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User Reviews for Flight Simulator 2d

Way too underrated!!

I randomly found this game while scrolling through the app store but I’m surprised I didn’t see it sooner! Sure it may be difficult and the ads can become annoying, but it is a great time killer… I 100% recommend this game to anybody who like to play flight simulators because this will be the game for you.

ChillierB, Mar 12, 2022
Love this game!

This game is totally underrated! It’s such an amazing game, I’ve played it a ton, and it’s an amazing time killer. I’m giving it 4/5 stars because there could be a little more content. I wish there could be a couple more free planes, flying the same 3 over and over can get boring after a while. I wish there could also be 1 or 2 new free maps, for the same reason as the planes. But overall this is a work of art, I see the dev has been pretty active lately, and I can see great things happening in the future. Keep it up dev! Happy flying!

Ernest47M, Dec 08, 2021
Great game, could use some improvement

I absolutely love the idea of this game. The visuals are great, controls are simple, the token system is good. I love playing this game and could spend literal hours killing my time. I would only suggest a few improvements namely when it comes to upgrades, fuel, and planes. It would be nice if upgrades stayed for a set period of time, or a certain number of flights whether it be on all planes owned or only 1. Fuel should cost less depending on how full your tank already is. It’d be nicer if all the planes could be bought without using money and instead tokens. I also think that the map should be more interconnected and expand farther. Overall great game, loving it.

EtashJ, Apr 26, 2022
Fun Game But Needs More

I find the game quite fun not gonna lie, but it does get slightly boring because how limited you are. I suggest making more things free and making things like upgrades cost more but be permanent. Also maybe having more options for things too?

Gold Fire Gaming, Feb 20, 2022
Really fun and hard to master, atrocious ad practices

The game DESPERATELY wants you to spend money. Like every single facet of the gameplay is geared to incentivize you to spend really hard to earn tokens on “upgrades” that only last a single run (even if that run ends shortly after takeoff) or make you want to buy THREE IRL DOLLAR planes.There’s ONE you can unlock for free after the first 30 seconds. It’s with an ad.They even call every ad a “short ad” in the menus in an attempt to make them as enticing as possible

JFUDHIDHjehxj, Mar 07, 2022
Great idea

I love the idea and have played but just after a bit you start to realize things. First off half the airports are surrounded by mountains and forces you to pull right up unless you pay for faster planes and even those are too bulky to make it. The other thing is it is greatly pay to win, $28 just to get everything. Some things need to be reworked

keg2078, May 04, 2022
This game has serious potential, but needs some tweaking

I love the concept of this game. It’s simplistic and entertaining. However, the physics need some work. There is no happy medium when descending on approach. You either overfly the airport or completely fall out of the sky. The terrain makes it nearly impossible to establish a proper glideslope. I’m a private pilot and love the concept of this game, but the physics are pretty far off from real life and it’s frustrating. I’ve played it for a few days so far thinking I’ll finally get the hang of it, but I’ve only successfully completed one landing and I’m about ready to uninstall. Please consider this feedback, because I’d love to see some improvements in the physics of the game.

Ntl800971, Jun 08, 2022
Pretty good, but definitely too much IAP

I wanna start off by saying that I think this is a fun little flight sim, I’m a huge fan of the 2D style. I do have a few things with the game though. To start off with the gameplay, I think that the cockpit upgrades shouldn’t be on a single flight. They should be permanent. I’ve notice that the game is very “pay to win”, as in almost everything you do requires you to buy something. I mean, $28 to buy everything? I think there should be more free stuff honestly, the whole token aspect for repairing your planes, refueling, buying temporary upgrades, it just doesn’t really work. I also noticed that the quality of the package is affected WAYYY too easily. I’ll barely pitch up, with good speed and RPM, and it’ll just start tanking. It needs to be more resistant. I also think the cloud line needs to be lowered, so it’s worth flying above them, because climbing just ruins the packages so much. All in all, I think making more stuff free, and making the upgrades permanent, along with a few quality of life changes would really make this game.

SFSNerd11, Feb 14, 2022
Great game but ruined buy ads!

Make this game without ads and come out with career mode or something like that and charge everyone $10 for it, but it will be a one time purchase. Just update with new episodes etc. Thats it guys, that’s it! That’s what we actually player wants. More gaming less thinking about ads. Such a great game ruined with ads.

Takmaadyarattim13235948292837, Apr 05, 2022
Solid game

I think this game is very fun and enjoyable definitely worth checking out a couple things i will say for the developers your game is amazing i play it almost everyday but i feel like it can get boring quickly because there is only one free starting map and only four free planes i dont know your guy’s plans for the future but more buyable planes with credits and not real money and mabye more maps and the game would be golden again great game and keep up the good work bright future ahead looking forward to the future

Tom_Imura, May 16, 2022


Flight simulator 2d (FS2d) is a complex flight simulator specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. The simulation game is the first of its kind to include all the important elements of mainstream 3d flight simulators: true aerodynamics, dynamic weather system, wind/gust system, day and night cycle, system failures in combination with common 2d game elements: beautiful hand-drawn maps, custom aircraft textures and fun game mechanics. Thanks to the three included flight modes, the simulator offers a wide variety of challenges, testing the flight abilities of the player to the limit. 1.

Free flight offers a sandbox-like experience, letting the player decide on their own objectives and enjoy flying around in their plane while exploring the environment. 2. Air transport enables the transportation of passengers and cargo from the departure airport to the target airport. The challenge during air transport missions is, apart from the consequences of aircraft weight being considerably increased, the need to fly as steadily as possible in order to avoid damaging the carrying goods or injuring the passengers on board. 3. The Landing challenge challenges the player to perform a perfect landing at the target airport. A score at the end of the flight displays the landing quality by taking into consideration a variety of flight metrics. Easy to learn, but hard to master, flight simulator 2d additionally includes an in-depth flying manual that covers all the basics on how to fly any aircraft in the game to detailed explanations about aircraft and cockpit components. Split into different chapters, the flying guide remains easy to navigate in and proves to be handy even for experienced players. FS2d is perfect for flight enthusiasts. FS2d is much more than a mobile game. It not only guarantees endless hours of fun thanks to all the included missions & challenges, but it is also allows for a convincing level of realism, all too familiar to flight enthusiasts, thanks to features like 10+ different in-flight warning indicators, airplane destruction physics, stalling mechanics, multi-stage flaps system, aircraft-based engine behaviors. The flight simulator additionally includes 8 hand-drawn propeller-, jet-aircraft, each with their own fine-tuned flying characteristics. FS2d is perfect for gamers. The many game features make this simulation game appealing to any gamer as well. The integrated star system which rates the player's flying abilities, the daily randomly appearing gifts, different flight enhancing cockpit upgrades all add an additional layer of challenge for the player to perfect their flying techniques. Lastly, FS2d is perfect for anyone looking to pass time playing an enjoyable game. The commitment for this game is to keep annoying ads to a minimum and offer a fair chance to everyone to enjoy the game without the necessity to pay real money. In-game currency can be earned through the completion of challenges and covers all basic functions in the game. Of course, players can choose to enhance their flight experience by buying new maps, aircraft and upgrades, all while supporting the development of the game.

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