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User Reviews for Fiverr - Freelance Services

Please Optimize for IPad Pro!!

Please optimize this app for iPad Pro when opening the app it appears with black borders on the left and right I don’t mind it too much but everything about it is so low quality and would much rather have it optimize for iPad but other than that the app is pretty solid so far I don’t solely rely on it it’s self are use the website and the app at the same time but I just wish also that the app just had all the features that the website has inconvenient basic locations and just a much better you whyAnd one more thing please allow us to make our gig stand out a little more by us having more freedom with how we title our gigs with apostrophes and (!)’s and for us to put a much longer detailed description under the gig someone’s purchasing I never find it enough space to describe the gig when giving the opportunity it always says that the description is too long and I don’t like that I want people who see the gig scrolling through Fiverr actually see everything that the gig is all aboutThat’s all thank you

bgbvvvvvv, Aug 29, 2019
Do not waste your time…

I started out and spent $ on Fiverr and was satisfied initially. I even left sellers great feedback to help them and referred business. Now starting to wonder if it’s more of a “scam.” Come to find out…3 of my orders have been declined in a row and go into a “balance.” For all of these…I needed a project and the seller told me they could provide. Then they answered none of my questions over a several day waiting period (I have screen shots of the comm I sent with absolutely no replies) for the project and told me a few hours before project end period they couldn’t do it. So…I wasted 4 days on a project they likely had no intention of doing. Now I’m also finding out they may not give me my $ back but they apply it to my “balance” that I’m not going to use because I’m beyond frustrated at this point? Hoping they will at least do the right thing and refund me directly given my recent project had zero communication as I was waiting and ended up being cancelled. I wish they had a more strict communication policy if a seller is just in too deep because I completely understand but please…just tell me that rather than make me wait for 4 days and cancel on me last minute. Soooo frustrating!

DrMusic83, Aug 27, 2021
Convenient app with a major flaw

I've used Fiverr for close to a year now, and the platform has worked really well for me and allowed me to earn some extra money. This app does make it easier to quickly look through orders and respond to buyers' messages. However, I find that whenever I have Do Not Disturb on, the notifications either don't appear at all or only appear for a second before disappearing. They never remain in my notification center, and usually I won't even get the little icon at the corner of the app. This seems like a small issue, but on Fiverr, your response time is extremely important in getting buyers and giving your gigs legitimacy. This issue has caused me to miss messages and not respond for hours. I just can't be constantly opening the app, I really rely on the notification. I usually turn on Do Not Disturb when I'm working or going to bed, and I get messages, often from buyers in different countries/time zones that I just don't see. I really don't understand this issue, and it's not something I've had a problem with on any other app.For me, this bug destroys a lot of the convenience of the app. I hope this issue will be fixed soon, and without it, this app would get 5 stars.

futurehearts, Sep 12, 2019
Works great!

I really do love this app. I’ve used it for a few years and literally it seems like you can find someone to do almost anything and everything. All the freelancers seem easy to work with and this is by far the best freelancer app IMO. A few cons... communication can be a huge problem between you and freelancers. They really do mean well( and I hate even complaining about this) but sometimes it’s frustrating because you can give them detailed explanations Fr the beginning and many times they act like they fully understand the task but then you get your delivery and you realize they either have no idea what you were talking about or they just said yes the whole time to make you happy and even if they offer revisions it’s too late. It can be VERY frustrating. They all seem to think they are qualified for the job but when it comes down to it it’s trial and error.

gamache2000, Mar 15, 2021

I don’t know about the other services that fiverr has, but DO NOT hire someone to rewrite, write or design your resume. I’ve used this site twice and both times it has been terrible. By terrible i mean they have been useless. I spent more time editing my resume than the “professionals”I hired. I took my resume to a legit site and they laughed at what i was provided and they told me i was ripped off. I contacted fiverr customer service and they told me there is nothing they can do. basically customer service does not exist. If you have an issue they refuse to address it. You are expected to take matters into your own hands. DO NOT CHOOSE RUSH for 15 dollars more because you will not have a usable draft in less than a week regardless. If you are from the United States make sure the person you hire either speaks fluent English or at least can properly write in English. Unfortunately both times i used this site they weren’t. This site has good intentions but horrible executions. Please spend the extra money to use an actual site with professionals. I really wish fiverr was better, but from my experience they have no regulations and the actual producers have no idea what they are doing.

