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Filtertune by Lightricks

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Filtertune by Lightricks

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User Reviews for Filtertune by Lightricks

Huge let down

I’ve been curating my own presets on this app for months and built my entire IG feed theme based off of what I had created. Well as soon as I got a new phone and signed in on a new device, suddenly I was being asked to pay for the ones I made. After I paid, they all disappeared. Allll of my months of hard-work was gone. Not a single preset was still available. I’m disgusted and disappointed. Don’t let this app steal your hard preset work!!

anotherpissedreviewer, Dec 08, 2021
OccupyTheRoom JimmyZurek

Cool stuff here and I never right reviews however, I have the entire light tricks bundle for my brand which I’m just in the beginning stages however, I’ve been searching for cool stock video and visuals but this so far is the best fit me thanks!

AshLeafMartin, Feb 17, 2021
Clunky and doesn’t work half the time.

I had high expectations from the adds but when I purchased it within 3?minutes I wished I hadn’t. Sorry to say, It’s super slow and clunky. It Wouldn’t load my photos half the time and kept crashing before I could save something. I really wanted to like this app but it’s not for me. I bought it 10 minutes ago and wish I could get my money back. They tell you you can unsubscribe any time, but you don’t get your money back

Create212, Jan 22, 2022
Vanish Mode costs $$ and is atrocious

The ads I was getting for this app enticed me to download it. I loved the idea of easily removing people or objects from the background of a photo. I downloaded the “free” app and then came to find out if you want to use vanish mode you have to pay a subscription but also it’s absolutely TERRIBLE. It makes me wish I had a Pixel because this feature comes naturally with photos and does an amazing job. Here it just scarily and weirdly lops out part of the background while not color matching and leaves weird blobs behind. Do not recommend. Especially not if you think you’re getting this feature.

Eliza1225, Nov 24, 2021

‼️‼️ DONT DOWNLOAD. when I downloaded this not even like 10 minutes later my Wifi was going slow. Then I go to my wifi settings and it says that someone is tracking my browser history. I logged into Facebook with this app and it said that this app was tracking it. When they are tracking your history they can get into important stuff. ‼️‼️ If you are getting a “privacy warning” on WiFi on your device, it means that your MAC address is not being masked and the network can see your device's address and track

hskdnxo, Nov 14, 2021
Umm, no thank you.

Why does a photo editing app want/need to track me? Why do I have to sign in? Oh, so you can track me. I was intrigued enough from an Instagram ad to check out the app, downloaded it and was instantly put off when apple let me know it wanted to track me. Then I never even got to try it out bc it wants you to make an account. I have no problem with needing to make an account or pay for a service but with so many apps not living up to their advertising and wanting to see where you go on the internet it has made me more cautious about whom I give my info to these days. I will be deleting the app.

jjschimpf, Aug 09, 2021
I love this app!

I use this app to put a filter on all my art and sometimes photos, i have an idea for this app that could be cool, “filter albums” so you can put filters in certain places like you could have one album be all blue and another be all red, anyways thanks for making this app!

Jrandalexmom, Jan 01, 2021
Thank you

This app is the best thing I’ve ever downloaded especially the “discover filter” feature I can’t believe i used to spend money to buy ugly filters when these existed thank you

Narjis J, May 24, 2021

I saw this ad on IG and thought what an awesome app to have. It’s deceiving folks!!! What ever they show that’s easy to do by taking/erasing out background doesn’t work on this app! It DOES NOT!!! delete the background. All it does is smudges the background. And the ability to replace background? Forget about it!!! It doesn’t. All you can do on this app is change filters, colors, crop. NOTHING AS IT SHOWS ON THE APP!!! DON’T get deceived by this ad!!! You can use photoshop instead.

princeboomer, Sep 23, 2021

I don’t know what the rave is about this app. I went to use the erase feature and it isn’t clear as they indicate on the application. It looks like a wallpaper design and picks up the colors in the background that I’m trying to erase. There’s no feature of adding photos as they indicate. The background of the sky or the forest didn’t work for me. The filters aren’t any different than free apps I’ve already had on my phone. Very disappointed I think they’re totally false advertising this product.

really hate this site, Jan 05, 2022


Finally, a social network that rewards creativity! The makers of Facetune bring you Filtertune, a dynamic social network that enables you to create, share and find one-of-a-kind filters for your photos & videos. Find other filter fanatics to influence with your aesthetic or exchange filters with talented creators.

The Discover feature makes it easy to gain social recognition while scouring the network for continuous inspiration. The more your filters are downloaded, the more exposure you get! Think of it as clout for creativity. Design your own filters with our easy yet powerful editor or choose from our growing library of user creations. Each of your created filters can be saved for future use so all your content becomes instantly recognizable as yours. Our unique social network includes the following features: Discover Be discovered and explore trending filters posted to our always-expanding feed. Smart Adjust Isolate & edit different parts of your photo or video with this editing feature. Each element (people, background, sky, etc…) can be separately adjusted to look exactly as you imagined. Vanish Instantly remove any unwanted part of your photo or video. Your content will stand out, go viral, and never look the same again with Filtertune. Some unique editing tools in your arsenal: Base- Choose a style and use the slider to change the intensity. Vibrance - Increase or decrease color intensity and give skin a natural look. Bloom - Add a dreamy look by blurring light to create an aura effect. White balance - Give lighting a cool or warm tone or get creative with the tint. https://static.lightricks.com/legal/FILTERTUNE_Terms_LTX.pdf Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf Have questions or feedback? We want to hear from you! Write to us at: [email protected]

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