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Flip Makes Learning Engaging

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Flip Makes Learning Engaging

  • Education
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Flipgrid, Inc.
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User Reviews for Flip Makes Learning Engaging

Maybe I like filp grid maybe not it’s really bad.

Flip grid is really good app with emojis and any kind of stuff. I don’t like flip grid at all, because it has bugs and also needs to be re-fixed. The backgrounds are laggy they show the stuff behind you. I think that may has to be un-laggy, just in case nothing shows but just the background, I don’t like the cameras either, it chooses the time for you and I would like it if it had a minute timer chooser, like 10 minutes or 5 or 4 and hours or seconds, I also hate the vidoes, the videos that my class makes my friends there laggy the vidoes are super laggy, it goes like in sounds, and the items you like get to move and size won’t WORK AT ALL , when you try to size it doesn’t work that you have to use all your pressure in. The movement for the emoji doesn’t work either. I doesn’t have anything special about it either, LOL Sorry that you have to read this but I love your creativity but has to fixed,

Aylin aparicio, May 05, 2023
More Frustrating than Efficient

I rarely take the time to write a review, but this app can make me soooo annoyed. It CONSTANTLY glitches (like every day) in the most inconvenient ways possible. And the software is just clunky as heck. I just uploaded a video that took me a half-hour to make (p.s. two minutes for a response is not enough), and I look under the topic and it’s not even there. Nowhere to be found. Additionally, I posted a video to the wrong topic because I can’t see what topic I’m posting to when I’m actually in the process of uploading. I have to trust myself that I clicked the right one before. Also, I can’t delete my videos as a responder to topics, and I can’t upload videos as a response if it decides to glitch. It makes my teaching experience worse because I literally have to put aside feelings of frustration constantly. I love the idea of this app, and most of it works okay, but it needs to be much more efficient. It feels as if you make a small mistake, it’s completely irreversible.

Carokines, May 05, 2020
A few problems...

So, I downloaded the app for reasons, but I have encountered a few problems. So I use the app quite a lot, but it crashes on me, I don’t know why, I updated it and my iPad and I am ALWAYS connected to my WiFi, so it could not possibly be that. Another problem is that when ever I want to post a video, I already make it in my videos, but it does not let me upload things from my photos or videos. It’s really annoying cause I can’t edit the video how I want it to so please fix this bug. I know alit of people have said this already but it’s really slow. But now I will say a few things that I really like the app. It has some pretty great tools for editing and things like trimming your videos and adding text. It also has it is that you can add cute little photos. It’s also very organized. So over all I really like the app! :)

Cats1234Kittens4321, Oct 25, 2020
Awesome tool for flipped learning

I teach technology and geography to kindergarten through fifth graders. during our time at school this year, and I piloted flip grid with my second graders. I am so glad that I did this because we, as a global arts team, were able to integrate our education seamlessly through Flipgrid because I already had an understanding of how it worked and how we can best reach all of our students.We created grades and then added copilots so that all of the elective classwork was in one place for students, and then each teacher managed their own Flipgrid topic. This has been an incredible way for us to learn and we are very much looking forward to continuing flipped learning when we return back to school. I generally work on chrome, but I sometimes use my school iPad to access student work as well. Thank you, Flipgrid, for such a powerful platform for student learning and voice.

connectedworldexploris, May 11, 2020
First grade teacher

I’m teaching online due to COVID- and have been using Flipgrid to communist team with my students. They love being able to respond at their leisure, and LOVE seeing each other’s responses as well. They can also communicate with each other by commenting on their peers presentations. I used “disco library” for ideas when I digest got started- there are a million awesome ideas that other teacher have used (and are able to see how many Other teachers used the same ones as well.)There are sooooo many cool features (can assign right to google classroom, can set it up but delay/schedule it’s rollout, you can delete inappropriate responses, record your own, but hide it until you are ready for it to be presented, add pics to the topics..... soo many more. I literally never had an issue with the technology part of using flipgrid (and I’m not a great techie person). Give it a try- you’ll love it!!

first grade teaxher, Jun 03, 2020
My honest thoughts

I absolutely love the video editing and how easy it is to trim individual videos and move them around. I have encountered a few problems with this app though. The loading takes LITERALLY FOREVER. I’ve tried some different things to help out with it but none seem to work. It’s weird, all of my other apps work with my WiFi so it’s not that... another problem I encountered is this: when I’m editing videos sometimes the app glitches and begins playing the audio from several different parts of what I recorded. It’s trippy. When this happens I have to close out of the app and go back on, which then it thankfully saves my progress and I can continue to make edits to my video. Not end of the world, but definitely annoying at times. Overall, it’s a really fun app and I love the ability to Connect with peers and classmates, I love using Flipgrid! That’s all :) thanks!!!

kbugpop157, May 02, 2020
Would call it a lifesaver...!

