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Flags of All World Countries

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Flags of All World Countries

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User Reviews for Flags of All World Countries

It’s fun but…

I love this app I play it a lot. But something is that they put islands that aren’t countries. I know you add it to know it but it kinda fills my brain up a little more like I think there’s 197 countries when you really added those countries that make like, what, 215? I like how you did that but it’s just like I said, it fills my brain with the confusion. I sometimes can’t remember easy countries that I knew since I was 8 but like I forget because of those islands. Some I never even knew existed! 😦 but anyways, your app helps me and probably many others a lot. I finished almost all the separate continent ones I’m just working on the map one in Africa. If people say 1 star, they are lying or they are jealous 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄From: someone who loves turtles 😁

avocado milk 🥑, Jun 06, 2023
Must Have but have to pay to take off Ads

Unplayable with ads. It will cost you to take off but it’s worth it. They show it every 10 seconds and it will drive you crazy. Everyone should try to 100% this game.

drobl20, Jul 31, 2022
Best Flag Learning App

All other apps are garbage. Minimal ads. Multiple types of exercises. Great app. Have tried other ones with literally 60 second ads they’re trash.This one has multiple different quizzes etc.

Ggsreryygfr, Nov 15, 2021
It really works.

This app is so far the only app or thing I’ve used to try to remember flags or countries that has actually worked. I went from knowing around 30 flags to knowing pretty much all of them. The learning method is simple but works really well. My brother tried this app too for a couple days and learned almost all the Caribbean flags. I have nearly no problems with this app, really the only problem I have is that sometimes there are a little bit of ads.

Hufflepuffjr, Oct 13, 2022
Too many ads!

The app itself is great — many ways to memorize flags and learn other information about each nation. However, the ads are beyond annoying, including interrupting a challenge multiple times! I’m considering deleting the app because of this.

JustWantNews, Feb 16, 2022

i dont write reviews ever but this app is amazing!! i learned memorized all south america and africa countries today!! i downloaded like 10 apps to help and have tried all and deleted all but this it’s seriously so good there are different ways to learn and practice and test yourself with there are also flash cards you can look at. if there is any app i recommend it’s this. only “bad” thing is ads tend to get more frequent the more you play. i think there’s a remove ads you can purchase but the ads aren’t too frequent and you can skip or exit them in like 3 seconds

kacarm04, Jul 31, 2022
Fantastic app!

If I could give this app 10 stars, I would. There is a lot of variety, different ways to learn and everything is broken down by region so it’s manageable. I love the map feature. This has helped me with my geography and flag learning. Highly recommend.

Kindle convert, May 15, 2021

I have used lots of flags/nations games for many years now and this one is really good. Suggestion: the map orientation of europe seems skewed. What projection are you using?? Its not the usual one (usa) that i see here but if i tilt my phone i can make it out. Also I wish i had more than 3 lives. Could you make it keep going and just tell me at the end how many were incorrect??

msgromit, Jun 30, 2021
Very good!

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I completed all the levels in 11 days and would have like to have been able to keep playing, but there were no more levels. Overall it was a really fun game, though.

Patric Troughten, Jan 09, 2022
What I should have learned in school

Thank goodness for these applications that teach us basic knowledge we should have learned when we were children. I was a straight A student all through primary and secondary school and the only thing I retained was math. Unfortunately now it bears no use since the "new math" has become a mysterious language only the generation who learned will understand .... or not.This app is easy to understand and easy to use. I have retained the knowledge it has left me since I used this application three years ago and just picked it up again. Have fun and get learning.

pdkotek, Jun 24, 2023


How many flags can you guess? Do you know what the Mexican flag looks like? Do you remember the order of colors on the Irish flag?

This free education app will refresh your memory of national flags, and you'll learn about the beautiful flags of such exotic countries as Maldives or Dominica. Why do I prefer this geography quiz to other games about flags? Because it has all flags of all 197 independent countries of the World and 48 dependent territories and constituent countries! It is extremely user-friendly. You will always get a hint about whether you're right or wrong. Thus, you'll never get stuck by a question for which you don't know the answer. Now you can learn flags separately for each continent: from Europe and Asia to Africa and South America. The flags are divided into three levels: 1) Well-known flags (Level 1) - Canada, France, Japan, and so on. 2) Flags that are harder to identify (Level 2) - Cambodia, Haiti, Georgia, and other world countries. 3) Dependent territories and constituent countries (Level 3) - Scotland, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc. 4) The fourth option is to play with “All 245 Flags”. 5) Capitals quiz: for the given flag, guess the capital of the corresponding country: for example, if the flag of Egypt is shown, the correct answer is Cairo. Capitals are divided by continent. 6) Maps and Flags: pick the correct flag for the country highlighted on the world map. Start with two learning options: * Flashcards - browse all flags in the app without guessing; you can check what flags you don’t know well and want to repeat in the future. * Table of all countries, capitals, and flags. Then you can test your knowledge by choosing the game mode you like: * Spelling quizzes (the easy one with hints after each selected letter, and the hard one where you have to spell the whole word correctly). * Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options) - can you find the state flag of your country? But it’s important to remember that you have only 3 lives. * Drag and Drop: match 4 flags and 4 country names. * Time game (give as many correct answers as you can in 1 minute). You should answer all questions in each level and give 25 correct answers in Time Game to get all stars and complete the game. The app is translated into 30 languages, including English, German, Spanish and many others. So you can learn the names of the countries and capital cities in any foreign language. Advertisements can be removed by an in-app purchase. This is an excellent and fun game for all students of world geography. Or are you a sports fan who needs help recognizing the flags of national teams? Find the national flag of your state and learn other flags by heart!

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