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User Reviews for First Tech Federal CU

Intermittent errors and crashes are consistent, not good for a bank.

I can only speak from an iPhone perspective, but I know others with Androids have problems with this app as well. So many different problems, it makes me question the decision making and safety of my money in their hands, where I used to trust them much more. Issues: -I often see intermittent server connection errors, or server error messages at least that crash the app so you can’t use it at all-App often hangs with log in attempts-App often forces you to log in twice -App times out inconsistently and randomly, then crashes and disappears -App versions aren’t compatible with older iOS versions so lately you must upgrade to newest iOS version even if you don’t want to. This should not happen. -The Touch ID was taken away-this was a bad choice-Spontaneously quits processing in the middle of transactions. Bank transactions. This has happened to me more than once when attempting to transfer $ between accounts. -App often closed for maintenance —it’s closed right now, which is why I’m writing this! -The look and feel changes so often you can’t tell if it’s legit or if it’s been hijacked All of these don’t inspire trust. And this is a bank! First Tech is a good bank, the app should match that quality but it doesn’t.

Ad circus, Mar 21, 2018
The app never works correctly

Everything statement this bank puts out about the app is a flat out lie. If you have the beta app, which works better, keep it. The bank have put out a statement saying issues with the regular app (this one, the blue one. Beta app is black) are resolved, and asking people to stop using the beta app. Issues are *not* resolved. The widget doesn’t load, so quickly checking balances is gone again. Thanks a lot first tech. Of course it benefits the bank when people don’t check their balance and spend too much. The interphase is less helpful when you do sign in, which you will have to take the time to sign in if you want to see your balance. Calling in and talking with someone about the app is painful. No call center person ever has any information at first tech. They don’t even have information about banking, let alone the app. “We are working on it” is the only response you’ll ever get, and there are perpetual problems at this institution.

Barnowl82, Jun 20, 2020
Needs a bit of work

Overall, I love this app, it’s super easy to do my banking with, and I love the new snapshot screen! I also have 2 issues: The first is that the snapshot screen ALWAYS tells me I have 1 new notification awaiting my attention, and when I click on that I have to log in and it takes me straight to my regular banking screen and there are no notifications that I can find. It’s probably just my monthly statement or something, but it bugs the crap out of me. Second, the check deposit feature has an extremely hard time focusing on checks now, and constantly asks me to put the check on a darker background. It works eventually, but takes about 10 minutes. With me trying the check on different surfaces. Anyways, great app, just needs a bit of fine tuning!

danadelion, Dec 22, 2019
It used to be better

I’ve been using this app for about three years. I’ve never had a single issue until they updated their app and removed the feature to make a principal payment. Why would you update the app and remove a feature? That seems counterintuitive. Anyway, the app says that I can make an extra payment if I want, but depending on my loan depends on if it’s applied to the interest or the principal. It doesn’t give any more details on that. It also says to call their helpdesk if you’d like to make a principal-only payment. That defeats the convenience of having the app if I’m going to have to call each month to pay down the principal. When I call, whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, the hold time is ridiculous. I was on hold for almost 30 minutes before I had to hang up to take care of other things. To add insult to injury, the prerecorded voice over while on hold tells me to use the app to make things quicker and more convenient. That is just frustrating. I can’t be waiting on the phone for so long to do something that took 10 seconds on the app. This is excruciatingly annoying. Please update the app and bring back the feature to make principal payments towards your loans.

