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ExamFX Life & Health Exam Prep

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ExamFX Life & Health Exam Prep

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ExamFX, Inc.
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User Reviews for ExamFX Life & Health Exam Prep

Actually good/worth money

So I took my KY state life and health insurance test and from what I remember for that test, this app does have a lot of the same questions, yes it does repeat questions but so did the state test and yes it only has a limited number of questions but again it does have a lot of the same questions on the state test. I say it’s with the money and would recommend

Babygirl6890, Jun 19, 2020

Very pleased with the app. Downloaded the app a couple of days before the exam did a few of the exams, took exam that Saturday and passed. But you have to have put in your hours first, it does track your hours by logging in.

Cymp1, Jun 17, 2020
Well designed app, but very limited

Overall, pleased with the app, as it did provide some value in helping me study for the test. However, my only issue is the LIMITED number of questions the app has in its database. The test mode in the app has 160 questions and if you repeat the test, it is the same 160 questions. I am really surprised why someone would develop a well designed app, but not utilize the website’s extensive list of questions.

Dejvid@LA, Aug 11, 2019
Definitely not enough to pass the test

The app doesn’t have nearly enough content to prepare you for the test. Don’t buy the app, sign into the website on your device’s browser. It was convenient enough when I couldn’t bring my laptop everywhere but I quickly found that it is an insufficient source. This source is to be used for light practice on the go and nothing more. Spend he majority of study time on the web site.

FreekyFreshh, Jan 02, 2019
It helps when paired with regular studying

It definitely helped me pass the nys licensing exam, it does repeat questions and it's relatively general, but it definitely helped by always being around the information and kept it fresh in my head.

Goshenjohn 84, May 02, 2017
Information is not comparable to the website.

At first this app seemed great, it allowed me to study on the go which worked well with my busy schedule. After taking the quizzes a few times I moved to the final exam, which had several repeated questions each time, and was 50 questions shorter than the online simulation. I was NOT satisfied with the apps performance, while I would score a 100% on the app I would score no more than a 50% on the same company's website. The apps function was great but the information I was studying was not consistent with website. The app gave me a false sense of preparation for my exam, I was very dissatisfied with my purchase.

JacksonMcKnight, Jul 06, 2016
Great App

I’m in Utah. I did not pass the state test 4 times. I came across this app and within a month I went in and passed the test. Not only that, I got 84% passing score. My previous tests were around 56-58%. I highly recommend this app.

MikeBunata, Oct 26, 2021
Almost but not enough.

I like the app so far because I can take the 10-question quizzes, one per “chapter.” And take them wherever I might be. That helps. But there’s a lot more info on the website, so don’t think this app is enough. We’ll see after I take the state exam.

modernjazz, Dec 16, 2020
Good supplement

This app is a good way to review some of the key content of the material on the online course. You will still have to study the course material. It helps with quick review of some of the material on the go. Just using the app alone will not be enough to to pass (duh). If you think that just using this app to study is all you need then you are an idiot and probably won’t pass the exam anyway.

Old Tanky, May 28, 2018
Helped me pass the State Exam!

This Application is so very helpful. It helped me reinforce what I learned during the course studies. I can honestly say that without the use of this app to support my studies I don’t think I would’ve done as well. I scored an 82% allowing me to PASS confidently. One request would be to add state specific categories.

Toyac2014, Oct 03, 2019


This app will provide you with a quick knowledge check to assess your readiness for the license exam. It contains short quizzes, a practice exam, and a practice final, using a set of questions relevant to any state license exam. Use this app right before you enter the testing facility to give yourself a refresher on some of the major areas you will be tested on.

Do take note that this app is not a replacement for our online courses, merely an additional study tool to help you pass your exam the 1st time! FEATURING: • Practice quizzes w/ 160 questions • Practice exam w/ 100 questions • Practice final w/ 100 questions • Quick scoring • Elapsed time display • Rationales available during question review to help identify areas needing improvement • Review of past results TOPICS INCLUDE: • General Insurance • Life Insurance Basics • Life Insurance Policies • Life Policy Provisions, Options, Riders • Annuities • Qualified Plans • Taxation • Accident & Health Insurance Basics • Health Insurance Policy Provisions and Riders • Types of Health Policies • Disability Income Insurance • Insurance for Seniors and Special Needs Individuals • Tax Considerations for Health Insurance • Insurance Regulation ABOUT EXAMFX: ExamFX, the market-leader in online education and prelicensing, has helped over 2 million people prepare for their state licensing exams, many of whom pass on their very first try. ExamFX offers a full line of online license training materials – courses, practice questions, quizzes, videos, flashcards, and more. In our online courses, we provide state-specific content and simulated exams that look and feel like the real exam. ExamFX is dedicated to developing products and services to simplify the insurance prelicensing process. Learn more at www.examfx.com SUPPORT: For questions, comments, or suggestions concerning this app, contact ExamFX Customer Service at (800) 586-2253 or [email protected]. Completion of the quizzes and/or exams in this app does not satisfy your state’s requirement for completing a Prelicensing Course and may not prepare you for state-specific questions on your state insurance license exam. Course completion and certification is only available through courses taken on our website at www.examfx.com.

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