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User Reviews for FedEx Mobile


I will never use fedex everrrrrr again!!!! Their app is trash, never keeps you updated and they are always late to deliver packages. The delivery guy was literally 2 minutes from my house and I had been waiting all day yesterday and all day today I checked the app before I left my home to go mail out my customers packages at ups and the app said unable to determine drop off! Literally 2 minutes after I left I get a text saying unable to deliver bc I wasn’t home!!!! I called the fedex to tell them to hold my package so I can come tomorrow and get it bc it’s Friday and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday and now it’s saying will try again at the end of day Monday!!!! The guy was completely incompetent on the phone! Had no idea what so ever!!! So now my customer will have to wait until after Monday!!!! I’m done with this company! Please use any other delivery service!! This company is the most expensive and for what!!!??? Train your employees! Fix your app! Stop being incompetent!!! Thank you!! And btw my neighbor would have never received her Christmas package if it weren’t for me, fedex gave me her package after I realized it wasn’t mine I went and delivered it to her! Complete incompetence!

10101n, Jan 08, 2021
Nearly Unusable App

I can see tracking info on this app when I enter a tracking number. But that is as far as it goes. Any attempt to add or get further information (i.e., delivery instructions) is impossible. Attempts at logging in inevitably fail and so do attempts to reset my password. Using the email method, where I am supposed to be sent a link to reset the password are never received. I have tried this multiple time and different times of day. I have never received the expected email. No, it is not in my spam folder. The virtual assistant they offer is useless. Very frustrating. Update: I have been contact with an apology that there was a system problem which caused my issue. However, I have tried again to log in and change my password only to be disappointed again. As before, I never received the necessary email from them with a link to update my password.Another update: Months after writing the above review and then the first update, I am now writing another update. I have seen no improvement whatsoever to any part of my complaint. This app is useless to me. And even attempts to login directly via the web site has also failed and no texts, emails, or phone calls have reached me to update my login. Terrible.

imaginal, Jul 26, 2022
Disappointed is an understatement

I really wanted to like this app, but disappointed is an understatement! After missing a package I needed to sign for, I was livid, the driver was at my door according to my ring for 31 seconds, when I got to the door he was driving up the street! Guess what!? You can NEVER get a driver back. This was a critical delivery for that day, but the pickup location was in another city,in another state I might add and an hour away. You could at least have a facility in this city of a million people! So I decided to wait for delivery on the second attempt. I downloaded the app after the site implied for more details, get an account, get the app! Determined not to miss it, I fell for it and downloaded the app, BUT the information provided was exactly the same as just tracking the regular way. This “awesome” tracking app shows it left this morning at 4:30 am, it’s 1:25 pm and not ONE single update, I’ve used better tracking apps, what’s the point if the information isn’t even available? Useless waste of storage space on my phone, back to the cloud you go. FedEx, I hope you can get it together and join the gps world. I cant imagine you don’t gps your precious trucks on such a tight schedule that a package that needs signature gets a 31 second window to get to the door. Its 2019, you have the resources, make easy to track for real. Your customers deserve at least that.

Joulequeen, Sep 28, 2019

I got a package sent FedEx priority overnight and it still hasn’t gotten here and it’s been a few days. The “updates” are completely useless because the “delays” don’t even show up until hours after it’s been made obvious. For example, my package was scheduled to arrive at around 1:00pm. Only until 8:00 that night was I notified that there was a delay, but it still said that the package would be delivered that day. It is now 10:30pm and it’s still saying that the package will be delivered today when I’m quite sure it’s not going to be. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if inside the package wasn’t a live breathing animal. Where I live it’s extremely cold, and dry. The longer the animal waits in the box. The less likely she is to survive. She was shipped priority overnight yet I did not receive her OVERNIGHT. I’m already going to assume that she is now dead because it’s been passed 24 hours since she’s been shipped when she most likely would have been fine if she arrive at the time she was supposed to. The “FedEx assistant” doesn’t even help and I tried everything. I tried asking the assistant and all she came up with was “call the line” so I called and I couldn’t talk to anyone and all I was given was the false information that was already on the page (saying the package would arrive “by the end of day) when it very obviously didn’t. Just an overall nightmare and I seriously doubt that the animal being shipped is still alive, so thank you for that, FedEx.

