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User Reviews for FILM3D

Get rid of the beeping!

Pretty cool app. Still messing around with it to figure out how it works best. The beeping when it’s taking the picture needs to go away though. So loud, annoying, doesn’t have an option to turn off. Would give more stars if that was gone.

@nicolesaidwhoa, Jul 23, 2019
Best 3D Stereoscopic App

Out of all the 3D Stereoscopic apps I have downloaded, this was the best one so far. There is also lots of room for improvement so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for future updates!

aCreativSelf, Apr 13, 2019
Love the app

Love the app. Easy way to get this effect without the use of photoshop/Lightroom. Was wondering if there was going to be any iPhone 11 capabilities with the app. With the new wide angle capabilities with the iPhone 11 it would be cool to use it along with the app.

Ajvarilla, Sep 29, 2019

This is the most garbage filter app I have ever seen on this whole entire App Store. EVERYTHING you want to do COSTS YOU MONEY. Want a front facing camera? Money. Want to have a different filter? Money. Want to get rid of the watermark? Money. Every single thing you do on here costs money, and it’s not cheap. 13 dollars to buy every thing and 2 dollars for one filter?! I’m 14, homie. I don’t have that money.

eMBeaR 64oz, Feb 05, 2020

So,I've been messing around with the app and i like it but when i finished my photo there’s y’all’s water print and its really annoying and i can’t do nothing about it bc i have to pay it and k don’t think it’s necessary at all

Guesswho2510, Jan 26, 2020

This doesn’t work on my phone: iPhone 6 Plus. It still disappoints me till this day that I can’t find an app that gives me 3D pictures. I want to be able to take these cool pictures on an app that actually works. It takes the picture for me, it processes the picture perfectly but when it comes down to saving the 3D picture I spent time on taking, it closes down the app itself and doesn’t save. Rating this two stars therefore it does not get the job done like it claims.

hxnnxhl33, Feb 23, 2020

Most accurate app that emulates the stereoscope effect that vintage cameras like the Nishika would make. And the way how it perfectly executes right, is by taking advantage of using both lenses from my 8+ making it more smoother for the frame bounce. $12 is a bit up there to unlock everything but it's worth it since you do get for what you pay. Unlock fee aren't cheap but that also means the the features weren't cheaply made. There's yet still more room for improvement; such like making it a social platform 🤷🏽‍♂️. Solid app though. 10/10

IMACOR, Feb 09, 2019
Don’t waste your time

The entire app in a nutshell is the camera taking 4 fast photos and then you put a filter on it. You can’t edit the amount of or change the blending and it says in the instructions there is vast amounts of filters and there’s not it’s a waste and it’s two dollars a month ❌❌ I deleted it as quick as I downloaded it

krkrkdlc, Dec 08, 2020
Great app

Pricey for the full app as theres in app purchases for things like removing watermark. What would make it 5stars is if you can upload photos from camera roll to make a 3D video. Or even have a portrait mode option for the new iphones. New updates are what makes apps great!🤷🏻‍♀️

Meichowchow4, Sep 02, 2019

I am such a Huge fan of the lengths You and the Team and other programmers ,... I am sorry to say the limited ,.. back in forth movements,,... let’s move on with somethin else,.. I’m Sorry To B that guy but,. It’s time Even More : Thanks So much for what you all have done ,.... markFrance

MLaytonF, Dec 07, 2020


Welcome to the future! FILM3D is a new way of bringing your photos to life with stunning 3D capture and beautiful, curated filters. We’ve taken the best of modern photo technology and combined it with new waves in the space of creative photography to place the full power of a 3D camera right in your pocket at a fraction of the cost.

Say goodbye to the Nishika N8000 and Nimslo vintage cameras and hello to FILM3D. FILM3D gives you the ability to: - Capture mesmerizing 3D photos using our Motion or Pro Capture - Apply a range of effect packs curated by professional photographers which change as you use them - taking your 3D photos across different moods and eras - Save your 3D masterpiece directly to your camera roll or share across different social channels (Instagram feed, Instagram story, TikTok, and more) - Submit your 3D photos to MODU WORLD - Truly immerse yourself in your photos with our new Gyro viewing mode - Take your social feeds from 0 - 100 real quick Designed and built with love by MODU Research Corporation based in Canada.

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