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User Reviews for FACEinHOLE®

One of the best

I’ve been using this app since it was first released and have had no problems or issues with the app whatsoever. I highly recommend it.

1evilbstrd, Aug 20, 2023
Used to be great

Now it's not. I'm not paying $1.99 per photo to make my own. What happened to a formerly great app? I used it all the time, paired to upgrade since old version doesn't work with no warning. Sorry but I'll delete it and find something else. Too bad because it was good before they got greedy.

bookreader77, Oct 12, 2017
Best app I’ve ever purchased

I’m not usually a fan of paying for apps but this was the best 3 dollars I’ve ever spent. All my friends think I have incredible photoshop skills but in actuality this app makes it so easy for anyone to roast their friends.

Georgie pieeeee, Mar 29, 2021
Endless fun

Just get a bunch of pictures of your friends , pay the extra money to make your own scenarios and get rid of watermarks and you are looking at hours of fun ! I kid you not.. and no, I’m not paid for this endorsement, I’ve been doing FIH for a couple years now. Sure your friends get tired of you putting their faces in funny pics but I don’t and that’s what’s important ! Right?

Hillich, May 15, 2021
Fun but flakey...

I enjoy the app, just not on the ipad, which is where I use it. Crashes, displays sideways, has issues when opening photos....the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be writing this review except another feature is that it asks you with a pop-up nearly every time I use it if I’m enjoying it.

N0GREY, Nov 13, 2020

2.99 for an app that comes with no pictures or scenarios, those have to purchased separate. If I could give it zero stars I would.Update: developer said it was network issues. Downloaded again, still no available pictures or scenarios without purchasing them separate. Complete scam. Hopefully Apple will refund the purchase price.

patches clemente, May 14, 2020
Excellent app, all kinds of fun!

This is a great app to use with pictures of your family or your friends. I just have a great time putting their head in different scenes. Worth 1 million laughs!!!

Pete OBrien, Mar 30, 2023
Needs work

I give this app 4 stars it would get 5 if1-Skin tones are hard to match on many pics comes very close at times but not always very noticeable2-would love to change hair color and tint3-while some faces match pretty close others need adjustments4-many completed pics are set too high and heads get cut off or top of head is flatWould gladly pay if these could be corrected

PeteLINY, Nov 02, 2017

This app's description boasts that you can upload your own picture and edit it!What they don't reveal is that it costs an additional $1.99 per picture you want to upload! The Buyer does not find this out until after you've purchased the app for $.99, open the app and then select to upload your picture! These additional charges should be mentioned in the apps description before the Buyer commits to the purchase of the app! Very deceiving!

Phil Horton, Jun 07, 2017
Love this site

Always up to date and easy to use. No one is safe in my family or circle of friends!

Randalecious, Sep 15, 2020


Put your face in the hole of thousands of scenarios we have for you and impress your friends and family! --------------------------------------------------------- • Over 200.000 scenarios • Multiple person scenarios • In-app purchases available: video e-cards, create your own scenarios and record your videos --------------------------------------------------------- Haven't you ever wanted to see what you'd look like a model, an actor or a rock star? Well now you can with FACEinHOLE®! Embarrass your coworkers, make yourself look cool and make your friends look like dweebs.