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Flags of the World Best Trivia

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Flags of the World Best Trivia

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User Reviews for Flags of the World Best Trivia

Very nice but tiny nitpick

Very good app and I love how there is online. The ranking system could be a bit more clear but i love the levels of flags and different options its very diverse. My only nitpick is that you said that The Bahamas’ name was just Bahamas. Its “The Bahamas.” Same goes for Gambia, you did not include “The.” It is “The Gambia.” But overall very good app/

2016player from clash royale, Mar 29, 2022
Terrific app!

Really like this, and the variety of languages you can play it in is impressive- and it makes it more fun and challenging.Better practice than other similar apps I’ve seen. The addition of capitals, etc. and having to choose between very similar flags makes this a real test! Other apps I’ve seen for flags were way too basic and easy. I also paid to have ads removed and then the app froze, so I removed it and reinstalled the free one, so sounds like this is a common issue... on the other hand, there aren’t so many ads that it matters too much.

Amber SR, Oct 02, 2018
Great app, but needs corrections.

I love this app, however, some flags I found are incorrect and should be double checked. For example, Libya doesn’t match the flag it should. I do love this app and ads hardly ever get in the way.

countryg0rl1, Nov 13, 2018
Too many adds

If it weren’t for the adds, this app would deserve 5 stars. One of the best functions is the ability to compete against other players. However, in the middle of a competition, if you get question wrong, you get an add in the middle of your game. This happens every time you get a question wrong. As a result you end up loosing the match because you time out. Then you are told you can get rid of the adds if you pay. I find this manipulative use of adds disgraceful. The developers would be better off making you pay up front for the app than selling it for free and trying to do blatantly manipulate the user into paying to remove the adds.Take this one issue away, and the app is remarkable. Very attractive and robust. You can not only learn flags, but landmarks and currency (though this ends up not being so great) as well. The practice options are well thought out and progress the user in a way that is conducive to learning. A really well made app.Please reconsider your use of adds and make the appropriate changes. Even consider making the competition function accessible only to paying users.

Disappoint Teacher, Dec 02, 2020
Great Options, Incorrect Flags

The learning options make this app unique from other map-matching apps (5 stars). However, some of the flags are not accurate representations of the actual flag (0 stars). Greenland is missing altogether, Venezuela is missing its Coat of Arms in the top left, a few flags such as Turkmenistan and Dominica have inaccurate color representation, and a few flags are sized incorrectly. There are several islands not included that belong to countries. Look toward the U.S. C.I.A. for a source of reference or another credible source.

Hep51, Feb 01, 2020
Progressively challenging

This app allows you to work your way through perhaps a dozen different levels of difficulty, each level introducing less widely known and sometimes extremely similar flags. It also has a section to review the flags of a given level in non-quiz format. I only wish the app gave some history/details about the symbolism of the flags as I think it would help immensely to memorise them, particularly in the case of flags that are virtually identical or at least extremely similar. Also, the app doesn’t depict differing ratios very well, which can made it harder to identify flags that have nearly the same colours but different ratios.

JoAryn, Jun 12, 2023
Great, could use slight improvement.

Useful app for learning flags and landmarks, capital cities. Nothing beyond that however. I would like to see a global perspective of where the countries are when going through the levels. I think that would make it easier to learn since the flags of bordering countries tend to follow certain themes.

octopushugs, Feb 04, 2022
Definitely helped

I’ve been able to recognize way more flags just by playing this game 2-3 times a week. I really wish they’d add a mechanic that would pronounce the name of the country, but they’re only 3 guys lol. I’ll take what I can get.

SuperDuperDavo, Aug 29, 2020
Great App

I love playing the app and it has gotten me better at knowing flags. But I wish there was a way I could chat with other players like if there were clans or something so I could feel closer with the community

Troopity, Jun 04, 2021

The app itself is great but when clicking on “Profile” it glitches and has a loading icon and it never actually loads. You could click any other button and it’ll load but when clicking “profile” it doesn’t. Other than that, the amount of ads aren’t annoying and many say there’s inaccuracies in some flags, but if you’re just playing the game to learn flags, it’s not a big deal because i never noticed and it literally is a trivia app so bravo 🧐

veropaloma1976, Jun 14, 2022


“Flags of the World” is a quiz game (trivia) that teaches the flags and capitals of all world countries in the most fun way possible. You will always remember the flags and the capital cities you learned with this game. You can play Multiplayer games with people who are from all over the world.

There are 200 flags, 200 capital cities, 5 game types and 11 levels which will get harder progressively in this flags quiz game. Every level has 20 flags, 20 capital cities or 20 currencies and you have 20 seconds to match the flag and country for each question. If you choose a wrong flag, you will see the name of that flag. You will also learn details like capitals, currencies and populations while guessing a flag or a country, every question. List the flags by levels (according to difficulty) in Practice section. You may study and learn all flags and countries’ names with our functional flashcards at every level. Guess the country name from 4 flags or guess the flag from 4 countries. Guess the country flag of given capital city name. No confusing mechanics. Simple and modern design. You will feel like you are competing with yourself. Additionally there is a leaderboard of players around the world. Try more and put your name in Top 100 List. You will also compete with other players in multiplayer mode. There is a leaderboard of multiplayer players around the world. Try hard and put your name in Multiplayer Top 100 List. Don’t forget! You will learn all the flags by finishing all the levels with 3 hearts in 2 modes. With a wide range of languages, learn in your native language or any other desired language. You can use our fun and educational app “Flags of The World Quiz” in 25 different languages: English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Indonesian, Danish, Norwegian, Arabic, Czech, Persian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani. When you finish the Flags’ app in a language, you may clear your app data and go on learning flags in other languages.

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