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Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker

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Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker

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Shenzhen Gexiang Technology Co., Ltd.
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User Reviews for Filmora:AI Video Editor, Maker

Disappointed and Frustrated

I paid for the monthly pro version. I’ve been using this app for over a month and it was fine but recently it has been lagging and freezing. It is very frustrating. I edited a video and now when I open that project in the app the screen is frozen I cannot click on anything or make any edits or save my video. I spent so long editing it and it was a waste because I cannot access the video. I have closed the app and opened it multiple times and I waited hours in between trying to access the video (since I was hoping it would no longer be frozen) but it has been 8 hours and it is still not working. The home screen of the app works but when I click on the video I just edited I cannot edit it or save it or click on anything. I am very disappointed with this app. There are also not that many features included in the paid version. Another downside is that when you add text or picture in picture it does not stay where you want it in the video clip if you cut out any of the video before the text or picture in the timeline. You have to keep moving the pictures and text around unless you cut out everything or add every video clip completely first before adding the text and pictures on top of the video clips. (sometimes while editing I find another clip I want to add or want to cut out something but it’s so complicated to do because it will cause all of the text and picture in pictures to move). I do not recommend this app!

Em9685743124609, Oct 07, 2020
Great quality app, but with a deal breaker

This is a high quality app, that's easy to understand intuitively. It's well crafted and you can see a lot of work has gone into the design and function the app. Unfortunately, there is a deal-breaking bug (or at least what I would call a bug.). All of the transitions do not complete correctly. For example, if you use the dissolve transition between two clips, the first clip stops playing in the middle of the dissolve resulting in a very amateur look to the final video. (the same goes for all transitions where the two clips can be seen or partially seen throughout the transition. (and yes, I've trimmed the end of the first clip and the beginning of the second clip to provide enough footage for the transition.). I reported this to the company a year ago, but they still haven't fixed it. Note that Filmora on the PC handles transitions perfectly. Sorry to say, this app will remain just a toy until this basic functionality is fixed. (which again is a shame because of the otherwise high quality of the app)

FriedRibs, Sep 08, 2023
Best editing app ever!!!

I’m a pro with phones but a first timer with editing any type of videos. This app made it to where is was extremely easy to edit and with great results. And I didn’t even have to purchase a Pro package yet. The free edits were enough for me, but I believe in time those Pro features will be calling my name. The app is simple to use and the tools are easy to use and find. My 16yo son edits videos like he worked in a Hollywood studio his whole life. He’s just extremely skilled at it. I recommended this app to him, and I can’t wait to see what magic he works! The only issue I had was how I couldn’t export my music from ITunes when there was an option to do so. I’m guessing they haven’t fully got the permission from Apple yet. But it definitely shouldn’t be an options button to add music from your iTunes if the feature isn’t available yet. BUT I can say the option to export the sounds out of any of your personal videos it a plus! And made up for the iTunes issue for me. Great job creating this app!!!

gh be h, Oct 08, 2021
Lots of bugs

I really wanted to love this. I used it for adding titles to videos for my brand. First issue I encountered was after purchasing the pro version on my iPhone, even when signing in with the same email address and passcode, it would not open the purchase version on my computer. I wrote customer service more than twice about the issue and never heard back. I was losing time so I also purchased the pro version on my computer so I could make edit on my computer… after signing in and out on my phone, the app somehow lost my information and is saying even after trying to restore purchase, I am on the free plan. Very frustrating because I just wanted to operate this from my phone and computer, and paid TWICE and still only have access on one of my devices. Second issue I had: the desktop version was working fine, was able to get 2 videos done then all of a sudden I received an error message when trying to upload media for my video titles. All of a sudden I get error messages when trying to upload logos that just worked. SUPER FRUSTRATING, I paid over $100 and because of app malfunctions, I can’t get any work done. Disruptive work flow and no customer service to talk to. Id stay clear and not invest the money until they have these bugs resolved.

