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User Reviews for EyeEm - Photography

Avoid the frustration…

EyeEm is great as a platform to display your own photos, and viewing the amazing work of many, very talented photographers! I’ve only been into photography for a few years now and I really enjoy looking at the work of more experienced photographers! I was really hoping this would be more of a platform for photographers to communicate with each other, pass along tips, tricks, and give constructive criticism. However, it’s not like that at all. It’s nice getting likes on your photos from others, but that’s about as far as it goes as far as communicating with other photographers. The team working behind the scenes at EyeEm are pretty much worthless as far as reviewing your pictures. It takes them literally weeks to review and the majority of your pictures aren’t selected to sell on the market. No reasons given, no explanation, nothing. If you’re looking to hopefully sell some pictures, good luck. I’ve had much a lot of sales elsewhere. EyeEm could be so much better if the people behind the scenes cared enough to make some significant changes, and actually communicated with you.

A.M. DeRosa, Jul 23, 2022
Final Destination

I’ve been exploring apps & websites to monetize my true passion, taking photos of culinary delights, places, people, my pets @ other stuff that catches my attention!!! I tried several apps that were not so user friendly & no human to contact to get problems resolved. I installed EyeEm and was able to navigate, upload multiple photos with ease, and actually was quite surprised at the progress my photos have made in such a short time (less than 24 hrs). I was notified by another user of the app and given a tip for a possible opportunity. I have but one option, &that That is to succeed in the professional photography profession!!! Would definitely recommend this app as the go to for others so they can avoid the headaches that I went through trying apps which obviously need MUCH MORE ATTENTION & many problems fixed in order for them to become a functional application!

Ajay1217, Apr 21, 2023
EyeEm, providing photographers a place to be themselves

What I really like about EyeEm, is not only will it boost my confidence with photography and encourage me to lean into my artistic abilities. From nature, to animals, family, black and white, sepia, and full spectrum colors EyeEm gives those who dabble in photography or those who are just beginning a place to post their photographs and people can give advice or complements, and you can also see the photographs of others and if you like what they did, you can ask about it right then and there. It’s like an art show but without the studio, the tiny food, expensive alcohol and the stuffy atmosphere. I would even recommend this app to those who just enjoy photography.

anotherannoyedwalker, Dec 30, 2022

Love it! Love it love it! I won once many many many years ago, with Getty/Eyeem on another account I started and don’t have anymore, I messed up and locked myself out lol! I’ve made a couple accounts that I am locked out of and need to delete somehow. 👍 No worries though. They were all so amazing and sent me a celebration email! I don’t usually win anything so it was awesome that they had this opportunity! If you get your license with Eyeem the possibilities are endless! For someone like me who just wants to share my art, photos and have fun, it’s awesome! I am not making photography my profession, I don’t want to make any money off of the photos. 💝It’s a nice place to share your art and a great way to keep it copy written! They are professional and compassionate for people from ALL walks of life and culture!! Thanks EYEEM!!! You ROCK!! HAVE FUN YALL!

Aura is Light, Sep 11, 2022
Great Application

I have only been using the app for about five or six days and have learned how to use it easily. Definitely user friendly interface and navigation. The photos are uploaded to your own site kind of like social media and you can chose to put them on the market form that point. I had my site developed, customized, and photos uploaded within a few minute so its not a hard or long process to set up. Moving the photos to the market is easy to do and you can add custom tags and keywords to each photo. The worst thing about this app is when you do decide to sell photos on the market then it seems like they take quite a long to time to review and approve the photos for market selling. Other than that good stuff. It s lot of fun to take photos, edit them, and try to sell your work. Good luck future photographers. See you on EyeEm .

Bob Maze, Oct 05, 2020

I’ve become much less into this app due to these issues.1. Uploading from my photo library, having to go into my library and the photos I want to upload, rather than how it used to be where each time we want to upload we can do it straight from our library (rather than the current tedious task of selecting specific photos and then adding those to album on EyeEm to upload.). What’s also infuriating is twice I did it the current way, taking a bunch of time to select a lot of photos to add and then it dropped me out of that screen, sending me back to square one.2. The continued issue of when I’m uploading pics, adding my caption info, copying and pasting that so I don’t have to keep typing the same info each time, then when I go to paste that info on the next pic, it’s blank, doesn’t stick. The multiple upload feature doesn’t work right either. This stuff has been going on for a good while now. Can’t believe nobody has said anything. I don’t have any of these issues with Instagram. I like the EyeEm platform and community but it’s very flawed.

dj IMPROVIZE, Nov 20, 2020
Great photography opportunity

I love this app! I have enjoyed my experiences so far! I’m hoping to sell my photos and get published. This app is a great opportunity to be seen! Several of my photos have been selected to partner, the partner selection which I’m excited about!! I’m hoping my photos will be seen and chosen. I love photography, it is a great pass time & a huge passion of mine! I love seeing all the different kinds of photography shown in this app.

DMHig, Mar 08, 2020
App has issues…

Been using the app for a few days now and for me, it appears to have a issue where it crashes to the Home Screen when trying to upload multiple images or trying to input the information for a single image when you hit the Done button. Very frustrating. Hopefully that gets addressed because it’s a pretty smart app otherwise. One item on my wish list would be that they actually tell you the reason why an image was not selected for Market so that you could improve your picture selection/taking. The help link only gives you a guild line for why pictures aren’t chosen and not specifically what’s wrong with yours.

I4dat, Mar 05, 2023
Good app with some annoyances

I’ve been using the EE app for years. But after putting up with sluggishness & crashing I went to Instagram instead. Despite IG having WAY more functionality than EE I anticipated the same problems or worse. I was surprised that IG was seldom slow & rarely crashed. I went back to EE for less drama & unfortunately I have the same problems. It’s very irritating. And no, it’s not my iPhone; if it was then the problems would be exponentially worse with IG & IG is much more stable. I’d hate to leave the wonderful community of EE again, but it really is frustrating.

Kkpreston, Aug 03, 2021
I don't recommend.

After two weeks, my photos finally finished being "reviewed" for the market. And out of 10 different photos (all completely different) none were selected for the market! They don't explain why it wasn't, only give possible reasons. And none of my photos fell under those categories! If they'd at least personally tell you what was wrong with it, that'd be great, then you could improve or whatever. But no, you're just rejected for no real reason! What kind of system of review do you have? The other photos are all of people and some are naked and some are borderline porn? Is there no regulation on this? And these photos get featured! Seriously, you have to take photos of half naked or fully naked people to be featured in the app itself. Some pictures were good and so on, but the most "popular" ones were nude photos! These were selected by their system, I don't think any actual person reviews the photos, it's most likely done by some computer program or a biased staff that only selects what they personally like, nude photos and borderline porn.

Maybe a Witch, Sep 17, 2020


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