kasadaywolfy, Dec 31, 2021
They Do not right their Wrongs‼️

I paid 30$ shipping for a very temperature + time sensitive very important package . They said they knocked but my dog didn’t even hear them knock and she hears a lint ball hit the floor!! I then get a message that they will resend it tomorrow, but by that time my product that I spent hundreds on + 30 to ship so this wouldn’t happen, will be ruined‼️I called and customer service said they fixed it and the driver would bring it back. He asked me to give a good review after the call + I did. Hours later I called and said where is it ? Oh sorry” they couldn’t bring it , it will be there tomorrow 🤬Again!! It will go bad by tomorrow!!They couldn’t find a driver from 10:21 am till now 3:00 pm to fix this ?and even now it’s only 3:00 pm .they said “well you can come pick it up if it’s going to be ruined by tomorrow, I say “ well since I’m disabled and without a car and am alone , that would be kind of impossible.. sorry nothing we can do . Then she asks me to do a customer service review at the end of the call !!🤨…sure” I’ll give a review while my product is at this moment going bad in the heat on a fedex Truck in melting Ice because of something that was NOT MY FAULT AND THEY REFUSED TO FIX THEIR WRONG. I AM SO UPSET .This product was supposed to help my nerve damage/ neuropathy..They Don’t Care …

Kiarstin, Sep 27, 2021
Needs many improvements

How do you implement Maps and not the locator feature so you can see where the drop boxes and locations are relative to you? It’s also pretty bad that there’s no FedEx drop centers on this side of town at all. You have to drive downtown or to the north, south or airport areas (basically everywhere but here) to drop things off. Trying to reroute a package is another nightmare because even after you give the app access to your location it will ONLY show you locations near the original delivery address. Considering I live all the way across town from where I used to - you can see the problem with this. Even moving the map - it does not update with addresses in the map area view. Dialing in to try to reroute is even worse. They do everything in their power to make it impossible to talk to a human being and you’re only presented with (again) the 3 closest options to where the package was originally addressed and if those don’t work - hang up and play the phone system tree game again. For a company FedEx’s size and with their seniority in the industry this app is an utter embarrassment.

mytw0b1ts, Nov 19, 2021
Personal & Business Use

I have had to downgrade my rating of this app due to a decline in service. Fed X is now routinely collecting high fees for “priority overnight” next day (by noon) service while on a good day, getting it to us by late afternoon. More often, there are delays of days and now weeks. As service has deteriorated, the app has become useless. Once informative and reliable, the tracking report available through this app now merely confirms that a package is in the system. The details regarding travel, passage through check points- gone. No estimated delivery date and time can be found and when I tried to use the virtual assistant, the page crashed instantly. A once great company is unraveling- just like so many others. Our local driver is still fantastic and for his sake, I hope things improve. Finally, do not waste time calling customer service for help. You are likely get someone who barely speaks English and knows nothing about local geography. I live in Virginia and was once told by a customer service rep that the fed x box on “peach tree” (as in Peach Tree street, Atlanta, GA) was the closest drop box in my area with a late pickup time (would take me about 8 hours by car to get there).

Pecoboo, Feb 21, 2021

List page shows Monday as the scheduled delivery date, delivery detail page shows Sunday. Not even sure it's the app's fault as much as FedEx just having a pretty crappy system.When they lost my last package, I had to call THEM to ask what was going on and they had no clue what to do - even asking me what it looked like lol (you're the last to handle it, and you never delivered it so how should I know?). They opened an investigation and never called me to keep me informed on the status - this item is worth ~$800 so you know, I'd like to know what happened. Eventually the status finally changed: they damaged it and sent it back to the shipper. But you have to stay on top of them for any information or status when a shipment doesn't go perfectly, they didn't seem to really give a crap. That's why there isn't any way to flag a shipment in their app to signify it's missing (obviously they had no clue), for a representative to investigate it or call you, to track investigations, etc; and that's why their 800 number is a maze to discourage you from calling/bothering them even when they screwed up.Overall it just solidified my preference for USPS and UPS.