During spring break, while talk of a nationwide shutdown spread, I began hunting for technology that would help me maintain the hard-earned classroom community that was built throughout the current school year. Fortunately my school is part of a 1:1 district, meaning each student checks out a laptop and hotspot at the beginning of the school year and returns it at the end. This is amazing for sure; however, the hotspot only allows a small percentage of data to be used up each month. Therefore, Google Meet was not going to be a viable option for me. Any type of group video meeting would eat through the kids data right away. Not sure what could work instead, I found an article that included Flipgrid as a resource idea, and OMG was I glad to have found it! Using Flipgrid this past month has kept me and my students ‘in touch’ in SUCH better ways than a Zoom or Google Meeting could have done. I will be using Flipgrid from now on! It is terribly simple for the kids to use (as well as myself!) and they actually love it! I teach literature at an alternative high school- so I’m always looking for different ways to bring the material to the kids and definitely different ways for the kids to demonstrate their understanding. Flipgrid is PERFECT for this! I love the community involved, the assignments already posted/shared, and the ease and simplicity of the planning involved. Thank you Flipgrid!!! 5 stars!

kkfast, May 08, 2020
Not great, but not bad… Here’s why

; This was made an auto correct, So flip grid is spelled as in two words ;OK, to be honest, flip grid is not that bad. There’s nothing really special about it so that’s why I’m writing this comment, just to tell you that there’s nothing special. There are some major and minor bug fixes but it’s not that bad, I just don’t like how the creator can like control everything, I understand they do that so a person doesn’t destruct everything, but if you need to, just delete them and undo what they did!!! Again, there are minor and major bug fixes which really annoys me. It’s not SUPER DUPER bad, but you can get extremely annoying at times. Sometimes, I just rage and exit the app. I like how you can make thumbnails and items like that when you post videos and you can name it and make a description! But, I really wish that The videos don’t have to be under a certain amount of time… it is also really hard to edit your video so please work on that flip grid! Overall, it’s an OK app, thank you so much for reading this if you’ve gotten all the way down here because I wrote so much, LOL! Have a great day.

Lil' Pinky Reviewer, May 30, 2022
Flippin fAPPtastic

Flipgrid is my favorite educational tool! My students use the web version because we they have Chromebooks at school, but I use the app on my iPhone the majority of the time. I am able to do almost everything I need from the app wherever I am. The only feature I cannot use yet is creating Shorts videos but I prefer to do those from my computer anyway.I use the app to create assignments, spark discussions, to make sub plans, and to reply and provide my students with their feedback. The camera is intuitive and easy to use and I can access everything I need. My kindergarten daughter is able to use it as well without much support. The Flipgrid team is always enhancing newer versions and additions as their users provide ideas and feedback, so it is constantly improving with frequent updates. It’s a favorite for me as a teacher and my students are highly engaged every time we use it!

mrskmendez, Jan 09, 2020
Super amazing

Totally amazing cool app but moderated mode doesn’t work it has been two and a half weeks and I still haven’t got the alert but I understand if it takes long and a few suggestions you could mabye make it sort of like FaceTime where you talk on video but you can change filters and all the things you can do in your flip videos and you could make it where in your videos you have unlimited time so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock and hurrying please take these suggestions thank you great app. Hi I’m editing this I was sort of able to take off moderated mode so that works it says it’s moderated now but it’s not and I have a bug issue will you please fix this cause now I can’t record a video every time I try to hit it it doesn’t record please fix this this and by the way love the new affects you can do now

penelopelovespuppies, Aug 13, 2020


Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a free app from Microsoft where educators can create safe groups for students to engage in curriculum using short video, text, and audio messages. Educators can control who is invited to their Flip groups and what they can see, and 84 percent of educators who use Flip say their students are more engaged in the learning experience!