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Fake Posts Creator

  • Social Networking
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Daniel Zanchi
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User Reviews for Fake Posts Creator

It won’t do anything I want it to do!!!

First of all, it’s annoying how you have to pay.And second of all, when I tried to post my first post, IT TOOK AN HOUR!!! AND IT STILL DIDN’T POST IT!!! It was really a shame, because as soon as I got the app, I was really excited! But it totally disappointed me! So please fix this so other people don’t have the same issue. Thank you!

11292011, Aug 15, 2023
Best app I have on my phone

I’m really happy about this app being a thing because it’s makes me not want real social media

Crumble lovers1234, Jun 10, 2023
Nothing too bad with it but confuse

So when I first got the app I couldn’t click post I was trying a lot but I couldn’t and I was wondering if there was some type of bug that I didn’t know about I really have experienced the game but I don’t know if it’s good or not so I’m just going to give you one star not in a mean way

gdmd snsksndnsnenendndbdhdhsjs, Mar 26, 2022
You ruined yourself

So I used to love this app. It was so cool and I could prank my friends. I thought it was so cool you didn’t charge anything and provided plenty for people who can’t pay. Than you changed it and made it so you had to pay to do basically anything. You ruined yourself. change it jerks

itzzLilahjay🐼, Jan 31, 2022

I love this thing so much! It’s perfect for pranks and is so simple and intuitive! It’s pretty convincing too!! I pranked so many people already using this and plan to do it way more lol

Mcintough, Jun 15, 2020

I like this game what so ever but the fact that u need to pay to get photos is kinda disappointing. One of the main reasons I downloaded it was for that. That’s why I gave it a 4 star review. I’m sure there is better apps out there but this one works for me the best I guess. Except for the photo part. It would be great if u let photos be free!

Moonie clara luvs, Dec 28, 2021
Please make pictures free!

I’m really liking this app but I wish she didn’t have to pay to post a picture. That was kind of what I got the app for and it’s really annoying! Other than that this is great.

PurpleSeaTurtle, Sep 23, 2021
Super disappointing

I downloaded it so that I could do something for a class and I was supposed to add a picture but you need premium for that. All of the good stuff requires you to pay for premium so it isn’t even worth downloading. I had high hopes but now it’s time to just get rid of the app so it’s not wasting space in my phone.

ScarletWolf9, May 18, 2022
Let photos be free

please let photos be free, it was one of the main reasons I downloaded it. I wouldn’t even begin to tell y’all how happy I’d be if you guys did that!!

someone took my name ugh, Sep 16, 2021
You shouldn’t have to pay weakly

I used to use an app called Social Dummy but it got deleted and this was the closest app I could find that matched it, I had loved creating stuff on Social Dummy for all my fan fictions and stuff I’d create fan stuff for Miraculous Ladybug or My Hero Academia or even the Avengers I miss that app so much, but we should not have to pay 0.99 cents weakly it would be better if you would just have to pay it once and that would be it I really want to add comments and Pictures! It should be free really, 0.99 cents a week is just not worth it for that, I really wish you could make the pictures and comments free, please! Respond and look at other reviews to I’ve seen the same exact thing as what I said!

Starlight_Love, Jan 06, 2022


Fake Posts Creator is an entertainment tool to prank your friends! It creates fake posts with the Facebook design and no one will notice! NO LOGIN IS REQUIRED IT WILL NOT CONNECT TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT IT WILL NOT POST TO YOUR FACEBOOK It only creates an image that you can share with your friends!

You can choose the post content, image, likes, reactions, comments and date! Share it with your friends! + Choose the language of the app and of the post from the settings of the app + It saves an image of your post on your Photo library

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