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User Reviews for ExoMiner - Idle Miner Universe

Lot of untapped potential

For starters, I really love the art style; I think the devs absolutely hit it out of the park with the apps aesthetic. As far as gameplay, it’s a decent enough idle game. The progression is not bad and there’s a fair bit of craft-able items in the game so you’re constantly unlocking new things to make. However, what really breaks the game is that the reward system is completely broken at the moment. One of the main aspects of idle games is being able to watch ads for small amounts of resources that you can spend to level up. And while this game did have that system, after an hour of playing the ad button disappeared and now it’s going on four days without it ever reappearing, which means that I’ve lost out on four days worth of resources I could have used to level up my refiner and constructors, so now they are severely under leveled. Idle games are all about exponential growth and going just four days without rewards to level up the refiner and constructor has made the game basically unplayable. You do have the option of paying for the resources of course, but $5 for one level up worth of resources is a laughably bad deal. Over all it’s a decent game, with a lovely art style. If they fixed the reward system, it would sit at a 4 or 5, but the current game state and bugs make the game basically unplayable. I’d skip out on it and maybe check back after a few updates.

8488885902957772, May 10, 2022
Devs, Please Read

This game isn’t a bad game at all it takes sometime to get to the last craft able it just isn’t worth it any more because I takes a day to complete and the max idle time is only 2 hours. There should be some kind of way to increase the max idea time for free and not that temporary increase because that doesn’t work and it’s still only temporary also when you Move to a new planet or prestige the quest for ranking up increase and it’s all not that bad till you get to the 16th rank there’s this one quest that requires you to own a certain amount of levels in transport speed right now I’m on rank 56 and I’m stuck on this on right now because I need transport speed lv 150 and the lowest level mine is at lv 145 and it cost 200q and that’s only gonna get worse every prestige because that best craft able only sells for 230q on prestige 2 and still takes 24 hours to craft one of

fjejchd, Mar 10, 2022
Well rounded, free to play idle game

I absolutely adore this game. The pace is perfect, you can jump ahead a bit if able.. it has all the features I want in an idle game. As of now, I do have one suggestion: upon watching an ad to gain idle time, the extra idle time should be used last. For example, you have 2 hours base idle time. If you gain 2 more hours, you have 4 hours of idle time. If you leave the game for 30 minutes, it should be only removed from the base idle time, and should regenerate to be used again. This way, you can stack your idle time (the way I know we all are) and you won't be running out as fast if you still have time to check on the game. Otherwise, I don't have anything else to say about it, and that's about the only thing I can nitpick so far! As far as I can tell, this game was released less than a year ago. I'm not sure how long it was in the works previous to it's release, but I do know this is more than I expected from an idle game that's been out less than a year. Definitely recommend.

haikuouz, Jun 19, 2022
Its a good take on the genre, would love to see some improvements

I dont usually play idle games, but the aesthetic of this one really stuck out to me. this feels like a mix between cookie clicker and factorio. And its fun, but I think a few key improvements would make it much better.1) when selecting what to refine/construct show how much of each ingedient the player has. Im tured of swapping between ores/ refined/ construct menus to decide what i should be constructing.2) Tell the user the time until already mined ores in a deposit are going to be empty, or if you are mining faster than transporting - the amount of excess ore being mined. I dont feel like getting out a calculator to decide if I should be upgrading mining speed or transport. also, I see no reason for transport speed and load capacity to be seaparate upgrades. 3) make panning and zooming smoother. you should be able to zoom out

Its_review_O_clock, Jul 11, 2022
Free and fun

You don’t have to buy anything and it isn’t a cheaply made game, you’ll sink hours into it trying to get your ratios right and just trying to do one more thing before you log off, also it’s completely free and the ads are 100% optional?! That never happens with a game that’s actually good quality like this! The ads are pretty short and the rewards for watching them will have you coming back every hour to check on your base and do upgrades. Moving to your second planet is a kick in the pants at first but you’ll quickly realize how much better you are than your first time around, I think it took me all of 2 weeks to get there and was fun the whole time. As soon as it starts to feel grindy it gives you the option and there’s plenty to collect. This is probably the best game I’ve played on my phone, but carry a charger with you and come up with an excuse for your boss because it will eat your time and battery lol.