Irishspongebob, Feb 07, 2021

I never write reviews, but I have to for these guys. First off they gave me a chance to bank when others wouldn’t and for that I will always be greatful! Second the staff is always nice and everyone knows what they are doing. Three there is no fees for the carefree checking. Four, and what really is the best part is when something is pending it doesn’t take 5-7 days to clear. It only takes 1-2 days max with this bank. That is the best feature because sometimes putting a deposit down for like a hotel usually takes forever to get it bank but not with these guys. FTFCU is just the best overall and I’ve tried ALL the banks. Lol. I found my main bank and I’m happy it’s with these guys!

iWizardi, Mar 01, 2021
Good but not great

I've been using this mobile banking app for over three years now. I can do whatever I need to do re: banking, but this latest version seems a step or two backwards. Previous versions let one use touch ID to login. That's gone now. REALLY WANT then to bring Touch-ID login back!!! Previous versions of the mobile deposit feature worked really great! You entered your details, manually snapped a picture of the front and the back of the check, making sure you had all four corners within the boundaries of the picture, and Bingo! Your deposit was in. This version automatically snaps the pictures when it thinks the four corners are within the boundaries. You'd think that would be a good idea, but actually it's a lot harder to work with, and a lot harder to get an acceptable picture. Sometimes newer isn't really better.

JazzSoul, Sep 12, 2017
Love the bank, app not so much

I really enjoy using first tech as a banking option; however, I do not care for the app as much. It’s often glitchy, lags when selecting between tabs and I find the bill pay option either loads a blank screen or the most recent issue is an unexpected error occurring. A little pet peeve that doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the app, is the icons in the bill pay. The way it is set up is a little distracting. I would prefer just to see the name of the company/person I wish to pay rather than what seems like an unorganized mess of the same exact icon for each payer and then their names. It is just distracting and not user friendly. But again, I do love the credit union and have been with them for years, hopefully there will be improvements with the app.

jkgood, Jul 27, 2018
Mostly works. Sometimes. A little bit.

This app more or less works within limitations. At the branch they told me to use the other app with the black icon, but that thing is iPhone only and has no iPad support. This one works better than that. It has some pretty fatal flaws, though:1. It supports landscape mode only. Since people hold their iPad in portrait orientation that makes it pretty annoying to use unless the iPad is docked.2. For over a year the settings have been inaccessible. Attempting to go to the settings page just reloads the screen over and over. This is very much Not Me: the problem has persisted across devices, across clean installs, across device resets, across OS upgrades. The app settings are just straight up broken.3. Tabbing out for even a second (for example, to update your records in another app) logs you out. I appreciate conservative security but that's patently ridiculous.4. Every so often the app just presents a blank white screen with a frozen "wait circle" icon. You have to force quit it to make the thing work again.I'm reasonably happy with FTCU as an institution but their software has always been abysmal. Kind of ironic for a tech industry credit union!

Just Your Usual Reviewer, Jul 02, 2022
Latest upgrade won’t deposit checks

I have used this app since it was rolled out but the most recent version has a bug and won’t let you deposit a check. You can type in the amount you are depositing, you can photograph the front and back of the check but there’s no way to say or indicate what account to deposit it into. There’s a dialog box for it but no options are given and it won’t allow typing in the account number or account name. I contacted 1st Tech multiple times and sent screenshots and though pleasant in their reply, nothing has changed and they have not said anything is being done to fix this and it’s been weeks. I am using a new iPad Pro with current iOS. It’s difficult to believe this isn’t an app issue since it didn’t start until after the most recent app update. They told me to use a computer to deposit. That hardly shows faith in their own app. It might be better to change CUs.

not new to the planet, Mar 05, 2022
Technology Progressive

First Tech customer service, ease of account funds management, and low/no fee structure is absolutely why I continue to bank here and refer those who will appreciate this experience. However, it is painfully obvious that, for an institution with Tech in the name, there is a lack of funding to upgrade online banking, mobile banking (which has a basic connection with their website service), and API connections to worthwhile third party services and support for enhanced account management and features. This is hard to accept as a very technology dependent person operating a business that also relies heavily on this. Their mobile app and website have seen some useful upgrades, but it’s no where near the capabilities of their big corporate counterparts. Perhaps we need to support our bank with a KickStarter campaign. Whatever it takes to get their online systems as amazing as their in person service.

TheRubyEffect, Jan 21, 2018


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