hmt393, Mar 21, 2019
Always exceeds expectations

This provider always does such a fantastic job. She responds quickly to contacts, she is always thorough on my projects, she takes the time to make sure I get what I need and is great about clarifying things that aren’t clear - this is especially helpful if you’re like me and you aren’t tech savvy. She also takes the time to let me know what I can expect in regard to the tweaks or constructs she applies to the project. This is especially helpful, again, for clients like me (who aren’t tech savvy) in order for me to be able to “see around corners” I wouldn’t have known were there if she hadn’t taken the time to point them out. This helps me see the bigger picture in regard to how the project will flow and if there are changes I want to make I can discuss them immediately. I will continue to work with this provider and would highly recommend her to others as well. You won’t be sorry!

hotterwithwine, Feb 06, 2022
Seller - Inundated with Spam

I created a seller account on Fiverr - from account creation to date, I’ve been unceasingly inundated with scam gig requests (17 to date, roughly 1 every two days). I’m a data scientist, and offer freelance machine learning dev experience on the side. Literally every request except one that I’ve received - and I get them daily - has been some variation on the following theme: “I (buyer) and from (some foreign country) and want you (seller) to set up a fake account for me on (gigging platform) because (bogus reasons ranging from work visas to online censorship).”There exists no means for sellers to report scam requests, and therefore I’m stuck dealing with these messages until the accounts behind them are banned. And in spite of what Fiverr claims, this DOES impact my response rating on-app (not all scams are caught), which currently sits at 60% despite my perfect non-scammer rapport. Which has been easy to maintain since, as mentioned before, I’ve only been contacted by one non-scammer.Fiverr is either in WAY over their head with this, or willfully negligent at maintaining a positive environment for their sellers. All it would take is one machine learning intern with a substandard message dataset to build a spam filter for these sorts of things - Fiverr, if you’re reading this, I’ll build it for you.

MatthewBillman, Dec 04, 2019
Not a good experience at all

The last order I placed continually didn’t do anything that I asked. I ordered very specific logo design. They put the wrong business name down every single time even though I continued to correct it and repeatedly told them that was not the name of my business. I sent the exact logo that I wanted incorporated into a monogram so it was very simple and easy and they ignored it repeatedly, and created something totally different and wrong. I told them the kind of welding that I do and the kind of welding torch that I need to be in my logo is very specific and they continued to put the wrong kind of welding torch into the logo which would represent a form of welding our company does not do. They sent me formats that I couldn’t open even on my computer so I asked several times if they could send me a format I could see and review. I couldn’t see the work and be able to review it and I waited so long to receive that format that fiverr finally approve the work. So now I have paid and am very disappointed and still have to go back and pay somebody else to do it again because it’s not anywhere near what I was looking for. Fiverr would not let me leave a negative review. I feel the reviews are allowed to be positive only.When I tried to contact the resolution center I was given an error message

mowe251, Nov 21, 2019
Fiverr is ridiculous, do not buy from their seller

Hello everyone, if you can see this review, do not download this app or do anything on their platform. Their sellers are crooks, they will take your job with a clear job requirements and deliver what you didn’t ordered. I had contact one of their seller to help with a project, he replied and told me he understood my requirements but after 5 days he delivered half job and never completed the job. I asked why don’t you want to complete this job? He said because EID is coming, I said well, request for extension so you can come back to it later, he didn’t want to do that but wanted me to approve delivery of half job and what I didn’t order. I reported to fiverr which it took them hours before they respond and at the time they responded I had gone really crazy with the seller because he wasn’t trying to cooperate with me at all or find a way to resolve the issue. Well, fiverr respond and resolve the issue, I contact another seller who get the job done but guess what?! Instead of fiverr cautioning their fraudsters they call seller, they restricted my own account and claimed I needed to wait 90 days before they can allow me to process with my ongoing order. Their supports staff are jackass, they’re lazy to investigate customer/seller conflict. Instead they mute their buyer. DO NOT LET THEM TREAT YOU LIKE THEY DO TO ME! DON’T BUY ON FIVERR! If they feel this’s a lie they should respond to this review with their prove.

