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Sam Clothier
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User Reviews for Final Outpost

Great simple strategy game

This game is super fun. The core gameplay of dividing your people between jobs and deciding where to build what buildings is simple but satisfying. The graphics are clean and pretty to look at, and the dev very clearly listens to community feedback as the latest update has tons of quality of life improvements that make the game longer but less needlessly complex. All in all for a free game it’s pretty great, and I’d highly recommend if you like strategy and resource management games. To the dev, if you’re looking for recommendations or feedback then I’ll try to give some.The speedup button makes night time way more bearable, so that was a really good addition to the game. Nighttime can feel tedious after a while though, so if you can figure out a way to make it more varied somehow I think it would make the zombies more threatening and it would make night more engaging. Once you’ve built out your fortress and progress slows the game can lose some of the engagement it had earlier, so if you can experiment with adding a second gameplay loop besides the main one of building and collecting resources then you might end up with something that really dramatically improves the experience.Thanks a ton for putting this game out, especially since it’s free to play. It’s super fun and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Alpharat53, Aug 13, 2021
A really good game but need more improve

It very relaxing to watch the people go and collect stuff, fight zombies and farming, it like having an ant farm, bed thing is there is no ads but the only want u can support the creator is by buying the resources. after 3 days(RL) I have maxed out every things, unlock all plot and all 4 side of the wall with every structure lv max. So this is the issue: I appoint 120 people as farmer and then destroy some of the farm now I if I un hire them I can’t rehire them until I make a new farm, But if I keep them they will took my food which I might don’t have, so make options I can fire them if I don’t have the space. The 2nd things is at night the red thingy is too much it make me lag my phone got hot, because I have lot of sniper and guard, so make option that I can toggle the sound indicator. 3 is at some point there is nothing left so do, the only even is every 5 days a big wave of zombies attack, but because I have lot of snipers they can’t touch the wall, so buff the zombies and add more zombies event. the shop is bad when the resources I can just farm in 1 wave of workers, buff the shop. Don’t add the 2x, I like it slow

beastmasterr69, Mar 03, 2020
Too Much Grind

I got this game almost a year ago to have something to do at work during my free time. There have been changes at times, but one thing for sure that has stayed the same is the grind! You legit have put everyone to one thing just to get something done. You are extremely punished for having a big population without like 5 maxed farms. Tell me how every hour a real human would consume a whole meal every hour? What is worst is when I started to get to 100 days, I started getting the gun which I thought would help. Nope! It legit brings zombies faster to your wall and doesn’t even do enough damage to make a big difference. One last note; you unlock things in a backwards order. You can get the blacksmith, but need to wait to upgrade your workshop later to make a rifle or to upgrade your mine you need a ton of stone, but you can’t upgrade the storage any more till you upgrade the base which requires you to get even more stone so your forced to make a ton more storage. If you like a game where you have to force to focus on one resource, this is the game for you! Otherwise be prepared to restart several times and struggle to figure out how to fix the last mistake you made.

Cacciolfi, Sep 16, 2021
Balancing and quality of life changes.

Played for a while, restarted a good few times to grasp everything, I think the game need some balancing. 1. The time should be extended as in how long it takes for the hour to pass, I think it should take longer. 2. There needs to be harder zombies after a certain point because after you get enough guards with guns and you have a sufficient sustainable ammo supply it just comes down to fighting repairs and trying to gain resources to build and upgrade. 3. The amount of food consumption should be reduced I don’t think a single person should eat 1 unit of food per hour I think it should be maybe 1 every 2 hours or every 3. I don’t think it should be every single hour the people are hungry, but I get it, it’s easier just to throw a simplistic algorithm in an leave it alone.4. There are some bugs in the game as in zombies getting caught on my walls during the day and my people not bringing back the proper amount of resources back from gathering. Also the amount of wood a repair takes should be equivalent to what the repair character picks up, for example my wall was on 1449 and it costed me 50 wood to repair it by 1... just being honest in my review and besides that I think it is a very good simple game that someone could spend a few days playing with enjoyment. But because of the issues it gets a 3 star. Thank you developers and keep up the good work. ;)

Grimster6969, Sep 28, 2020
Potential Is There, But...

