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FE File Explorer: File Manager

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FE File Explorer: File Manager

  • Productivity
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User Reviews for FE File Explorer: File Manager

Excellent App

I have Synology NAS and I wanted an app that could display thumbnails and full pictures on both the NAS using my own directory structure as well as on my IPAD. I tried at least six different apps and none of them filled the bill. I also have a lot of music stored on the NAS and I can quickly search my music to get anything in the title. I had also always had the artist in the title so I can quickly search for the artist. The app plays the music or will automatically stream pictures to my IPAD or television through my IPAD. I truly think I have found a great app. Thank you developer.

GordyDJ, Dec 23, 2021
Awesome app

I got this app to delete & move files on a remote Windows-based NAS on my network from my iPhone. It's works great for deleting the files. Setup was very easy and the UI is extremely simple and easy to navigate (unless your a brain washed Windows user). I was deleting files within 2 minutes after downloading! However I cannot seem to move files from one folder to another. Until it can do this simple function I cannot give it 5 stars, but otherwise a gem of an app! Well done developers, well done!

JeremyDeal, Jul 08, 2017
Good but doesn’t really “transfer” files

File Explorer is the best file manager I’ve found to work with my NAS. However, it doesn’t really “transfer” files to the NAS, it can only copy them leaving me to remember which files I copied in order to manually delete them. It doesn’t even leave the selected files “checked” after the copy process is done (not the best solution but better than my memory)! I’m still waiting for an update that will transfer pics and files which is absolutely necessary in order to manage storage on my iPad and iPhone! When that is done I would happily give this app 5 stars!

Kevin. J, Nov 04, 2021
Good experience

Very good and simple app to use. Easy to navigate to save my files from other apps. The only issue I have with the app is playing audio file. When you open an audio file to play, the app doubles the time. For example, if the audio is 5 mins, when you open it, the app will present it as 10 mins and when the 5 mins is reached on the play mode, the audio stops and runs the other 5 additional mins with no sound, later before it changes to the next file. You could imagine what happens a 50mins, 1hr, 1:30hrs file; it would double up the time as 1:40mins, 2hrs, 3hrs respectively. It really distorts putting the play on an automatic changing of audio. I would be glad if this could be worked on asap. Thank you.

Papaa Ray, Nov 16, 2021
Great for managing network files and playing MP3’s

Very nice app. I use it to move and manage files on my Windows server and to play MP3’s. Only a few things make it a 4, not a 5. 1. It’s too easy to move a folder or file to a folder. Very similar to the scroll flick. Wish it gave an “are you sure?”. 2. I wish it remembered where I was playing a song or where I was browsing for the next time I open the app. A resume or even a “most recent” file/folder list.3. I wish there was a “play the next folder” continue option along with repeats. As it is, I can’t play more than an album at once from the folders.Other than those three issues, I have no complaints. In fact, if those three were fixed, I’d probably pay for the full version. As it is, I’m still searching. But, those are nit picky... If you need network file management, this is worth the download. Great app with minimal nags!

Poot132, Nov 22, 2018
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Spent 2 hours trying to figure a way to offload my videos from my iPhone onto my NAS. It’s a sad realization that we’ve come to a point where even the simplest capabilities afforded to us by decades of operating systems, like local network file sharing, has been taken away and or made difficult, so that we have to subscribe to a service. This app asks for nothing and lets you deal with your files as you wish. Super fast, intuitive, and clean. Just like the old days. Dumped about 20 gigs over my WiFi. No errors.

SamSold, Mar 05, 2022
The perfect app for browsing network shares

I have been searching for a good one for forever and this is it. Because this is the free version there are some limitations and I completely understand, and depending on how often I end up using this app I’ll buy it. My one feature request is for video and audio files, for the app to remember where you left off and ask if you would like to resume from there or start over.

The cowwwwwww343637, Feb 16, 2019
Consistent problem

It’s a good app allowing me to transfer files from my phone iPad to my Windows file system and lets me manage the files on my network but it has a consistent problem when I rename directories on my network where after renaming the directory I get a subsequent message that the directory can’t be found when I try to take subsequent actions like deleting the directory or copying it. I now have many directories that show up that I can’t get rid of. Very weird because I can copy the files contained in the directory to another location but can’t rename or delete the directory even when I access the directory directly from file manager in Windows.

tiger8896, Jun 12, 2020
Absolutely useless

I’m not sure what the high ratings are for here, but it doesn’t take long to realize that it is only of use if you are looking to transfer a file here and there. There is **no way** to select multiple files in the Files Explorer view (the typical “Select” feature is disabled as soon as you enter the Explorer). So if you need to transfer multiple files, you’re going to need to tap each file one by one, wait five seconds or so for the app to respond and give you the option to copy, navigate into the destination folder, and then paste. A few times doing this, and you will promptly delete this application off of your device. This is extremely basic functionality. Bulk transfer should be a given. It takes massive oversight to miss something this big. This app literally gives you less features than the device has by default.

VizMind, Jul 10, 2021
Allows File Transfer from Nas to Ipad

This app allows file transfer from your nas or other network connected device to the iPad. Other apps require you to be at your desktop computer to move files between the iPad and the desktop computer or Nas. This app allows the iPad to initiate the file transfer, which is great if your desktop is on another floor from where you use the iPad. I use it often. As another reviewer said it will also play music files outside of iTunes.

Whfwhf, Dec 18, 2017


FE File Explorer is a powerful file manager app on your iPhone and iPad. It can access not only local files, but also files on your computer and NAS. Stream movies and music to your iPhone/iPad.

Directly view and manage documents, photos, files on your computers and cloud without downloading to your iPhone/iPad. FEATURES: * Access network shares on macOS, Windows, Linux, Time Capsule, NAS via SMB/CIFS protocol. * Access WebDAV Server, FTP Server and SFTP Server. * Access USB Drive and SD Card * Automatically discover computers, NAS and FTP server when you setup new connections. * View, copy, move, rename and delete your files right on iPhone/iPad. * Stream movies and musics from network shares to iPhone/iPad. * Sort and search files * Dark Mode * Multiple windows on iPad * Built-in FTP Server and HTTP Server * File Transfer: Copy files among network shares, servers, iPhone and iPad. Transfer files by drag and drop. Sync files with network shares and servers. Nearby file transfer: Directly transfer files between two nearby iOS devices without Wi-Fi or LTE connection. * Photo Transfer: Copy photos between iOS photo library and network shares. Backup photos to network shares, servers and cloud storages. * Supported File Formats: Document: EPUB, PDF, WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PAGES, NUMBERS, KEYNOTE, TXT, HTML etc. Photo: JPG, PNG, WebP, GIF, CR2, NEF, ARW, DNG etc. Music: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE etc. Music Playlist: CUE, M3U Video: MOV, MP4 ===== CONTACT US ===== Email: [email protected] Twitter: @SkyjosApps Facebook: @FEFileExplorer

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