heidpeetydeet, Feb 16, 2023
Amazing but they changed it

I love filmora go I edit with it all the time and the only editing app i use but it changed recently. So I haven’t used it in a couple weeks than all of a sudden I come back on there and it’s different and changed a lot i liked it before it changed now every time I try it and go on the app it works fine but then less than five minutes later it takes me off the app. I don’t want to give this app a bad review or anything but if they want more people to use it they need to put it back to the way it is. I’m a teen who loves editing and puts them on Instagram and I love editing stuff like stranger things,American Horror story, or Celebrities like Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby brown but now I can’t do that if filmora is acting like this so if the creator sees this please reply because my once loved app is acting up.

IloveStrangerThings13, Dec 06, 2019
Simply Advanced Video Creation!

Absolutely love this video editing Ap and wold recommend it as the #1 editor for anyone who wants a great, on-the-go video creation. I’ve been able to put together high quality shirt films for Instagram and Facebook immediately after taking the shot. My only wish is that the editor would allow you to overlay two videos on top of each other so You can add B-roll where you want it without interfering with the main footage. The workaround to this by splitting the A-roll where you want to put B-roll and inserting the b-roll in the split. If you want to keep the audio from the A-roll you will need to extract the audio separately and add it as music which may interfere with your ability to add other sounds. It’s a pretty complicated workaround on our end that I think the developers should look into fixing.

JulianneWendt, Aug 25, 2021

So I figured out my previous issue. When I was trying to clear up storage I found these files connected to the app. I figured that were useless so I deleted them. I didn’t know those files contained all of my data on the app. All of my work is gone, and there’s no getting it back. Partially a mistake on my part. However, I do wonder why the app’s data relies on a hidden file that could easily be mistaken for random junk. Maybe, I don’t know, a warning beforehand would be helpful? I don’t know, it just seems kind of sketchy. Aside from that, the app is fairly laggy, and often I’d get randomly kicked out of the app in the middle of editing. This is a more minor issue compared to my previous argument, in which basically all of my work spread out through several months vanished in the blink of an eye because the data happens to be stored in some sketchy file. This is just my take, thank you for listening.

Kat luvs chocolate, May 22, 2022
GREAT but...

I love this app I have been Able to use it with a lot of things, but after a couple seconds after opening the app it has started to freeze. I had to completely exit out of the app and come back in and it won’t let me edit anything else about my video except save it, and sometimes when I save it, it only saves half the video. Another thing is when ever I try to download sticker packs, sound effects and, music it doesn’t take a certain about of seconds, or minutes, and not just even hours. Even if I start downloading it in the morning it won’t finish downloading until I fall asleep at night and wake up Again in the morning. I LOVE this app but all these problems make me mad. Please fix this, because I love using this app and would love to use it more but I don’t know if I can with all these problems.Thank you. 😊

mars maddie age8, Aug 18, 2020
Not very user friendly, lacking some really basic features

I use Filmora on my desktop for video editing and really enjoy the product, so I downloaded the mobile version to try and up the game of my video edits from my phone (was using a different much more basic editor on the phone). Personally I found the app to not be very user friendly, it’s taking lots of trial and error to figure out how to work the app. There are lots of really “advanced” features like Picture in Picture or special effects but a frustrating lack of some really basic features. For example, the inability to do what I would consider to be simple things such as add text with a background color so the text is visible against a busy background video (a feature that is easy to find on the desktop version) seems to not be an option on this mobile. If you are looking to add fun effects, filters and music to videos, this is probably great, but for making tutorials and text heavy videos, there are definitely simpler, easier to operate apps out there.

MimC111, Jul 08, 2023
Like it BUT...

