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Face Dance: AI Photo Animator

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Face Dance: AI Photo Animator

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Face Dance: AI Photo Animator

It’s was great when I first got it. But…

Hi, so I really like how you can take any photo or selfie and make it sing or talk or dance, but I have some sort of blurred image problem.. Whenever I finish watching an ad to see how the video turned out, it was blurry. It used to be fine back then (not to say anything negative or rude) But after I downloaded it after getting rid of my old phone to get a new one, I added the photos and started to do some videos, they didn’t turn out good (I’m sorry if I’m wrong but it happens every single time, not to be rude but I can’t get one video that isn't blurry. Once again, I’m sorry if I was rude.. I just don’t enjoy it like I used to.. All of the videos I made were always blurred and it didn’t look funny as it used to, to the people reading this. I thank you for taking the time to read this review, I really hope this gets fixed. And no, I didn’t subscribe and I’m glad I didn’t. Not to be rude but thank you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas! Stay safe, and also happy new years! 😇👌✨)

🌸 Antsee 🌸, Dec 27, 2022
Face Dance

I just want to say that this is one of the best app’s I have ever seen. I have so much fun using this on my family and friends! And so far everyone seems to love it like I do. I don’t have a clue how you came up with this, but I can tell you this, it’s number one in my book! Thank you so much for all the laughter you have given the world! Believe me, we need all the laughs we can get right now!Thanks again

1+1=2=12, Mar 06, 2022
Absolutely hilarious!

I’m going to get fired. I do 2 minutes of work, and then I make 4,000 FaceDance videos. 🤣 And I’m using the free version! I can’t imagine how much time I’d waste if I had access to all of the options. Oy. Just download the app. You need it.

actnride, Feb 23, 2022
Waaaay too many ads.

Fun app BUT you either have to pay to use it or sit through 30 - 60 second immature ads everytime you make a clip.. Not the typical 5 second ads like other apps that you can click out of. This will make you watch a whole game being played for a full minute with no option to skip. Cool app but not worth the time or money. Uninstalled. Never trust apps you see ads for. Those ads cost money so there's always a catch.

anwaarstaort, Mar 19, 2022
Clarity no where near as good as adds

You would think an app that you need to pay to even try it out would live up to the hype of its adds. Sadly this is not the case. I tried multiple different songs with pictures of my son, myself and my wife. All of them resulted in distorted images and in the case of my sons pictures the animations added some grossly white and large teeth. I see adds with the same songs with none of these issues (teeth included). Really thinking of canceling the subscription

Bondock-ian, Jan 23, 2022
Good idea but…

This is a great idea and a fun app however it does need refinement in a couple of areas. 1, it often times makes the teeth of a person far too big and makes them look like a monster, very odd. The second area is the audio sync. For me anyways, 9 out of 10 of the vids I make have a pretty bad audio sync issue typically delayed around 2-3 seconds. Off enough to make it unusable and need fixing. So, after saving a vid, I then have to open it in my video editing app, re-sync the audio, and then re-export the vid. Takes far too long each time when I simply want to make a quick vid and shoot it over to someone. I’m on latest iPad Pro with plenty of ram and no issues with any other audio or video intensive apps so I don’t think it’s my hardware. If those things can get ironed out I’ll come back and purchase a sub but for now, it was a fun 3 day trial.

Bry_ID, Sep 29, 2022
Eh nothing special

I saw an ad for this on Tik Tok. Keep in mind the commercials they are running on TT have 80’s and 90’s songs in the vids. (“What is Love?” Caught my attention) I was impressed as that’s all copyrighted stuff. So I download it and lo and behold none of the songs in the ads are on it. In fact the library is very limited with a lot of useless meme nonsense. While the animation is good I couldn’t find a decent song to work with it as I was already disappointed they were false advertising the songs in the ads. Even if it’s free don’t waste your time. I can see doing this once maybe twice then the novelty wears off fast. 👎Essentially it’s backed by a huge false marketing campaign and looks like they ballot stuffed reviews with five stars. However if you go in and read them you’ll find a lot of disappointed legitimate reviews all stating the same thing

