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User Reviews for Glassdoor - Job Search & more

Negative reviews will get deleted and rejected

I’ve written reviews for the last two companies I’ve worked for and they consistently get rejected. I have a feeling that Glassdoor does not approve negative reviews for a lot of companies which leads me to believe that there’s some sort of bias going on, possibly related to employer engagement on the app. I understand that there are community guidelines that need to be met in order for a review to be approved, however, I’ve reviewed those community guidelines and I’ve altered my reviews to meet those standards and my review keeps getting rejected. I had an extremely alarming experience at my last job that I feel compelled to mention to anyone looking to work at said company. It is it no way anything in appropriate and has everything to do with how the company continues to misallocate funds to its employees, yes, paychecks are not being paid out properly and it’s a well known issue within the company but if they are new, I feel they need to be warned and not blindsided. It’s really frustrating to write a concise and in depth review for a company you’ve worked for, only for it to get rejected.

ACKSBCA, Jun 09, 2022
Ok for salary comparison, terrible for job search

Once upon a time Glassdoor was competitive with its ability to match job seekers with potential employers. Now any time you search a position within a certain area, the first 10-20 results are always random positions from all over the country, presumably with companies who have paid a handsome fee to push their company to the top of search algorithms, search criteria be damned. This renders them virtually useless as a job search site, and is the reason I no longer use them at all when searching for a job. I deleted the app and as a rule I now always skip their site as a google search result because it inevitably is a waste of time no matter how many times I try. The only reason Glassdoor gets a second star is because when it comes to employer reviews and salary comparison, although mediocre at best it is still lightyears ahead of any other sites for these particular functions. It stands to reason... because they are essentially the only company that offers such a service, they don’t necessarily have to be good at it.

danicoss, Nov 29, 2020

I like that the Glass Door app gives employees and interviewees a place to give their honest opinions and that it gives the public a way to see businesses before they decide to get further involved, which is why I’m sure it was named Glass Door. Haha. What I don’t like is the part where you go to check out the reviews. The way it’s currently designed, one doesn’t readily know that in order to see the reviews on a company that they have to click on the stars or the review section AGAIN after they’ve already clicked on “REVIEWS”. I’m sure some people are getting flustered with that as I did. Since I really wanted to “see the reviews”, I played around with it a min or 2 until I realized that was the way you actually get access to all of them. That feature is annoying because it is asinine to have to click “Reviews” when it doesn’t immediately take you to the drop list of “all the reviews”. You see a couple but that’s it. Not all. So some may have to go about fumbling around as they’re not getting ALL of the content. That’s my experience. Please fix this.

DeltaStrife, Mar 20, 2018
Frustrating To Use

Even after changing email preferences, I still receive daily email notifications. And many job notifications aren’t related to my search. I’ve received Uber Driver as a possible match when one search was call center related because Uber used the keywords “call center” in it’s description as a call center alternative. That’s absurd. Most people I know in Brooklyn, NY either don’t a car, can’t drive, or hate driving! And I hate feeling pressured to “anonymously” give reviews or ratings of current or previous employers. Having worked for a small firm, anyone searching Glassdoor for my former employer can easily figure out who wrote it by their wording style, title, and details. It’s not as anonymous as you think. And nothing posted online ever disappears even if deleted. Ummm hello, screen snapshots?! Also, I only created a login because I need one tap applications. Most job postings take you to the potential employer’s website to fill out a time consuming application. I’ve found Zip Recruiter to be much more user friendly, with, with employers actually replying back to me.

fiumicela, Dec 05, 2017
Too much

I have only used the app for a few days so I might be missing some things. I like getting email alerts when jobs open up near me. However, I get twenty emails a day and most of them are for jobs that I am not suited for nor qualified for. It would be better if there was a filter to weed out certain types of jobs. Keywords of what NOT to send me. Plus, I would like to be able to search for multiple cities at the same time. I do not want to have to go in to create a search for the same type of position but one to every city. For instance, I am searching for keyword “supervisor” but I want to search in Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, Columbus, OH, and everything in between... without creating a separate search for each. Also, would be a nice time savor to search for all jobs in a list of cities that pay above a certain rate WITHOUT having to enter a keyword. Right now it is more hassle than what I wish for but if these things could be made easier I would rate this app higher

Gwynn77, Jun 13, 2018
Are they really neutral?