It's not enough that I paid for the supposedly LIFETIME version of Filmora for MAC and paid for a Filmorago sub for one year.PLUS before FILMORA made changes to their sub & billing, I PAID for a number of of graphic packs like the Doodle Pack. Now my sub has expired for Filmorago and FILMORA has put virtually everything except for some very basic stickers into their PRO tier. So even the simple arrow that I wanted to use requires a PRO subscription of $32 a yr or$6.99/mo. I'm just so tired of so many apps that seem to want to use subscription billing to do what seems to so often be overcharging customers and to not even recognize those who already spent money with them and have been a customer before. Filmora's good, but there are lots of other good video editing apps that probably have a better deal upon renewal. I think Filmora may have changed ownership since I first began to use them and this is probably contributing to the much higher costs.

NL Bethesda, Jan 13, 2022


Filmora (Former name, FilmoraGo) - an easy-to-use video editor and movie maker with features and tons of ways to be creative. Just trim the clips, add music, transition effects, text, emoji and filters to create incredible videos in minutes. Templates help you create your own movies on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or wherever you like!

You’ll save time and have a blast. Try it now and find how easy it is to create high-quality videos with Filmora video editor! FEATURES: [Powerful Yet Simple Video Editing App] - Intuitive timeline view makes it easier to manage multiple timelines. - Trim, split, duplicate, or merge video clips. - Rotate video clips in any degree. - Playback your clips in reverse. - Stunning templates help create videos in seconds. - Curve shifting: adjust playback speed for fast or slow motion. Speed control with customizable & pre-set curves for various themes. - [Updated!] All-in-one Keyframe: More adjustment items support key frames, combined with color and special effects, you can create more cool animations. - AI Smart Cutout: Remove everything with high accuracy, remain portraits, merchandise, icons, items, etc. [Perfect Music and Sound Effects] - Royal-free music library and built-in sound effects. - Record your own voice-overs. - Extract music from video and split audio to remove unwanted parts. - Beat detection: mark audio beats automatically and make it easier to match your video. [Stunning Video Effects] - Add animated text or fun stickers on video and photo. - Support fantastic filters and text overlays. - PIP (Picture in Picture): add multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, etc. - Canvas: add background to your video and adjust the aspect ratio. - Chroma key (Green screen): change clip backgrounds and create special effects. - Masking: cover and mix video clips, get different video effects. - Progress bar: easily add a progress bar to videos to show how much time is remaining. [Advanced Camera Features] - The first iOS video editor with Double Take/multi-cam (available for iPhone XR or later). - AR Camera: Create memoji/animoji selfie video - Retouch: Reshape your face of size, eyes and lips - Video beautification: Whiten and Smooth your skin [Perfect video editor for social media] - Share your video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and more. - Save videos to your camera roll. - Supports videos of any aspect ratio, 1:1 for the Instagram story, 16:9 for you YouTube video, 9:16 for Tik Tok video, 5:4 and 4:5 as well. FILMORA PRO SUBSCRIPTION: - With Filmora Pro video editor unlimited subscription, you can access all features and paid editing materials including stickers, filter packages, etc. Watermark and Logo Roll will be removed automatically. - With “iOS Pro”, you can access all Pro features and paid editing materials on iOS. ·With “All Platform Pro”, you can access all Filmora Pro on iOS, iPad, Mac and other platforms. - Subscription: Monthly, Annual or Perpetual billing. - Payments will be charged to your iTunes account. - Subscriptions will automatically be renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the time of renewal. - Your account will be charged for the subscription renewal up to 24 hours prior to the end of your current subscription period in order to avoid service gaps. - You can turn off auto-renewal at any time through your Account Settings. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. PRIVACY & TERMS Terms of Use https://www.wondershare.com/company/terms_conditions.html Privacy Policy https://www.wondershare.com/privacy.html CONTACT US We value your feedback. Here’s how you can contact us: [email protected] http://support.wondershare.com https://www.facebook.com/filmoravideoeditor https://www.instagram.com/filmora_editor/ https://www.youtube.com/c/FilmoraWondershare

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