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User Reviews for Flight Simulator 2d

Great concept, terrible execution

I like the concept of 2d mobile flight simulator, but the way it is executed in this game is absolutely terrible. First of all let’s start with the cockpit upgrades. I think it’s really stupid to have to buy the cockpit upgrades again every single flight, even worse when you crash a few seconds later. Next the flight quality feature. This would be a great feature if it was done correctly. Apparently passengers can’t endure the smallest change in pitch. I feel like the game developers intentionally made this game hard and unrealistic so that players would crash more often. No one is gonna wait for those stupid repair wait times so they’ll either have make an in app purchases or watch an ad, either way the developer would be making more money. Again I repeat myself, a 2d flight simulator sounds great but this is just not it.

Bryan Gomez Mayo, Mar 04, 2023
Way too underrated!!

I randomly found this game while scrolling through the app store but I’m surprised I didn’t see it sooner! Sure it may be difficult and the ads can become annoying, but it is a great time killer… I 100% recommend this game to anybody who like to play flight simulators because this will be the game for you.

ChillierB, Mar 12, 2022
Not a simulator

The physics are not realistic, at all. When you run out of fuel, you fall out of the sky like a rock. Most of the airports are very short, and in mountainous areas, you can’t take off in larger planes without losing quality or crashing. The token system is awful. You earn at most 20 tokens per flight, and to refuel, you either have to spend SEVEN tokens or watch a 45 second long ad. Since the mountains are so close to most airports, it’s almost impossible to establish a glide slope. When you crash, and you will, you have to wait five minutes or wait a 45 second ad. To unlock planes, you have to find “parts.” The “loot boxes” that you unlock with tokens, cost 25 tokens each. The token system is designed to make you spend money, or watch ads. This combined with planes that handle terribly, and physics that are not realistic, makes this “simulator” an awful game. It has so much potential, but the execution is awful.

ChoccyMalk, Jul 05, 2023
Used to be fun

I redownloaded this thinking Id have the same great experience as i did playing not too long ago. I don’t normally reviews, if ever actually, and yet I felt really compelled to write about how much this game has gone downhill. Between the new infer face, designs, and the billions of microstransactions, this game is a shell of its former self. This used to be a smooth-playing game, too, but it’s now skippy and rough and just overall feels like a they actually made game you’d see in some scammy ad on Facebook. No longer simple to play and easy on the eyes, this game gets 1 more star than 2 simply because I believe the developers can put this game back on track and restore its former glory.(Also, to amend, I thought the developers were just a couple dudes but I have my theory they either sold this game to some bigger company or they restructured into a new company.)

Cop10101, Sep 12, 2023
Love this game!

This game is totally underrated! It’s such an amazing game, I’ve played it a ton, and it’s an amazing time killer. I’m giving it 4/5 stars because there could be a little more content. I wish there could be a couple more free planes, flying the same 3 over and over can get boring after a while. I wish there could also be 1 or 2 new free maps, for the same reason as the planes. But overall this is a work of art, I see the dev has been pretty active lately, and I can see great things happening in the future. Keep it up dev! Happy flying!

Ernest47M, Dec 08, 2021
Great game, could use some improvement

I absolutely love the idea of this game. The visuals are great, controls are simple, the token system is good. I love playing this game and could spend literal hours killing my time. I would only suggest a few improvements namely when it comes to upgrades, fuel, and planes. It would be nice if upgrades stayed for a set period of time, or a certain number of flights whether it be on all planes owned or only 1. Fuel should cost less depending on how full your tank already is. It’d be nicer if all the planes could be bought without using money and instead tokens. I also think that the map should be more interconnected and expand farther. Overall great game, loving it.

EtashJ, Apr 26, 2022
Fun but unrealistic

The concept of the game is cool. I would love it however if you could research a specific plane rather than get a random card to level up or buy one. Also the physics aren’t good for the bigger planes. The big planes are heavy and stick to the runway on take off and if your engines fail, you’re doomed. The plane won’t glide it will fall out of the sky. This will also happen often on longer trips because all planes have around 66 gallons of fuel which makes grinding useless. Finally the autopilot never works. If the developers see this, please consider what I said. It would make the game 10x better.

FatherGoose1214, Jul 25, 2023
Fun Game But Needs More

I find the game quite fun not gonna lie, but it does get slightly boring because how limited you are. I suggest making more things free and making things like upgrades cost more but be permanent. Also maybe having more options for things too?

Gold Fire Gaming, Feb 20, 2022
Really fun and hard to master, atrocious ad practices

The game DESPERATELY wants you to spend money. Like every single facet of the gameplay is geared to incentivize you to spend really hard to earn tokens on “upgrades” that only last a single run (even if that run ends shortly after takeoff) or make you want to buy THREE IRL DOLLAR planes.There’s ONE you can unlock for free after the first 30 seconds. It’s with an ad.They even call every ad a “short ad” in the menus in an attempt to make them as enticing as possible

JFUDHIDHjehxj, Mar 07, 2022
Great idea

I love the idea and have played but just after a bit you start to realize things. First off half the airports are surrounded by mountains and forces you to pull right up unless you pay for faster planes and even those are too bulky to make it. The other thing is it is greatly pay to win, $28 just to get everything. Some things need to be reworked

keg2078, May 04, 2022


Hey there, are you ready for a wild ride through the skies? Then buckle up and get ready for Flight Simulator 2D - the ultimate 2D flight simulation game for anyone who loves the thrill of flying! This game is perfect for beginners and aviation enthusiasts alike, with its realistic cockpit controls and exciting game modes.

But let's talk planes - Flight Simulator 2D has you covered with a diverse selection of aircraft to choose from. Whether you're feeling like a simple single-engine prop plane or want to fly a passenger jet or combat-style fighter, there's a plane that will suit your flying style. With eight planes to choose from, you can customize your flying experience and take on different challenges with ease. Whether you're in the mood for a relaxing scenic cruise or an adrenaline-pumping flight, Flight Simulator 2D has the perfect plane for you. The 2D graphics and simple gameplay of Flight Simulator 2D make it an easy and accessible game for players of all skill levels. The controls are intuitive and the physics are realistic, providing a challenging yet engaging experience. And with its sleek art style and fun gameplay, Flight Simulator 2D is sure to impress both casual gamers and diehard aviation fans alike. But the real excitement comes from the game's environments, which are randomly generated and full of life and detail. Whether you're flying over small towns or soaring above bustling cities, the game's environments are full of breathtaking landscapes. With day and night cycles, players can experience the beauty of a sunrise over the ocean or the glittering lights of a city at night. And with a variety of environments to explore, from lush forests and rolling hills to towering mountains and sandy beaches, there's always something new to discover. Flight Simulator 2D also features three exciting game modes: free flight, transport, and landing challenge. In free flight mode, you're free to explore the maps at your own pace, trying out different planes and enjoying the scenery. In transport mode, you'll be tasked with delivering cargo to various locations, testing your piloting skills and precision. And in landing challenge mode, you'll have to land as smoothly as possible to reach a perfect 10 out of 10 score. And let's not forget the bonus systems - daily tasks and daily gifts. Completing challenges and tasks earns you rewards that can be used to unlock new planes, improve your airline and pilot rating, and increase your overall distance flown. With Flight Simulator 2D, the sky's the limit! So, what are you waiting for? Download Flight Simulator 2D now and take to the skies! With its stunning graphics, authentic controls, and immersive gameplay, this app is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you're looking for a fun way to pass the time or a challenging new game to master, Flight Simulator 2D is the perfect game for you. Get ready to fly like a pro and explore the vast and beautiful world that awaits you!

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