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User Reviews for Geez Amharic Bible


It has been many years since I start searching for Ethiopian Orthodox Bible Ahadu 81 on IOS, finally I succeed. Thank you! πŸ™πŸ½One thing I wanna mention about this app as a suggestion the app looks/ Frame need a little bit fix. πŸ‘πŸ½

Endashaw, Jan 03, 2020
αŠ₯αŒα‹šαŠ α‰₯αˆ”αˆ­ α‹­α‰£αˆ­αŠ­αˆ…

Thanks for ur hard work in order to provide the original orthodox bible i proud of u

ethhab, Aug 11, 2020
This book is misleading

When I Compare this the actual Bible. Many of God’s words has been changed to words of β€˜α‰°αˆα‹΅αˆΆβ€™ if you Tewahedo Orthodox Christian do not buy this app book

hcefzsrt, Jan 31, 2022
αˆαˆ‰αŠ•αˆ α‰ αŒ₯በቑ ለሚመራ ለልሁል αŠ₯αŒα‹šαŠ α‰₯αˆ”αˆ­ αˆαˆ΅αŒ‹αŠ“ α‹­α‹΅αˆ¨αˆ°α‹

α‹ˆαŠ•α‹΅αˆœ αŒˆαŠ“ α‹­αˆ…αŠ•αŠ• App αˆ³α‹­ α‰ αŒ£αˆ αŠα‹ α‹°αˆ΅ α‹«αˆˆαŠα’ αŠ₯αŒα‹šαŠ α‰₯αˆ”αˆ­ አα‰₯ዝቢ α‹­α‰£αˆ­αŠ­αˆ… αŒˆα‹šαˆ… αˆŒαˆ‹αˆ app αŠ₯α‹³αˆˆαˆ… αŠ α‹­α‰»αˆˆαˆα’ α‰ αˆ­α‰³ α‹ˆαŠ•α‹΅αˆ›α‰½αŠ• αˆŒαˆ‹αˆ α‹¨αŠ¦αˆ­α‰Άα‹ΆαŠ­αˆ΅ α‰°α‹‹αˆ•α‹Ά app αŠ¨αŠ αŠ•α‰° αŠ₯ጠα‰₯α‰ƒαˆˆαˆα’

Henok07, Feb 16, 2020
Please change it back to the old intro or re-update the new footnotes PLEASE!

On the very recent update you said all the chapters intro now changed to footnotes, but I don’t see any note or description at the bottom. Can you PLEASE change it back to the way it was before we love the old introduction! Other than that I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for what you do! you’re doing a tremendous work!!! It should worth more than what we paid and I meant it! Also giving only 5 stars for your work is not enough! We appreciate for all your work! αŠ₯αŒα‹šαŠ α‰₯αˆ”αˆ­ αŠ₯αŒ†α‰½αˆ…αŠ• α‹­α‰£αˆ­αŠ«α‰Έα‹α’

Mgjolie, Dec 07, 2020
Geez Bible

Sibhat le AB We Weld We Menfes Qidus

Rafael Rufael, Sep 09, 2021
App crashing on iPhone

I have to delete it. Disappointed to see that the word of God are changed, don’t recommend for anyone who is really seeking the truth.

Rahel-tx, Mar 17, 2020


Geez Amharic Bible is a simple and convenient bible, with easy navigation between Bible verses. It is offline study bible which is a good choice for studying bible, it allows you to quickly jump to the exact Bible verse in all three translations (Geez, Amharic and English), If you are searching for a way to have a copy of Ethiopian scriptures always available, the best and convenient choice is Geez Amharic Bible which is available for offline. It is the first complete translation in app store.

FEATURES OF GEEZ AMHARIC BIBLE β—‰ Easy Navigation between books and chapters β—‰ Search, Favorite and Note β—‰ Color Assigning Labels β—‰ Sharing Verses and the app itself β—‰ Complete content of New and Old Testament as well as other canonical books β—‰ Book list of the holy bible in full list or abbreviation β—‰ Cross references without leaving your reading position β—‰ Footnotes β—‰ Multiple Annotations β—‰ Highlighting, Note Taking, bookmarking preferred verses β—‰ Different Layouts (verse by verse, side by side or single panel) β—‰ Super-Fast search results with number of findings β—‰ Option to switch between night and day modes β—‰ Beautiful Themes CUSTOMIZE YOUR GEEZ AMHARIC BIBLE - Bookmarks: Catch up where you left off with a simple bookmark. - Highlights: Mark favorite verses in different colors and manage them in the highlighted tab. - Notes: Write down your own thoughts and share them with your friends. - Font Adjustment: Choose any font sizes, styles you want. - Themes: Change the look of your bible by changing different themes - Share verses with your friends and family via multiple platforms with ease PLANNED FUTURE UPDATES β—‰ Reading Plans: several Reading Plans that can help you study Bible texts or specific topics. β—‰ Audio: audio versions for all translations, The audio is synchronized with the reading of the verses. β—‰ Reading Progress: users can mark the chapters as "read" and can track the percentages of what they have read in relation to each book, the whole Bible, and the Old and New Testaments. β—‰ Verses: resources to highlight, mark with colours, copy, add personal notes, share verses on social networks and a Verse of the Day Widget. β—‰ Book Introduction: read the main information and curiosities about the 81 books of the Bible. The canon of the Ethiopic Orthodox Bible differs both in the Old and New Testament from that of any other churches. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has 46 books of the Old Testament and 35 books of the New Testament that will bring the total of canonized books of the Bible to 81. A. The Holy Books of the Old Testament 1. Genesis 2. Exodus 3. Leviticus 4. Numbers 5. Deuteronomy 6. Joshua 7. Judges 8. Ruth 9. I and II Samuel 10. I and II Kings 11. I Chronicles 12. II Chronicles 13. Jublee 14. Enoch 15. Ezra and Nehemia 16. Ezra (2nd) and Ezra Sutuel 17. Tobit 18. Judith 19. Esther 20. I Maccabees 21. II and III Maccabees 22. Job 23. Psalms 24. Proverbs 25. Tegsats (Reproof) 26. Metsihafe Tibeb (the books of wisdom) 27. Ecclesiastes 28. The Song of Songs 29. Isaiah 30. Jeremiah 31. Ezekiel 32. Daniel 33. Hosea 34. Amos 35. Micah 36. Joel 37. Obadiah 38. Jonah 39. Nahum 40. Habakkuk 41. Zephaniah 42. Haggai 43. Zechariah 44. Malachi 45. Book of Joshua the son of Sirac 46. The Book of Josephas the Son of Bengorion B. The holy books of the New Testament 1. Matthew 2. Mark 3. Luke 4. John 5. The Acts 6. Romans 7. I Corinthians 8. II Corinthians 9. Galatians 10. Ephesians 11. Philippians 12. Colossians 13. I Thessalonians 14. II Thessalonians 15. I Timothy 16. II Timothy 17. Titus 18. Philemon 19. Hebrews 20. I Peter 21. II Peter 22. I John 23. II John 24. III John 25. James 26. Jude 27. Revelation 28. Sirate Tsion 29. Tizaz 30. Gitsew 31. Abtilis 32. The I book of Dominos 33. The II book of Dominos 34. The book of Clement 35. Didascalia

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