Redcore85, May 11, 2020
FedEx needs work

Their app. Not bad but sometimes delivery dates are a bit off. For the most part it’s easy to use. Their drivers, for the most part pretty good guys, today however our driver decided to leave our box being delivered, which had frozen and refrigerated food inside and it’s April in Arizona, behind a wall near our front door. They then decided not to knock on our door or ring the bell. They did not even go near our front door because they didn’t activate the camera and we were not aware our box had been delivered. All our neighbors were quite aware I bet because you could see the box from the street, you just could not see it from our front door camera. Our box with perishable food was delivered at 11:15 am and sat outside in the sun until about 6:00 pm when my roommate got home and saw the box sitting outside. I’m surprise no porch pirate took our box to be honest. And all of this could have been avoided if only our lazy FedEx driver would have just KNOCKED! Then I go try and make a complaint on the app about just the one delivery and it’s pretty much impossible, I get redirected to call FedEx directly so spend a long time on wait probably. Maybe the app needs more work than I thought.

Ro•oz, Apr 04, 2021
FedEx refuses to do their job

This app failed to provide pertinent information regarding my delivery. Was slow to update and I experienced the following issue from the company. My Package was out for delivery today and I waited at home. At 1pm I received a notification online stating “Operational delay” and delivery updated to tomorrow. I contacted customer service who told me it was due to the volume of packages they were processing which is understandable except it was already on a truck out for delivery and it was only 1pm. No attempt at delivery was made. They outright refused to provide me a case number and refused to escalate me to a supervisor. They also refused to change delivery option to a FedEx location I could pick up from and refused to prep my package for pick up at their distribution center. I told them I will go where ever I needed to to get my package since they were unwilling to deliver it to me. They told me that was impossible… they refused to deliver my package, refused to allow me to retrieve it, refused to acknowledge the absurdity of the excuses they were giving me and then refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I’ll be filing anything I can against this company and I suggest everyone else do the same. Good luck.

Salty69, Dec 15, 2021


Create a shipping label, track shipment status and manage your packages wherever you are with the FedEx Mobile app. Use the app to get quick rates, find a pickup or drop off location, scan barcodes and view rewards. Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager® to customize when and where you’d like to receive your packages.

Available in all regions • Track the status of all incoming or outgoing packages • Create a mobile shipment label and request a pickup** • Enable push notifications to get updates on your shipments and a sound notification on delivered shipments* • Scan a barcode for easy tracking* • Find a FedEx location near you* • View or cancel a scheduled pickup • Create a new pickup • Get Apple Watch access to track status of packages and to find locations • Get shipment cost estimates and delivery times • Access your shipper address book • Use our widget to track your packages from your phone's home screen. Touch and hold the home screen, click + and search for FedEx • Log in with the touch of a finger or with facial recognition • Search your list of shipments by tracking number, references, vendors and more • Use your phone to measure your package dimensions Available in some regions • Enroll in FedEx Delivery Manager to: o Hold a package at a preferred FedEx location o Leave delivery instruction for the courier o Sign for a package requiring your signature o Request a vacation hold • Reroute your package to a FedEx location to pick up at your convenience • Ship directly to a Fedex-designated location • Scan your door tag to get information and options regarding your missed shipment • Access a chat assistant for FedEx Mobile app and services questions • Create a login for more convenient tracking • View rewards Thank you for using the FedEx Mobile app! Have feedback? Email us at [email protected]. FedEx Delivery Manager is only available for residential deliveries within the U.S. You must be signed in to the FedEx Mobile app and registered for FedEx Delivery Manager to use selected features. *Maximize your FedEx experience by allowing the following permissions: Location to find a convenient FedEx location, Camera to scan a shipping label and track a package, and Push Notifications to receive notification on a package. Also, get Sound Notifications for delivered packages by turning on sound in your settings. **Shipping administration rules apply.

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