Jakcaiv, Apr 21, 2022

This game was really fun when I first started, but the problem is there isn’t a good long term progression system. Every time you “prestige” you don’t really gain much (mostly just double the money for creating items), and the rate at which missions get harder is faster than your prestige power can keep up. For example, it takes about 60 “missions” to get to the next prestige. But at level 296 it has taken me several weeks (and all my resources) to complete a. single. mission. That is ridiculous. There’s no sense of progression anymore, only waiting around to level up my transport speed to a super high and expensive level that makes no sense at all.Also there’s a store so you can spend real money, but do they honestly think people want to spend $100 packs on a game that has no long term goals, or even player to player competition? There aren’t even events or anything to mix things up and make it more exciting. You can collect astronaut cards too, but only about 4 of them are worth anything, the others are next to useless.I think this game has a lot of potential if they fix these major problems, but right now it just feels unfinished. I’m going to check back in a few updates to see if anything has changed, otherwise I’m moving on.

Kaladin_Stormblessed, Jun 08, 2022
Fun, but bad progression systems

The game itself isn’t bad overall, but there are a few main issues that i have with it. Firstly, the levels of the mining nodes are not balanced. depending on the node, you either have to have a high mining speed level just to keep up with the low level transport speed and load capacity, or you need an insanely high transport speed and load capacity level (like 20-30) just to keep up with like a level 6 mining. This could be fixed in theory with astronauts, but you only have a max of 10 astronauts, but the issue with the mining nodes is with almost every node.Now more on those astronauts, and more specifically how you get them and upgrade them. To get them you need to open stupid loot boxes just for a chance at getting a card of the astronaut. Then, to upgrade them, you need enough loot box cards, and enough loot box science points to upgrade them. Progression based on loot boxes like this is never good.The last thing I’ll touch on is the fact that it’s an idle game, but you can only idle for a maximum of 2 hours at a time, unless you watch 3 ads, which brings the time temporarily up to 8 hours. This in itself is bad enough, but half the time you don’t even get credit for watching an ad, so you have to watch an additional one just to increase your idle time IN AN IDLE GAME.The gameplay itself is pretty fun, trying to maximize your efficiency, but the systems in the game actively work against you doing that.

Large Croissant, Jun 04, 2022
Ads are supplemental, but don’t always work.

You can play this game without watching ads (for the most part)if you’re very patient, but I’ve had so much trouble with watching ads for the loot crate, only for the game to not give me the reward. At my level, it’s impossible to upgrade the astronauts without actually purchasing science points- or rolling the dice on loot crates multiple times a day for ads or relics. The game gives out a small amount of free relics a few times a day, which is nice… you just cant get science points without leveling up (or loot crates, which don’t always work). Ultimately this is a fine little idle game but with the 2 hour idle limit (+2 hours if you watch an ad) and strong encouragement to make purchases to advance just a TINY bit faster, I’m no longer enjoying it. I tapped out at level 15, have probably at least another full day of just collecting manganese to get 1m.

leichhorn, Jun 03, 2022
Cool Game, But…

The game is cool, the graphics look awesome, it’s a little addicting to keep opening up the app to check on your planet, but after a few days of playing it sorta feels like there’s only half a game to play. It’s not an online game and aside from the astronauts you can collect (which I have all but one so far). There doesn’t seem to be any real goal in the game. You aren’t competing against opponents, or racing against the clock, and there’s no opposing forces trying to stop you while you play. You can log on every two or so hours and “play” for maybe 2-3min before there’s nothing left to do but wait. There are ads you can watch to speed up your progress, but they only seem to work half the time. Lastly, the prices for the premium currency just don’t make sense in a game where you aren’t competing against literally anything. It’s been three days now and the game is stale to me. Add more to it and it could really be something great.

SlurpyNubbins, May 24, 2022
Needs Work

I want to start out by saying that I love the game, the graphics are amazing, and with some work and tackling the recurring issues the player base are pointing out, this game has the potential to be a great idle game if the developers solve the major issues as a start. Some of those issues for example is the Mining Speed, Transport Speed, and Load Capacity ratio, depending on the resource deposit the ratio difference is pretty unbalanced. Another is the amount of time it takes to refine and make the components you need to make progress, the issue here is that as idle game, you only get two hours away from the game unless you watch ads or spend in game currency which is not easy to come by to extend that time. And i also agree with the other low star reviews that other players have voiced out. But the main reason for the 2 star review for me is the fact that there isn’t a way to save or back up your progression, the main reason I have a major problem with this is because other players that have reach the max level (around 300+ as of today) have lost all their progress after going so far in the game with no way to correct it, making these people leave the game forever. Until this is corrected I don’t t see myself changing the review.

Vash080, Jun 11, 2022


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