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Thomas Ricket
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User Reviews for Fingerzilla

Dude I’ve been playing this game since I was 6


*carey*, Jun 18, 2022
Fun, but REALLY laggy

This game is a lot of fun--what's not to love about the idea of being able to smash virtual buildings and virtual people?!? However, it could be better. The game doesn't come anywhere close to registering all of my taps, and sometimes it can be up to 3-5 seconds before it responds to your tap, if there are already a lot of fires going. With such bad lag it seems almost impossible to get anything beyond the first level or two of damage. I almost wonder if that was intentional: make it next to impossible to do very well without the in-app purchase powerup pack to get people to buy it. Another thing that could be better is that there are only maybe 5-10 building types that are the only buildings used throughout the game (even in the "San Francisco" level, I think). Seeing 5-10 buildings copied and pasted over and over in different configurations makes the game not quite as interesting.Overall, I would say that even though this game had its flaws, it's worth downloading and playing with for a few minutes because it's free.

bookworm656, Mar 12, 2010
Good memories

This was one of the first games I downloaded when I first got a iPod Touch in 2011. It’s nice knowing it’s still here. Thanks for keeping me entertained all these years :)

calij3, Aug 21, 2018
Fingerzilla is awesome! The best time waster ever!!

I will play levels over and over again to get high scores. I like the new version also!!!

Deftune, Dec 06, 2018
Apple classic

Fun and challenging. Difficult to get three stars.

Mark Ridimann, Aug 30, 2019
Such a disappointment...

Where to begin? I've had the game a long time, and the update prompted me to give it another try. It's very inconsistent. I get three stars on some levels, one star on others, for no clear reason. Even though I've bought several IAPs, I still get ads. The time runs out much too quickly on every level. The stats seem inaccurate. If this were implemented better, it could be a great game. As it stands, there are NO great giant monster destroying city games on the app store. Try Robot, Destuctopus, and Doodle vs Brute too - they all have slow action, primitive animation, and are merely side scrollers. I wish someone would finally make a decent 3D monster game, like Rampage or War of Monsters are for consoles. For now, old school Godzilla fans have been sadly neglected by developers, and Fingerzilla is perhaps the best of an extremely weak array of choices. You'd probably have more fun stomping on legos.REVISION: get "berserk blobs from beyond" - still not perfect, but now the best monster app I've found, by far.

Mdylan, Jul 19, 2011
Great fun!

It’s a lot of fun for what it is. Only frustrating part is too many movements with your fingers causes the game to pause. Been playing this for around 6 years now and never gets old!

Mexican-redneck, Jun 05, 2019
Mindless Fun

This game is a fun way to mindlessly get out some aggression. There isn't a great deal of thought process going on here, but there is something to be said for chomping down the Tax Collector while watching Your Boss run screaming out of a burning building.There are a lot of bugs: sometimes you can swat helicopters or stomp cars without the game registering the fact. Sometimes the game freezes entirely. Sometimes the game won't let you do any more so you watch in frustration as the clock times out.If you're not too worried about points, or the game not quite working right, but are simply interested in pounding your screen to obliterate society, then this is a great game.

Neenibug, Sep 04, 2010
Does not run on 3G iPhone w/iOS4

This is an update to an earlier review (of v2.3). So, I saw this v2.3.1 update come out on July 3rd, and couldn't wait to try it out since it supposedly fixed all the crashing bugs of the previous version. Unfortunately, this was NOT the case. Instead of crashing the iPhone completely, the game will now try to load, but will just hang while the loading music just plays over and over. Tried rebooting and reinstalling this app to no avail. I am very disappointed, since like I mentioned in my earlier review, I found this game to be fun (when it would actually work). I suppose I'll wait till my iPhone 4 arrives later this month to give this app another try. If it still doesn't work on the newer hardware, then I'll be deleting this app.EARLIER REVIEW OF v2.3:Crashes ALL THE TIME under iOS4 on my iPhone 3G, which is a shame since it seems like such a fun game. First time I played it, got up to the next city, but then it started crashing like crazy. I hope they get this sorted out, as I'd love to play this game without interruption.

tbunac, Jul 07, 2010
Thumbzilla- Sweet tonic for Anger

Talk about anger management! There is something gratifying at a deep pre-dawn-of-civilization way about just releasing any and all of one's frustrations, irritations and annoyances that's Chicken Soup For The Rengeful Soul - Thumbzilla is all that AND sociology-politically acceptable. Let the diminutive manifestation of this epic monster pillage on! Let him have his fill of fleeing, adrenaline-pumped morsels! Let him obliterate all manner of civilization!And after the carnage is complete, let him lose his scales and return to his well-mannered and socially docile realm, as one of the digits on your hand that is softly embracing your true love on a cloudless, windless full moon night.

Zepel B. Schtoonk III, Oct 16, 2010


Fingerzilla is a fast-paced, explosive game of utter destruction. Using your own finger(zilla), rain fiery chaos down upon buildings, cars, and people. The interface is simple, but the joy of squashing your boss is priceless!

We just had our 4 MILLIONTH player download the game! Download Fingerzilla yourself for: - Retina graphics! All buildings, victims, and landscapes have been lovingly rendered in high-res for you to destroy. We also have all-new victims to squish! - Multiplayer Support! Play head-to-head against friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Any map you've unlocked can be played head-to-head, plus we have a new set of Multiplayer maps with modified rules and visuals! - Gameplay Boosts! We've added over a dozen boosts to take your gameplay to the next level. Extend mission times for extra smashing power; spill out more people to squish; add unique and named buildings with special abilities, and a bunch more! - Collections! All buildings now have a chance to spit out collectible items (like a soda bottle or an SUV). Collect these and trade them in for bonus score, free tokens, and free boosts! - Universal App -- Fingerzilla runs on the iPad, and displays the full Retina graphics as well! - New Levels -- new places to destroy, and new unique building variations to crush. - Mini-Games & Bonus Missions -- Play "Fingers vs. Zombies" or spend time crushing cars on the 101! - Compete and share with friends -- when your friends play, you'll get a bonus! You'll also see your best score on each level, and scores of other players that you're beating! - Game Center! Compete with Leaderboards and Achievements versus the world! - Squish Your Friends! Turn on the Names Pack, and squish all your Facebook friends, or colleagues from your contacts. - Game Enhancements -- in addition to the Mutation Pack, you can add bonus-bearing victims, level upgrades, and more! - Unique buildings and vehicles -- add on skyscrapers, boats, new houses, taxis, city hall, and other buildings, each with unique behavior (factories explode, towers flood out executives, etc.) - Great performance on all devices -- get 60FPS smooth animation on all recent phones, iPods and tablets, and much better playability even on the original iPhone! ===== As always, please write us at [email protected] if you have any problems and we'll get them fixed!

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