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Figgerits - Logic Puzzles Game

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Figgerits - Logic Puzzles Game

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User Reviews for Figgerits - Logic Puzzles Game

Awesome Game!!

Totally positive and informative!! Pass the time while also learning some cool facts (and how to spell properly)!!!

Annoyed lady..., Mar 27, 2022
Great Game, Not The Most Intuitive

I think it’s a fun game but some of the hints given aren’t the most intuitive. They take a lot of context clues and hints sometimes. The hints given don’t exactly allow me to think of the answer right away. They’re very round about and don’t describe the answer well. Other than that, I think that the game is a great puzzle to do here and there while I’m killing time or maybe watching a commercial.

AtehJess, Jun 15, 2022
Great game! So many ads…

This game is so much fun to play! I really like it! But there isn’t an option to get rid of the ads. I would pay to make them go away, please add this feature!

Bethy Kay, Mar 18, 2022

I love this game. I love the way it stimulates your brain. My favorite part is that you learn interesting facts and phases while having fun. I recommend anyone to download.

E=MC2 Or Me MCC, Mar 28, 2022
Not terribly bad but…

Two pet peeves. Of course too many ads but that is business. The other being as soon as you finish the solution - you cannot even read it all( facts, quotes additional information and such) it immediately jumps to an ad. Should be able to at least read the additional facts, quotes etc- directly after completion BEFORE jumping to an ad. jmho

juju baby, Aug 05, 2022

Cant close the ads. Must force restart.

kdvu, Mar 19, 2022
Only the hotties play it

10/10 best game Ive ever played

Kendal Turner, Mar 11, 2022
remove hints

i love the game a lot, such a fun idea. however, i have one complaint that i would like to have adjusted:Please remove the hints that inform the player if a word is right or wrong; i think it would be way more interesting without it, as the player would have to figure out on their own if their answers are right or wrong. Otherwise, the game feels too easy ,which would eventually become boring.

ketchup00, Jul 25, 2022
Doesn’t load

Game doesn’t even load. Is this some type of scam? It just stays on the hitapp page

Kvfirefemale, Mar 14, 2022
Fun! But could be improved

I really enjoy the execution of this game, but I think it could be improved by adding sources for the facts. Most of the facts are simply ended with something like “ -space fact” which feels very silly and makes it hard to trust. Otherwise, I think having some harder levels would be nice as the current selection is very easy. Overall this is a really fun little game and I hope there will be more levels/topics in the future- I’ve already finished all current levels and I’m eager for more!

Midnight180, Jun 17, 2022


Are you ready to rack your brain? Let’s do it! Welcome to Figgerits, it’s a great problem solving game with logic puzzles and brain teasers.

Figgerits isn’t only a logic puzzle and smart game, it’s a kind of cross logic and word games that will blow your mind and train brainpower. Sounds interesting, right? Play IQ logic games, solve brain puzzles and complete levels to win in the game. Use clues to decrypt the message and decipher the cryptogram. How to play this mind logic puzzles game for adults and others? A Figgerit is a brain puzzle. When the mind task is completed, it will yield a little truism written onto the solution dashes. To solve brain teaser follow these steps: - Use definitions to guess as many words as you can - Match letters and numbers to transfer letters to the solution dashes - Be attentive, each word can be matched with different numbers. - Move back to the wordlist to complete dashes without letters. - The logic game is completed! With Figgerits you can boost brain power, improve logic skills and test IQ. Solve brain puzzles and grid riddles, decipher cryptograms, solve crossword-like games, entertain and challenge yourself at the same time with brain twisters. Forget about dull logic puzzles and play Figgerits! Game features: - Tons of Figgerits to solve & play - Different difficulty level of logic puzzles - Tests, brain teasers, logic puzzles and even more - Amazing graphics - Intuitive interface Play Figgerits and enjoy! Train your brain while playing puzzles and solving problems. You’ll never get bored with this exciting puzzle game! Get Figgerits to have a good time.

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