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eZy Watermark Videos Lite

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User Reviews for eZy Watermark Videos Lite

Great App!

Currently I have no complaints! It watermarks just like I need to on my videos and the process is super easy! This is helpful because it get things done faster! The lite version does what I need but I can only imagine what the full version does! Try it!

Apple Peach, Dec 23, 2020
Ads make it nonfunctional

The app works fine in theory, but in order to export a vid, you have to watch an ad first. Which would be fine, except about 50% of the time the ads are literally impossible to close steer you’ve watched them. As in there’s no “x” button. In which case you have no choice but to close the app without your video having been exported, try again, and hope you get an ad you can close next time.

butternutsquishy, Jul 01, 2020

This version (the free one) literally puts their own watermark on the video along with yours. What even is the point? I completely understand watermarks on basic video editors but on a editor SOLEY made for adding watermarks to professionalize your work is not the app you want to put a watermark on. If you need to make money stick to the ads developers, because majority of people aren’t interested in buying a subscription. Don’t waste your time or phone storage on this one.

Drew Meek 50, Jan 09, 2021

Does everything I want it to do and it makes the experience as simple as possible. Couldn’t ask for a better watermarking app.

Dware1990, Dec 22, 2020
Looks Tacky

The features are great in theory but it took me about a minute to resize the water mark I wanted on my video. There was a glitch that kept making my watermark super tiny even though i was just moving it across the screen. It was really frustrating considering I had to close out of the app twice before it worked. After I finally got it where I wanted it and in the size I wanted it in, I save my video just to find out they kept their huge ugly logo in the corner. Sure, some people might not mind this, so if fidgeting for a couple minutes on a simple watermark and having somebody else cover your work with their own labels doesn’t bother you THIS is your app. If not though, then I would just keep searching since this is clearly not it.

jungdoodle, Sep 14, 2019
Great app... For free...

Awesome app, very easy to use watermarks and styles of them. The only reason you skip out on a star is how touchy the angle of the watermark is, and because of the fact that you put YOUR massive ugly watermark on every video you edit with them. I am considering getting the paid version of this for that reason. Please change that, everyone would greatly appreciate it.

MPLSROEMER, Nov 08, 2020
Good features, but don’t work

It is easy to create watermarks, even when it has some limitations. I was ready to buy, but why buy something that doesn't work.The main feature that I'm looking for, it's the ability to add watermarks to multiple videos at the same time. This app has this feature, but it doesn't work. When I start using this feature, it shows like adding the watermark to the videos, but it doesn't. It says that if the video is in the iCloud, it will take longer, but my videos are not in the Cloud, because I downloaded those videos, about 15 minutes ago. I tried adding watermarks to only 3 videos, and it doesn't work. I tried 5 videos and it doesn't work. It works only 1 video at a time.It would be nice if this app, actually works.I have an iPhone 6S Plus with the latest IOS.

Ralf:, May 20, 2020
Can’t skip ads making you lose your whole work

So they make strategical ads where the X button is high up on the corner where the touch screen doesn’t work. You are not able to finish watxhing the add or skipping it. The only exit is closing the app, which makes you lose the entire work you did on the app, it doesn’t save, because the Ads show before you are able to save your video.

thamysorel, Apr 20, 2021
Works maybe 2 out of 10 Times.

App almost always freezes when I try to add a video to watermark. And it’s not like a “try it again and see if it works now” thing, it will just consistently freeze over and over again. I wish I would have known before paying to remove the watermark that this would be unusable. Guess I’ll have to try and get a refund through Apple. The few times that I can get it to work, it does what it’s supposed to do.

thereisbeauty, Dec 01, 2017
A must-have for artists/content creators

It gives an abundance of choices for watermark styles, fonts and opacity. The watermarks look sleek, stylized and professional. I can’t live without it. It’s never glitchy, either.

Twin_Stars36, Mar 02, 2022


Worried that your videos might get stolen? Or that someone might use them for social media? Not anymore, as eZy Watermark Videos lite gives you the security measure you need to protect what is rightfully yours.

You can use your name, signature, logo, copyright and even trademark to create watermark on videos. eZy Watermark Videos lite offers you the optimal solution of capturing, watermarking the videos and sharing them swiftly. You’ll find this app easy-to-use and loads of watermarking options along with a friendly-user interface make it a joy to use. Here are a number of reasons why you should have eZy Watermark Videos Lite other than the fact that it is FREE; CREATE YOUR OWN TEMPLATES: One of its many great features, it allows you to create customized templates and save them. You can then use these custom templates to remember your watermarks and their position. So, every time you use these templates, it will automatically set the position of the watermark. You can use this on one video or a number of videos. BATCH PROCESSING: You can batch watermark up to 5 videos. So, simply design your watermark and apply it on multiple videos in a single go. CUSTOMIZE WATERMARK FOR VIDEOS: This user-friendly app for watermark on videos gives you the choice to add watermark using text, signature, QR code, logo, copyright and trademark etc. You can add signature to create watermark with additional options to adjust opacity, auto-alignment, rotation and position. EDITING CONTROLS WITHIN THE APP: Need to edit your videos before applying watermark? Feel free to; crop, apply black & white filter and rotate the video according to your needs. SELECT FROM MORE THAN 150 FONTS AND COLORS: You have a lot of features to play with such as regulating opacity, drop shadows and choosing from a wide arrange of colors. You can also utilize the previously used watermarks. MULTIPLE IMPORT AND EXPORT OPTIONS: Now, you can import from camera, your phone’s library as well as social media you like such as; • Google Drive • Facebook • Instagram When you are done watermarking your videos, you can Export the edited videos to your phone library or any social media you like. APPLY WATERMARK HOW YOU LIKE IT: Don’t you worry about the videos as eZy watermark videos lite does not alter original videos. When you apply watermark for those apps, a copy of video with watermark is saved. You can also; • Import and Export with ease • Change pen thickness while adding autograph • Add shadow to the watermark text if you desire • Grace your videos using emoticons, fun kits, cartoons, stickers etc. eZy Watermark Videos lite is a great experience that adds fun with its intuitive design and fresh colors. You want us to broadcast you on Facebook? Just follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/eZywatermark/ and we will broadcast your best videos there. We are always excited to hear from you. Have an idea for a cool feature? You can help us shape it. Submit it to: [email protected]

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