... There are some significant quality of life things missing for this genre of game. First, I would like to thank the dev for even making this game in the first place. While I won't compare this to Rimworld, it does have a Rise To Ruin vibe that is missing from iOS games entirely. So it gets 3 stars simply for existing.Now, for the critique. Boy is this game frustrating to play. And not in the "fun to fail" way. That I love. This game is just tedious in its current form. For example, you can't speed up time. This could be a interesting design choice, but here it is a fun sucker. I spent two game days trying to save up wood to upgrade population limits, only to realize that even though a +20 was showing up when my lumberjacks returned it wasn't storing any wood. Not a single notification that I was wasting my time with wood storage. Just a loop of nothingness I had to figure out on my own. See the issue? A notification would have informed me OR time control would make it a lesson without the punishment of pointless time wasting.Dear Dev, please keep working on this game. There are many, many people like me who are dying to have a Rimworld/DF/RtR style game on iOS. Right now you are our best hope.

Jgsghjvbhh, Sep 06, 2020
It’s a good time killer for people who like strategy.

I do like the game. Fun when I have nothing to do and just want something strategic to play. But I can not get very far. Every time I get breached and killed over and over. And I feel like when it’s seven but zombies are still at the fence so no one goes out I feel like farmers should still be able to go out since they are inside the fence. Also it just takes WAAAY to long to kill a larger zombie. You should also add different tools and better ones so like sharper knifes so that hunters kill more or hunt faster and larger and sharper axes so that lumberjacks chop more woods or chop faster. I also feel like moats could exist to prevent zombies. So like it would be a really good defense but be super expensive ooor it could be as easy as getting the wood storage but every three days it would refill from erosion and stuff so you would have to hire the people who dig rubble to fix it pretty often. I think these are just some additions you could add from a person who plays this game a decent amount. But right now I do like the game i just wish I didn’t die so often.

Minnieferd, Sep 22, 2020
Good game, needs minor adjustments

So this game is great. It is a fantastic resource management based game set in the grey dot apocalypse. I love how scaled down and simple it’s design is. Feels like Dwarf Fortress but zombie apocalypse, and it’s fantastic. My only gripe is a small gameplay gripe. In the game you manage people like a recourse, and at the beginning it of most days you’ll have anywhere between 4-6 people appear at your gates. Now you have to house them. The game has a good housing system with one problem. Your workers start the day at 8 (assuming you don’t have zombies left over) but the new people leave your settlement at 12. I cannot count the number of times I’ve had enough workers out to get what I needed to build beds, started the building, and half way through construction the people walk away. This could be fixed one of two ways, or if we’re taking my advice doing both.One. Let the potential settlers stay longer, even if they only stood there and additional hour or two it would be enough in most cases. Two. Let the player tap to recruit them even if they’re walking away.

RC01138, Aug 15, 2020
Needs more features

First of all, I love the game. It’s simplistic and fun, but quite easy once you get going. Despite the lack of difficulty I find it quite satisfying to play. However, I wish there was more to do. Currently there is no incentive to kill zombies, other than to stop them at your walls. Once you get going in the game and have snipers, you never have to worry about knife fighters again, and there is no danger of citizens dying of infection. There is also very little to do with medium and high grade scrap.A VERY important update in my opinion, would be to allow changing of jobs in bulk. With hundreds of survivors, it’s tedious clicking for every single unit to change jobs each night and day. I would also love to see more building options, and more things to craft. Allow scrap to be converted between tiers. Make zombie waves more difficult, have a new type that moves faster than others perhaps. The game currently is very skeletal, and with more features would be much more fun. Your game has amazing potential and I hope you consider more content updates in the future.

