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User Reviews for FTPManager Pro

This is by far the best FTP client for iPhone.

I’m a developer, paid apps like Panic Transmit or FE file manager didn’t worked out. Ftp management is a part of my daily routine, it’s more than a need. The only app that works great, open enough to achieve any task and never crashed or failed is this beast, right here. The King of FTP managers. Hat’s off.

A.Kinng, Jun 28, 2022
Best FTP Client I have found

Since the reviews for the competitor, “FTP Client Pro,” indicated it was superior to all of its competitors, I purchased it. But after comparing it with this app (FTPManager Pro), this app proves to be, hands down, far more intuitive than “FTP Client Pro.” Plus it has greater functionality and it cost less.As a software developer, I find FTPManager Pro to be very intuitive and full-featured. While I continue to use FileZilla on my Windows devices, this app has the feel and ease of use on my iPad that I am accustomed to with FileZilla. Plus, it provides a WiFi connection to other devices as well as access to nearby devices on the same local network. It is clearly worth far more than the asking price (that’s not a suggestion, just an observation). I highly recommend it.

e-BookReader, May 27, 2018
FTPManager Pro works great

After buying FTPManager Pro and using it for about a week, I am happy that this application is available in the App Store. It takes iTunes aside and provides an SFTP connection that is uncensored and reliable. I would recommend this app to other DIY users, for sure.

GrapsterJunior, Nov 21, 2020
Great App, suggestion for improvement

Finally a way to stream my music from a portable usb drive to my iPad without an internet connection. I have a TP-Link AC750 Wireless Travel Router (TL-WR902AC v1) which has a usb port to attach a portable usb drive. This FTPManager Pro app connects to the usb drive through the router without an internet connection (great for in the car, camping, etc.). The app has a player that has continuous play option for all music files in the same folder (has shuffle option). It works great. I would give it 5 Stars if the app would search all folders in the drive and then allow shuffle play of all songs on the drive regardless of folder structure. To workaround I have to move all the mp3 files into the same folder. Other than that...good job!

JustHelp, Sep 10, 2018
Unresolved Bug Present and Reported

This is not a bad app, it actually works very good as an FTP Client and Editor.However there is a bug that has been reported to the developer and is yet to be resolved.The issue is present when opening a document and selecting Text or Browser view.Once "Text" mode is selected, the choice remains active after the document is closed.The result is that any subsequent opening of the document will Not prompt for Text or Browser view and will default to Text.This can be quite frustrating when switching between Text ( Editing ) and Browser to view results of edits.There is a workaround that entails closing the document in question, then going back one level to another folder or file and then returning to the desired document which then will again prompt for Text or Browser.The developer/s have been informed of this issue and promised to have it resolved.There was also mention of having the ability to switch from Text to Browser view, right from an open document.Resolving this issue and or adding the ability to switch from within an open document would certainly warrant a Five (5) Star review.Still Waiting.

Mr. RAZ, May 03, 2017
Went from excellent to poor

I have used this app for several years. It was used to view home security camera footage that resided in my home FTP server. About 1 - 2 months ago after an upgrade, the app will fail to sequentially open up video clips periodically (1 in every 5 video clips) and hangs. Time to dump this app and look in the store for something else.

Ohio guy!, Oct 27, 2019
Fantastic, worth every penny

I was looking for something that allowed me to stream music directly from dropbox without stopping after each song. I got a lot more than I bargained for with this bad boy, especially being able to connect my own servers with SFTP. Pretty cool, thank you for making this.

scottbomb72, Oct 06, 2018
Excellent Utility

Great app, been mainly sending songs (mp3) recorded on PC to my iPhone for review. Like the retro vinyl image used for the mp3 files. Easy to use..thanks!Still loving this app...if you’re looking for an FTP manager with all the options and security features, you won’t go wrong with this one. Easy to move/transfer entire folders...nice!

tallskys, Jul 03, 2020
Works perfectly for quick html, etc edits

There are a couple really good “editors” for iPad, but it can be a pain for quick edits. This app connects very easily to sftp and AWS Lightsail instances and lets me very easily find my file and edit that file on the fly. Interface is stupid easy to use. Adding my pass key file was very easy using the Music app file transfer. Overall, just crazy easy to use for those very quick edits. Haven’t really used this for anything else. 2.99 is a steal, I’d pay a lot more.

Webberto, May 31, 2021
Best Utility at Its Price when you need SFTP

I am reviewing v7.0.4 of FTPManager Pro. My need is to be able to view and move files quickly across a series of single-board computers, such as various versions of the Raspberry Pi.I read several reviews from years ago that were very critical of the product but it seemed to have the best balance of rating and review count so I reviewed the developer website. When I saw that it provided the iPad with its own FTP Server, I decided to check the price. I was surprised it was so affordable and gave it a try.I am more than impressed. To create consistent host profiles is a snail, and I was surfing across a half-dozen RPi computers in minutes. Connection time seems sub-second and anything longer and I know I made a mistake.The defaults are intelligently set, such as hide hidden files, but easy to switch.I do wish I could keep the FTP Server running when I switched apps but that probably isn’t a bad idea to terminate it. It just means I cannot test it as easily.All said, the best utility app investment in a long time. I am not affiliated with this developer nor did I receive compensation for this review.

Zzyzx Oh, Dec 18, 2019


FTPManager Pro is a fully featured FTP client that allows you to access files on FTP servers. Directly access and manage remote files, edit text files. Stream videos and music to your iPhone/iPad.

Transfer files between iPhone/iPad and FTP server. FEATURES: * Access FTP, FTPS (FTP over TLS) server. * Access SFTP (SSH) server * Access Dropbox * Copy, move, rename and delete files. * Edit text files * Stream music and videos from FTP server to iPhone/iPad. * Sort and search files * In-App FTP Server * Dark Mode * Multiple windows on iPad * File Transfer: Copy files among servers, cloud storages, iPhone and iPad. Copy photos between iOS photo library and servers. Backup photos from iOS photo library to servers. Sync files between iPhone/iPad and servers. Transfer files by drag and drop. Nearby file transfer: Directly transfer files between two nearby iOS devices without Wi-Fi or LTE connection. * Code Editor: Syntax highlight (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc) Full text search Keyboard extension Themes (Default, Midnight, Dawn etc) * Supported File Formats: Text: TXT, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS ect. Document: PDF, WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PAGES, NUMBERS, KEYNOTE, EPUB Photo: JPG, PNG, GIF, CR2, NEF, ARW, DNG etc. Music: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE etc. Video: MOV, MP4 Follow us on twitter: @SkyjosApps

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