overpamper, Jul 11, 2022
SMH. Never do two accounts

So make sure you read very well. I have been on fiverr platform for over 3 or 4 years. It’s been really good until one day I decided to start a second account doing beats for this one instead of singing and rapping. Made over 30k in my first account, great loyal customer base built, solid stats across the board, ended up being a top seller and then a couple months into my second account they asked for ID verification so I did that. Noticed it asked for my first account then did that one and was immediately blocked from my main primary page I had for over 3 years. Highly upset was not even the words to describe how I was feeling. Over 300 completed gigs not backed up, 5 star ratings with numerous repeat customers all gone in one minute. But I won’t get down because I’m a walking music genius who has worked with a lot of top industry artist like Gucci Mane and more. But anyway to make maters worst there was money still in my account I have to wait 90 days for some link to magically come to my email. None of the reps can find my account and at this point I will be leaving fiverr starting my on platform. They have made enough money off of my work. It was good While it lasted but I hate how it ended.

Superstar Lamar, May 14, 2022


Running a business around the clock? Rushing to complete a project on-the-go? Fiverr is here to help.

With the leading online marketplace for digital freelance services, Fiverr provides instant access to a global network of remote freelancers. Fiverr connects entrepreneurs to experts to help them get every great idea done. Whether you need a variety of services to build your business from the ground up or one expert to complete one perfect job, Fiverr offers a world of creative freelancers. It's on-demand quality work, right at your fingertips. Our Fiverr mobile app breaks down all work barriers: browse your options, place orders, and get updates – anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are, what service you need, or which deadline and budget you’re working with, you can find the right freelancer here, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Need something done overnight? Get a freelancer from across the world to deliver the project before you wake up. Welcome to the world’s most affordable and efficient digital freelancer community. Search, filter, and choose from thousands of freelancers across 400+ different service categories: • Programming & Tech programming services, website creator, mobile app developers • Graphics & Design app designer, graphic designer, logo creator, illustrator, flyers & banners design • Digital Marketing digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and virtual assistants that speed up your work • Writing & Translation translations, blog and article writing, proofreading & editing • Video & Animation animation design for web & mobile videos, 3D animation, video editor, voice-over • Music & Audio songwriting, music videos, production • Business Operations business promotion & planning, financial strategies, user data, branding
 Whatever you need – find the right freelance service on Fiverr! For entrepreneurs and businesses: • Get your projects delivered on your time & within your budget • Find a freelancer instantly, and hire when ready • Read Fiverr seller ratings and customer reviews to pick the perfect match for your project • Enjoy open communication on all fronts, at all times
 For freelancers: • Get access to an ever-growing pool of entrepreneurs and global businesses hungry for fresh talent • Get noticed by increasing your exposure in the digital marketplace • Get more orders with mobile availability while improving your quality of service, ratings & response rate
 Features: • Finding a freelancer has never been more simple. • Choose from thousands of forward-thinking, passionate creative freelancers from 400+ creative service categories • Discover raw talent and forge inter-global partnerships • Get inbox notifications to stay on the ball while you're on-the-go • Get push notifications to keep on top of your projects • Tap into communication between buyers & sellers 24/7/365 • Enjoy unique, mobile-exclusive features • Make easy payments through our safe, efficient structure Why Fiverr? Fiverr’s leading global network of freelancers is trusted by over 11M businesses and entrepreneurs. But don’t take our word for it. “The app allows you to browse the millions of gigs listed on Fiverr, from logo design and music composition to style consultations.” - The Next Web “As you would expect, the Fiverr App is easy on the eyes. There’s a heavy emphasis on the visuals allowing you to easily see what is being sold in each listing.” - TUAW Thousands of talented freelancers. Millions of Gigs. Available 24/7/365. Ready to see those “to-do” tasks done? Download now and connect with a freelancer! Trailer: http://youtu.be/SKZuQUBJT5U
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