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Cube8, LLC
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User Reviews for Game Buzzer


I bough this app despite all the negative reviews but being that a lot of them are over 5 years old I thought I’ll give it a shot. All the problems that people said they were having for example like the sound not working, being able to adjust the score / timer and ads still popping up. Well, all of that seems to be fixed now. I’m able to do all the adjustments and even better no ads! No issues so far. The only reason I gave it a 4 star was just because of the price.

aliens71, Mar 03, 2021
Fix the timer please

There is no way to adjust the timer. Instructions say to slide to adjust. Nothing to slide. Fix or send me a refund!!!!!

Anonee mouse, Aug 24, 2015

Just bought app for my class. Bought it because I didn't want ads to pop up after so many questions. Guess what? Ads still pop up. What the hell!!! Please fix.

Charles m Preaus, Mar 31, 2016
Can't adjust timer

Despite what the free and paid versions state, you can't adjust the timer. And I paid for it for that specific reason. So that's frustrating.

EP RP, Jul 10, 2015
Need sound

This app works, but it would help if it had a buzzer sound when pressed.

HenJackIII, Feb 15, 2012
Do not buy this!

You get LESS, not more with the pay version! The sound effects disappear and there is no setting to turn them back on. What kind of app provides LESS functionality in the pay version?! Total rip off!

kgal, Aug 25, 2017


Love it ;$), Jun 20, 2014

One of the worst apps, I DISLIKE IT!!! I want a refund!!!

Panther39119, Apr 30, 2016
Free and paid both disappointing

Planning a party for which a game show sound generator would be fun. Got free version to try it out. Seemed fine but very limited (can't adjust answer time and other limits). Would be fine but in the middle of a game an add blasts through the speaker. This makes it completely unusable for any group game. Bought full version for $1.99. Expensive for a simple app but would be ok if it improved all aspects of the free version... Instead you lose the sound effects for the right and wrong answer buttons. Horrible execution. Just flushed two bucks. Please add back answer sounds and maybe add a countdown tune. There's potential here but this version missed the mark. If "game show sound board" worked with current iOS it would blow this app out of the water.

Psyttachotic, Apr 15, 2016
Froze my iPhone

The app has some glitches. It froze my iPhone the first time I used it. I had to shut my phone down to get the app to close. The purchased version doesn’t have as many sound effects. It’s exactly what I wanted if all the sounds would work and it didn’t freeze up.

Zendya mickel :), Apr 10, 2019


Head to head game buzzer complete with answer timer and score keeping capabilities. Great for hosting your own gameshow, pub trivia or any vs game that requires a race to buzz in first!

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