Robodex001, Mar 28, 2020
Good game for a short time

Playing it for about a full 24 hours and I beat it needs more game play doesn’t take long and I just flew right thru it at day 100+ and now I’m bored.... I took down pretty much everything to build 20+ farms with 6-7 food shelters.... now insanely bored again. Good for a few days after you beat it you will never die and never run out of food.... check max food 8300 with 20 farms and 500 population I Believe I could let my phone stay on for a year and never have to look at it. Zombie at night are super easy they never get harder and at the end when you get all 6 slots open I just run snipers all across the wall with 12 gunners and 165 knifers believe I over achieved protection details 👌. Mad glitches tho had to restart the app over and over when day came to get my people to move. And also every now and then woodcutters would come back with nothing. I get on the game and wood would disappear or appear. Can’t move your stuff around to make my OCD happy so I got to the point of destroying and placing where I wanted it. Third tier metal is wasted only on snipers. Lvl 5 is the max which makes for a very quick game end. Also can’t tell how much food you make per hour or metal or wood and that annoys me.

s nejbsjbsh siw iansnnsb, Mar 21, 2020
Pay to win.

This game was well made, you have to multi task and figure out what you need. But with the new updates it’s become a pay to win game. Before this if the wall was breached you would lose a few survivors and you can continue on. Now you have to start from the very beginning or pay a dollar to continue and possible losing your wall again due to the hordes of zombies. That is just simply a money grab. So is the resources. Half of the workers have to be hunters because of you trying to get more survivors so you can get a lot more resources. But now you can’t get farmers in early game and mining makes it a lot more difficult to get a higher workshop just so I can have a worker who fixes the wall only to have the hordes destroy it that night due to the damage you took even if you upgrade your wall a lot. No one would pay a dollar just to get a little bit of wheat and some wood which is like 2 minutes worth of survivors working (if you even get farmers before you lose). The dev simply needs to learn to balance things and not make everything almost pay to win. Good game, not very good balancing.



GAME OVERVIEW Build your outpost. Manage your citizens. Survive the zombie apocalypse. ​ As the leader of one of the last remnants of civilization, you must manage your citizens, use resources to expand your outpost, and protect your citizens from both starvation and zombies. ​ In the face of this great challenge, you are given control over the construction of new buildings for your citizens to live and work in.

Striking the right balance of building types is critical to maintaining the resource stockpiles so valuable to your citizens. Equip your workforce with the right tools for the job as the needs of your Outpost are shaped by its growth. Craft weapons to protect and defend your Outpost from zombies that wander too close... Top-100 strategy game in 110+ countries worldwide! -------------------- ==BUILD== Improve your base over time to shelter your citizens from the outside world, and stockpile resources to save as many lives as possible. ==UPGRADE== Upgrade the capabilities of your citizens with the skill tree. Earn skill points by killing zombies and ensure the survival of your citizens by guiding them from novice to warrior as you play. ==MANAGE== Lead your citizens into a new age of prosperity by assigning them the right jobs, including farmers and guards. ==CRAFT== Give your citizens the tools they need to survive. Build a workshop to unlock advanced crafting and create weaponry to fend off the dead. ==SURVIVE== Combat famine and the dead by perfecting your long-term strategic balance of management, research, building and crafting. GAME FEATURES • Strategically manage your citizens between civilian and armed roles • Scavenge, hunt, farm, and mine to gather resources • Smith, forge, fight, and shoot to defend your walls • Building & crafting progression systems • Food/starvation system • Different zombie types • Time control • Realistic day/night cycle • Minimalist UI • Pixel art graphics • Seasons • And much more... -------------------- Send your feedback and bug reports to [email protected] Instagram - instagram.com/finaloutpost/ YouTube - youtube.com/c/finaloutpost Discord - discord.com/invite/dn96Jxj https://linktr.ee/finaloutpost https://linktr.ee/exabytegames

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