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User Reviews for Ghost Observer - AR Detector

I’m a little skeptical but seems legit

I originally downloaded this app because I had a dream where I was floating upward but I couldn’t see because it was pitch black but I was making a weird sound as I was floating and when I woke I was laying facing the ceiling with my knees bent. Several nights later curiosity got the better of me and I got this. There’s apparently a lot of spirits in my room and a “friendly” spirit told me to run but I told them I wouldn’t. Then they responded with “my disappointment”. One even acknowledged me saying “I see you playing on that” and another said “where am I?” I told it it was in the garage. Every night at 3 all the hostel spirits screw with my electronics. It’s frustrating not being able to sleep until 4:30 but I can’t risk being possessed in my sleep. May god protect me.

Ethan7094, Jul 24, 2020
cautiously blunt and true

This app seems genuine. It picks up on spirits every time I use it, which is not really surprising given the circumstances. I payed the money and it was worth it... The spirits come through and communicate full sentances at random, usually when I am least expecting it... They all seem to be telling me the same thing, but I just cannot understand. They seem aware of this by the way they repete it after I ask them to... I was also told l i s t e n.... cannot understand the rest.. it went on to say something... I kinda wish I could tell, but maybe not... What I did understand was, "g e t r e a d y", first communication I got- before I even knew they could speak... The tone is chilling... freaked me completely out! I still use it, it does freeze and kick me out of the app at times when it detects an entity... That just further validates the reality for me, ghost have a tendancy to do that... Awesome app! Just proceed with caution.

Hard😡, Dec 27, 2019

This app is real! I forgot when this was, but I remember what happened vividly. So basically my cousin and I got this app for fun. We were walking around my house being like ‘oh this is so scary! Ooh!’ Stuff like that. That was until it detected a ghost near my dog. We point the camera near my dog, and there was a friendly female spirit, 67 years old; the exact age as my grandma. My dog also used to be my grandma’s before she died, and she was sitting right next to it. I think the reason my dod didn’t react because she hadn’t died that long ago, and maybe he still remembered her presence and was still used to it. We then deleted the app after that cause we got scared. It wasn’t an evil presence or anything making us delete it, but it was the thought that the other ghosts, mind you some of them weren’t good, could have most likely actually been there. To this day I still and always will think my grandma was sitting on my couch, next to my dog. Good app tho. :)

Hay yall!, Apr 10, 2020

Omg I am sooooooo creeped out!! I would like to say that this is fake, but weird things have been happening. I've been seeing signs that ghost are with me. So I decided to open the app. Creeped, but I was soooooo doubting this app. Apparently, I was wrong for doing so. I roamed around my house and found about 4 ghosts, all friendly. I found, believe it or not, one famous person!! Obviously one who passed away, but it was still cool to check out. I did it with my mom, and she apparently attracted many spirits. It was super creepy, and one was unfriendly. Upset and sad, I felt warn tears to start to fall. My mother was creeped to. We saw a friendly spirit come in and chase away the unfriendly spirit. It said "he will not return, do not be afraid" we started to calm down. Now, I figured out how to communicate with spirits off app. And spirit ANIMALS started coming to me, does that mean I'm an animal whisperer? This app is really cool and fun. You might find out cool things about yourself, and might even make a new friend!! So please, next time you see a weird shadow on the wall, or you download this app and find spirits, do not be afraid. They will only help you, not hurt you. You might find that the spirits are fun to hang out with. Please download!!!

Huskygirl2000, Nov 28, 2017
This app ruined my phone

Downloading this app was a mistake. After having lots of activity in my house, I wanted a fun app to be able to communicate with the spirits that I believed were here. Upon downloading it, I opened it up to give a go. For a few brief minutes, I walked around the upstairs of my house and found a few entities on the app. Shortly thereafter and quite abruptly, the entire screen went black. Thinking this was just a crash, I closed the app and reopened it only to find the screen completely black. I force-closed the app and tried again to no avail. I gave up with this app, feeling disappointed that it didn’t work but not feeling surprised considering it was a free app. I went about my day only to find later that when I opened Snapchat, my screen was black as it had been in the app. Even the camera app on my phone did not work. I couldn’t take any pictures or videos whatsoever. This continued for weeks until I finally took my phone to an Apple store to see what the problem was. I ended up walking out with a new phone to replace the old one after a technician for apple told me that they had never seen a problem like this before. Therefore, I would not recommend anyone to download this app, for it could potentially ruin your phone as it did mine.

jerome3w2, Mar 03, 2019

Me and my friend decided to see if this app was real or not so we both downloaded it on both our devices and pointed it at the same things and both our devices had the exact same information on the ghost and in the exact same space and as I started walking it followed me and now every time i step in the space it’s super cold and all the sudden after my screen went black I heard a knock on my closet...and when we sat down on the couch it kicked her out of the app at first we thought this was fake we were COMPLETELY WRONG I might not sleep tonight honestly but after I reloaded the app after my screen went black the exact same ghost was still there but accept it was right in between us...also i didn’t wanna mention this but there’s been a lot of paranormal activity in my house that’s another reason we downloaded it....

