Icon Farm Sounds Lite - Fun Animal Noises for Kids

Farm Sounds Lite - Fun Animal Noises for Kids

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Farm Sounds Lite - Fun Animal Noises for Kids

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User Reviews for Farm Sounds Lite - Fun Animal Noises for Kids

Worst or best app ever.

Pros: My son LOVES it (2 years old) Simple to useCons: To be blunt, the animals sound like they are about to be slaughtered. For extra slaughtering fun try putting it in the 4 picture mode and clicking on multiple animals at once. Oh, and there is no volume control that I could find before deleting it.Was worth downloading for the fun of it =)

And basic, May 07, 2010

I don’t know who created this app but they obviously don’t know a rabbit from a Guinea pig.

BCreekFarm, Apr 03, 2020

Very useful app, its good to annoy people with. I use it all the time,

devangovan, Feb 26, 2012
Needs more than sounds

I love the sounds, but it should state the name of the animal too so it can be a little bit more educational.

ElmerandJane, Dec 02, 2012
Sound is just fine...

Your ringer has to be on for sound to work.

mhart37167, Aug 20, 2016
Seriously people below me?

I work in my church's nursery and this app works WONDERS on the kids... If you are around kids, get it... If your upset it only has 4 sounds, buy the full version... If you think they sound fake, quit being cheap and go take your kids to a petting zoo.

Nic Dorman, May 02, 2010
What a waste!

This is such a waste of an app! There are only 4 animals and nothing else, unless you want to buy more. Don't waste your time.

Renee' A's Account, Mar 12, 2010
Small amount

The problem w/ ths app is that the noises are WAY fake and there are like only four animals. My son hates this app. DON'T BUY!!!

Sunshinewa, Feb 20, 2010

I got this for my little sister and she plays with it but not all that much she says "it needs more animals sissy" she likes it though

swiztic, Aug 21, 2010

This app isn't the best, but I have to say it works! It would be fun for little kids but not for older kids!

Tfob duvfkvi u cuccjvj, May 22, 2010


Take your kids to the farm, anytime! A fun application to play with your children, and a great distraction to avoid a meltdown. Farm Sounds features four of the noisiest farm animals ever to show up on your iPhone.

Educate your child with beautiful high-resolution photos of Pigs, Chickens, Horses and more. Four modes of play: • Large Images: Designed for younger children, a large photo of an animal with their name is shown. • Smaller Images: When your children are familiar with the animals, challenge them with identifying the correct animal out of the set of photos. • Which Animal?: For older children, two animals are shown and a sound is made. If your child taps the animal that made the sound, they go to the next round. • Make Me an Animal!: Fun for all ages. Choose an animal, take a photo of yourself and record your voice making the sound. We'll turn you into the animal to share with your friends and family. "Your app helped me through a diaper change today. Kept her entertained & still. Just need to figure out how to get the phone back." Recommended for kids ages 1 - 5 Featuring the following Farm Animals: • Pig, Duck, Sheep, Cow, Horse, Chicken, Goose, Donkey, Rooster, Turkey, Goat, Rabbit, Llama, Chick

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