I used to think Glassdoor was neutral and a solid place to go for honest employee evaluations of companies but I’m not sure anymore. I’ve noticed floods of positive reviews and removal of negative but honest reviews for a particular company I’ve been monitoring for some time as my own company is considering doing significant business with them. It is a company I know well at this point. As a result of modified reviews, this company’s rating has gone from roughly 2 stars to 4.1 stars and CEO approval that may have been 30% has increased to 80+ in about 6-8 weeks. This is a company I know very well. I can’t help but wonder who is pulling strings. It may be nothing, but given recent concerning conversations I’ve had with their leadership, this has raised at least some additions concerns about going forward with a business relationship. Something similar happened years ago when the poorly rated profile of a different company I was keeping an eye on completely vanished and shortly thereafter appeared to be replaced with one including overwhelmingly positive reviews. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Perhaps I should have.

Holly7654, Dec 12, 2020

Glassdoor have the best opportunity to help everyone look for jobs and careers in any field of their interest. The great thing is you make your profile, choose what kind of benefit you want, the list just go on and on. You control your pathway and destination. Glassdoor only send jobs offers on base on your interest. No matter what your experience, background or education they always found great offers for everyone. Glassdoor help you look for offers outside of the United State. Most people are scared to look for employment in other countries overseas because they don’t have the tools to do their research and don’t know anyone overseas. But don’t worry Glassdoor has everyone cover. You tell Glassdoor what job offer and what country you want to work for and Glassdoor will send you with the right offer. They help you with interview questions and preparation for you to get the job. They have job offers for people who want to work remotely from home of any in the world. Thanks Glassdoor for everyone throughout our life journey.

Jean Baptiste Asong, Mar 14, 2020
Sends me “perfect matches” that are irrelevant

This app has been extremely helpful for knowing what my worth is at any given company. In the past it’s helped me realize I’m being paid less than I should be at current jobs, and it’s helped me negotiate fair pay when starting a new job. However, I’m currently searching for a new position and every single day I get a notification and email for a “perfect match” that has a much lower estimated salary range than what Glassdoor knows I currently make (because I’ve given them that information). In addition, I’m looking for a promotion with more money, not a position I held in my early 20s. Usually their “perfect match” is up to 75k lower than what I’m looking for. There is no way to set a salary range or key words for what you’re looking for in a “perfect match”. When I need serious leads this is extremely insulting, frustrating, and a waste of time. Please allow users to set some parameters around these notifications in order to actually help them in their job searches.

kalthoffdesign, Dec 01, 2018

Glassdoor is truly the best place to find jobs - it really makes a job search much easier. However, the app is awful. There is just so many issues… that occur multiple times a week. 1) Jobs I save on the app are never on my profile when I log on my computer 2) I save jobs, log on a few hours later the jobs are no longer saved 3) Sometimes the saved jobs change and look like you have 5 jobs with the same company, but in reality there are 5 different companies 4) When you scroll down to look at jobs other jobs seekers viewed - it will say 2 days for the posting & really it was posted like 55 days ago 5) So many of the remote jobs - are not remote. They say remote for the location on glassdoor, but then you click on apply & they are in person in a certain location I always update my phone & app when needed, but it makes no difference. I have been using the app for 3 years & it’s the same issues constantly.Also - the company I work for constantly gets reviews that are not for our company & jobs are posted that are not for our company. It’s really crazy how that happens & how we are unable to remove the reviews.

MbD01702, Jun 19, 2022
Yep; just not the same as Paradise Foods…

When Nugget took over, a LOT of folks realized in short order that Things Had Changed… while their business model works well up further north, Marin is a unique culture and clientele… a LOT of clients and employees quit… folks (both clients and employees) kinda get grumpy when they’re told “We Know Better”… just because something works in Carmichael doesn’t mean it plays well in San Rafael- let _alone_ Tiburon!! While Paradise was _far_ from perfect (worked there for over three years), Nugget’s Corporate Attitude turned off MANY people… simply taking the time to get the opinions of both customers and employees (and actually _listening_..) would have gone a long way towards easing the transition…. They lost a LOT of long-term Regular Customers in a short amount of time… and Probably Future Customers as well, because unsatisfied regulars are going to express their feelings to potential new customers…I know that I got an earful from my regulars, and many just quit coming in… and employee turnover skyrocketed…A Cautionary Tale about Corporate Arrogance.

Mi$terNoX, Jun 01, 2022


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