Cobb311, May 08, 2023
Worst ever

my brother has been sending me the best videos using old family photos brought to life with incredible lip-synch and face and head animations. I laughed for hours and hours and couldn’t wait to make my own videos with pictures of my friends and family. I’m way funnier than my brother and I know I would’ve come up with way better pictures to use. Found this app and it’s the first one that pops up with the most reviews and is highly rated so of course this is going to be as good or better than whatever he’s using right? Just downloaded this app and within two minutes I was completely disappointed and felt ripped off because I was tricked into paying to see if maybe downloading a different picture would give better results. Paid a bunch of money just to try one more picture and immediately discovered that this app is awful, unrealistic looking, not fun one bit. I don’t know why there are so many good reviews on here but there are way way way better apps out there if you’re looking for bringing all pictures to life with face animation and lip-synchs.Tried leaving a more detailed review but halfway through it erased my review and I had to start over so I’m just going to push send and hope this makes it through. Do not waste your time or money!

damn_nation, Aug 27, 2022
was a good app, then they went for the money grab

first off, i had this app maybe 6 months ago or around there. it worked perfectly and it didn’t try to force you to subscribe to their subscription and give them money. now though it pops up after you download the app and tries to force you to get it. after i almost accidentally spent money on this, i exited out and tried to use a photo and then it gave me an ad before i could do it. when i had this app a while ago, there was no ads and they especially didn’t force you to watch them. i watched the ad and then sat there for about 5 minutes while it said it was creating the face dance or something along those lines. it never created it and i think it was just an infinite loading screen. horrible app now, i recommend downloading another one as these guys are simply going for the money grab.

DK1345, Apr 22, 2022
Best app ever

Best game ever it’s for free and everything and it’s so funny I can make my dad my brother me or my mom to any thing that I want to stranding the songs you even can do your favorites you might have to pay sometimes if you want extra good stuff for the ones with the crowns on them I said just get this game

H 330772, Mar 11, 2022


Take a selfie, and make it dance! Animate faces and old photos with hundreds of animations to choose from. Try FaceDance today for free!

Don't limit yourself with selfies! Here's how to level up the fun with FaceDance: - Say your baby's first words - Make your boss dance to a hilarious song - Let your pet speak up - Make your boyfriend sing a love song 【 MAKE YOUR PHOTOS SING 】 Just upload a photo, pick your favorite song, and make your photo sing to it! 【 ANIMATE OLD PHOTOS 】 Animate old photos with the Nostalgia mode. Bring black & white photos back to life. 【 TURN FRIENDS INTO MEMES 】 Upload a picture of a friend and make it... —> SING your favorite song —> DANCE to trending beats (and yes, TikTok challenges too!) —> ACT as your favorite movie character! 【 SHARE VIDEOS WITH ONE TAP 】 FaceDance gives you a perfectly optimized video that's ready to share & go viral on TikTok, Instagram, or your favorite chat group! 【 KEEP UP WITH TRENDS & GO VIRAL! 】 We release new dances every day; check in once a day to try new animations on your favorite selfies! ***Copyright*** Codeway attaches great importance to confidentiality, intellectual property rights including copyrights and personal data; takes care to be transparent about them. If you believe in good faith that materials transmitted or created through Facedance App infringe your copyright, your personal right or privacy; you may send us a notice requesting that we remove the Material or block access to it by filling out the Rights Policy Form. For more information, please kindly refer to the Rights Policy Form within the app. **Privacy** Your privacy is our concern. We won't save any of your pictures or animated videos. Check out our privacy policy here: codeway.co/facedance-privacy **Terms of Use** Please check our terms of use here: codeway.co/facedance-terms ***Contact*** If you have any questions, or if you'd like to recommend a new song, email us at [email protected] Payment & Subscription Terms: Choose between the following subscription options for unlimited access to all features: 1. Weekly Subscription 2. Annual Subscription FREE TRIAL FOR 3 DAYS - OFFERING UNLIMITED AD-FREE PHOTO ANIMATION FOR A LIMITED TIME **You may cancel your subscription at any time** FaceDance's free trial allows you unlimited ad-free access to all features for three days. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, based on the annual subscription plan, within 24 hours before the end of the three-day free trial period. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time, given that the cancellation is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing an auto-renewing subscription. **Manage your subscription directly from your iPhone** You can cancel the auto-renewal from the Account Settings: - Open the Settings app - Tap your name - Tap Subscriptions - Tap the subscription that you want to manage Terms & Conditions: codeway.co/facedance-terms Privacy Policy & EULA: codeway.co/facedance-privacy

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