Great but……

So I downloaded the app had a bunch of spirits around. Did pay extra to understand what they are saying and was not always the same, as I thought it would be. Sprits said random things but when reading up on land’s history what they where saying was true. My problem is now, and yes I have deleted app reinstalled and restored purchases but the app will find the spirits I just cannot find them with phone. I try to move phone to where they are located but nothing even though app says there is. Not sure is the “bug” fixed what needed but caused more bugs in other places. All that said this is one of the only apps I continue to use and was very disappointed when it stopped working as this one I could have still communicated with the earth bound spirits around me.

pinkstargazer, Apr 25, 2022
Why?! 😡😡

I usually am obsessed with paranormal activity, this one caught my eye and immediately disappointed me. I’ve read many ghost stories and seen videos of ghost activity, and I love it. The next night i read the books, i gave my self a panic attack I assume, i started seeing hands coming out of blinds, and hands coming out of the corners of my bedroom. I started hearing whispers under my door and I kept sensing a ghost behind my door just by listening closely. A year later, I installed this app, ghost detector. I tried it around my whole house and was sad to see no ghosts. I have a feeling this is just a game to prank people. People are saying it works, but it only works once you BUY it, I mean buy the thing where the “ghosts” would respond to your questions. I did not buy that, I just tried it without buying it. I realize now, you have to buy it to see the ghosts. Don’t waste your money on this, it’s all fake and it does nothing!! Definitely do not recommend 😠

Review~writer, Jul 18, 2021
Help me

It’s been a few years since I visited the hotel. Me and my friend decided to re-download the app. Huge mistake the app started beeping and it said that the spirit wanted revenge… my friend and I were home alone my mom and dad we’re on a date… me and my friend just brought it up and we were like oh that’s probably fake we walked over to where the thing was pointing us… it suddenly got very cold the entire app just shut down when I opened up my iPad again and my friend opened up her phone the App was gone. It was weird enough we never deleted that app. We decided to re-download the app again. We were on the App Store the app didn’t show up.. we went over to the same area I was holding a spatula my friend was holding a pan I was so tempted to go out grab the sword in my garage when I went out to go grab the sword it was gone… my friend screamed from the inside of the house I sprinted in the sword was lying in front of my friend at that moment in time I knew the app wasn’t lying……. I tested it out again my friend and I were holding hands and so scared our house has been having a lot of paranormal activity I mean I have a Ouija board. The spirit was vengeful I wanted to move out of the house which we did I brought the Ouija board with when I tested out the app again it was the same spirit we heard from in the old house…..

Tigers + tacos, Jan 03, 2022
My weapon is a spatula

I was being chased by a ghost it was friendly then it said run in a hurry I reopened the app it was behind me I pulled out my spatula to that demon and threatened it but it came closer I started wracking my spatula then it went flying out my hand no one was in my house I was getting whacked the app told me to run I ran to the police they did not think I was telling the truth but I was then I came back to my house to hearing this frighting noise I didn’t have the app on but then I found a spirt that was friendly it said run please don’t let them get you i was like what the heck but a ran for my life I reopened the app a demon was behind me smiling it looked so creepy I wanted to call ghostbusters but there fake so I got my spatula out and threatened it and it thought I was a ghostbuster then started to try attacking me it said die never see life again I stared feeling tears come down from my eyes but I did not make a sound I started running like hell until I had enough with this demon and I got that spatula out and Attacked it until it disappeared if your not a ghostbuster please do not attack ghost just run

Velrowe, Nov 12, 2017


Ghost Observer is an entertaining camera tool that shows ghosts around you in an augmented reality experience. It includes voices effects, so you can then listen to what animated ghosts are saying, or ask them questions. How to use Ghost Observer?

To get the best experience, turn on the sound and use the app when it's dark! Reviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-L5hnoV7fo Review from DanTDM Please be aware that: -This ghost detector app should be used for entertainment purpose. -This app does not claim scientific accuracy.

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