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User Reviews for FaceRate

This made me very insecure.

While reading the reviews everybody said that you’ll get high scores and the app just exists to make you feel good. So it made me feel very ugly after I scored a 5🤣🤣

........................:..., Aug 15, 2020
warning: scam!!!

I just downloaded this game as a joke. I tried it and it gave me a 7.5! And I’m a model! But then I tried it on a picture of Taylor swift and it gave her the same thing! Then I drew a really ugly looking person and it gave it a 8.1!!! Then I took a picture of a couch and it gave it a 7.9 then I took a picture of words in a book and it gave it a 8.2!! This is a scam do not download!!!!

AmericanGirlDolls, Jul 11, 2020
A great app!

This app is great 😊 It tells the truth, and it’s fun! I put my brother there he’s only a 7 almost an 8 lolI’m almost a 9 so 😊 that feels greatMy only complaint is that most of the time it just gives you a 7! Like almost always! So yeah

bow bow siwa 200, Jun 06, 2021
Does not work at all

I googled the ugliest face on the internet. It says that it is “good looking “ “above average” ect. Fluctuating between 6.9 -7.3 out of ten. Total joke. I understand why the producers would want their app to lie, it would possibly make people mad if they knew the truth about their appearance. However beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of this app , you are always great looking and gorgeous. Even if you are a monkey face. I literally did a monkey face and it said the same thing. “This is good looking” haha 🤣

HB-Embury, May 14, 2023
Kinda Works

When I’m looking for geometry to a point it works. But not consistent on rating. Take the Same Picture and flip it horizontally and you will get different scores. Take the Same Picture and use iPhone and IPAd and you get different scores...

L.E.N.S., May 27, 2021

I put in all sorts of pics, from George Clooney and Grace Kelly to The Elephant Man (Joseph Merrick) and a picture of someone who came up in Google as “ugly woman.” Then, out of curiosity, I put in a picture of a St Bernard and a picture of the dying tree in my yard.Not one picture rated anything under “above average” (6), and no pic reached a 9/10 either! The algorithm isn’t sound, to understate it.

Musikate01, Oct 16, 2021
Kinda works I think?

I took a picture of me with no make up or filter and it already gave me a 7.46. then I did one with me with a filter and it gave me a 7.99. Then i did one with a filter and some photoshop and it gave me an 8.13. So it has enough accuracy to score how much I’m trying to look good but I think it already try’s to score high in the beginning.

Mvmfkddk, Dec 21, 2020

Tested it on George Clooney and World renounced good looking guys and they ranged from 7.5-8. Wonder what it takes to make the rate over a 9? Welp, I will keep testing photos to find out.Edit: Just looked up ugly men and they ranged from high 6-over 7 with the accept ion of one being a 5.85 (ridiculous unrealistic picture) So there is a discrepancy between known attractive men and non attractive men. Only slightly though.

nbcfyuu, Dec 26, 2019

I look like a deflated basketball and this app game me a 7.8? I don't need your petty compliments app!Jokes aside it's fun to play around with but don't know how accurate it is when an average white dude like myself is a few decimal points off from super models 😂

WhatAboutThisNicknameApple?, Jul 15, 2019
It doesn’t calculate anything. It’s just a random number.

The app just throws up a random number from like 5-8 and that’s it. The geometry they put on the pictures is obviously inaccurate. Do not download. Just a waste of time and might make your self esteem lower than has it to be or higher than it has to be.

wisforwinner, May 14, 2022


Discover what your best photo looks like before uploading it online! There are so many different ideas of what is attractive or beautiful, and FaceRate aims to highlight as many of those ideas as possible. FaceRate uses advanced deep learning techniques and has been trained by examining millions of various non-celebrity Instagram profiles to deem what different people find attractive.

It turns out, there's a vast amount of different types of facial aesthetic, and FaceRate's AI encapsulates the positive aspects of all of those types when judging faces for attractiveness. FaceRate isolates your face into five unique sections: Eye Area, Nose Area, Mouth Area, Jaw Area, and Skin Area. FaceRate judges everything from how symmetrical your nose is to the clarity of your skin. The five unique sections being judged are weighed and an overall facial rating is assigned. It's completely free to view your overall rating. To view what your most attractive unique features are, FaceRate Pro can be obtained on the settings page as well as the home page. FaceRate can be used on multiple faces at once. For best results, your face(s) being rated should be close up when taken/uploaded and clearly visible. FaceRate can judge both side and frontal views of your face(s). With FaceRate, it is our hope to highlight what's beautiful and attractive about people, while removing common biases that discriminate between different ethnicities and races. Different people have different preferences, and we've built FaceRate's AI to truly capture that!

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