allows you to turn any image or video into a virtual glitch-filled wonderland. I look forward to taking pictures and editing them with this software. It’s changed my perspective on seemingly daunting effects. I find myself looking for artwork with glitches. Recently I’ve been using this app just as a creative outlet or to get a rough idea of how I’d like to edit an image in photoshop. My biggest issue is the reduced quality of images when exported. I can input a vector image with 300 ppi at HD resolution, yet when I export the image it is pixelated. This loss of quality limits the usage of this app.

jetstarmayday, Jul 22, 2018
I would like a request for a refund

I have bought this App in the hope of paying another $2.99 for the In-App Purchase to get Hi-Res Export feature. I have a screenshot of App Information page on the App Store recorded January 6th, 2019 which shows that in the “Information  In-App Purchases” there is an $2.99 item for “Hi-Res Export”. However, inside the actual application you must pay for Glichè Pro Subscription to have such option and there is no Hi-Res Export option as In-App Purchase.And now when I checked the application information, officially, they have removed In-App Purchase and selling the Pro version with Subscription plan. This is a trick from the Developer giving wrong information and misleading the customer. I never bought the app if I was aware of the Subscription Plan or if there is not In-App Purchase option, proper information must be given in the Application Information. A lot of customers are having the same issue and they have reported.Now I am requesting for a refund.

kecy1amr, Feb 22, 2019
She said Hoopla

All the salt about the subscription thing aside, the app has just stopped working for me. It won’t render or export my videos properly. I figure this is to do with the new update and hope the people behind this will at least let us non-subscription plan money having people use some of the features, and FIX this. I mean this app used to be my go to and somehow since making this subscription thing it has just gone down the toilet. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the need to make money off your totally brilliant product but y’all were on one with this subscription plan hoopla and even further on one with the app imploding on top of that. Loyalty is two ways y’all, we can’t be expected to remain in this camp if you’re not keeping us warm. Like dang I can’t even use it without the subscription even though I was one of the early adopters to willingly shell out coin? Man. Saying goodbye to this might hurt but for sure it’ll hurt less than the ~$40 dollars for an apparently poorly functioning product, y’all are asking.

Misseazy, Sep 30, 2019
Can’t restore purchases

I’m subscribed to the one month pro subscription. When I try to use pro functions it pops up the most annoying and frustrating pop up I’ve ever experience. “A go to for any modern professional photographer” and I bought it just so I didn’t have to hear that again. I was at 5 stars but until I can get what I’m currently and will be continuing to pay for (cause I’m an idiot and hopeful they will fix this soon) it’s gunna stay that way. If I could give it 0 stars for its current state I would. I love this app and am very displeased. I use it once in a blue moon, and although I’ve been paying for a year now. And maybe used it 20 or so times. I can’t. I haven’t used it in a long time and now I still can’t. Thanks for nothing (as of right now)Edit: it’s really tiny on the Glitché pro pop up on the bottom right corner. Super tiny. Super super tiny. Maybe I should have looked. Like stated above I’m an idiot.

NooseNeck, Aug 28, 2020
Original but...

I discovered this app a while ago but didn't know if it was worth purchasing. After seeing that so many pictures I loved on Instagram were edited with this app, I decided to install it. After paying 0,99$, the app enables many editing features for the pictures in your camera roll but you need to pay extra in order to edit videos. After turning my picture into a little masterpiece, I saved it in my camera roll only to realize the quality downgraded A LOT. I thought it was a bug but saw that you need to pay 2,99$ to save the pictures in high resolution. I'm very disappointed with this app. It had so much potential and it should warn everyone that you need to pay a lot more if you want everything unlocked. I wish I could give it 3 and a half stars because it is still a very cool editing app but the fact that I have to pay extra for the quality of the final pic is simply outrageous.

walk0nthem0on, Jul 10, 2017
Why are so many developers doing this?

They are undermining their success, ruining their reputation by alienating & angering a once loyal & dedicated customer user base. All to make a quick buck. Myself, like many other user-patrons, have long ago paid for premium services or to have ads removed. And then suddenly out rolls the latest update with its Subscription based services and all of those previous payments are negated. Now we have to pay again, and usually considerably more money for many of the features that we already paid for. Is this not fraud? Bait and Switch? False advertising? It wouldn't surprise me to see this eventually unfold into a class action lawsuit. Apple could be complicit as well for allowing it. I could be mistaken as I am not a lawyer, but even if what they are doing is legal, it still seems unethical and bad business. Come on Developers! Do the right thing! You had a fantastic app here with a base of users who would gladly pay for your next great app. Lose the subscription, give us back the original Glitch and roll out Glitch2. Make it bigger and better. You will have a lot of happy customers instead of ex-customers. I for one will applaud your efforts and gladly pay for another app; even for a Subscription.

WEKIV, Nov 15, 2018


Glitché has topped App Store charts in 116 countries and counting. It's one of the most original, influential and inspiring editors for iPhone that celebrities and brands use and love. Featured numerous times by Apple: Best of the Year • App of the Day • App Culture • Get Inspired • Let's Create Covered by HYPEBEAST, Complex, Wall Street Journal, The Huffpost, Fast Company, and many, many others.

OUTSTANDING VISUAL EFFECTS • 40+ professional tools for digital glitches, datamoshing, 3D-transformations, color distortions, crusty VHS looks and more • Real-time AR-filters and masks to bring the best out of your art • Effect control during recording and editing • Fonts generator, layers and blending modes • Beautiful simple design • Endless inspiration and creativity Glitché is The Webby Awards Official Honoree in Experimental and Innovation nomination. Eye-catching, stunning filters — Apple It’s easy to use — HYPEBEAST The app that I love — Kylie Jenner The best app in the world — TM88 This app is reserved for only the coolest of people tbh. Anyone wearing a Supreme hoodie and a pair of Yeezys are bound to have 'Glitché' installed on their phone — Capital FM Glitch-face is the new selfie — Fast Company Glitché has taken the art of pixelation and distortion and put it in the palm of your hand. — Complex One of the best apps for creative people — The Huffington Post It's free to download compared to £300 per hour for a post-production suite — Nick Knight It's so special, it's so now — Nicola Formichetti Glitché is sick — Lily Allen We love Glitché — The Glitch Mob Yes, there are filters. And yes, the photos look ******* awesome — BuzzFeed Download now! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (as Travis Scott and Post Malone do): @GlitcheApp Unlimited Access Subscription - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features and content offered for purchase within Glitché. - Subscriptions are billed monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan. Alternatively,​ a one-time payment plan is available (this is not a subscription). - Subscriptions auto-renew at the cost of the chosen package, unless canceled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. - Terms of use: http://static.glitche.com/termsofservice.pdf - Privacy policy: http://static.glitche.com/privacypolicy.pdf

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