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User Reviews for Evolution - Learning Creatures

Neat Natural Selection Simulator

This is a simulator about natural selection where these little stick-creatures try to evolve and do different tasks by changing how their muscles move, but not their body shape. It’s cool how you can build your own creatures. TO THE DEVELOPER: I know how many people want the creatures’ bodies to evolve, which would be neat, but it would be hard to do. But, I do have an idea for a big update: to add to running, jumping, obstacle jump, and climbing, you should add Swimming. Here’s how it would work: The task is to swim the furthest, like running. There would be a surface where water physics aren’t a thing, and then maybe 25 meters deep would be the ground, because that would be weird not to have a ground. Whatever part of a creature is submerged, it has hydrodynamics applied to it. (Like aerodynamics.) Hope you add this feature and please respond with you thoughts.

/-\ppleUser, Dec 10, 2020
Great game but some issues.

I got this on my computer but my computer broke. I saw this on the App Store and thought hey I’m gonna play this again. I tried it made some new creatures re-made some old ones and stuff. Then I tried out the roo. It just fell forward for some reason and I realized one of them wasn’t moving at all but going forward. I think this may be because of the muscles contracting, but I’m not sure. Great game besides this bug.

angry person who is also sad, Apr 24, 2020
Love it!

There are some dumb evolution games on the App Store that are just merging mythical creatures, but this is something to learn and design creatures! I have one problem though. When you build complicated creatures with large amounts of bones, muscles, and joints, they tend to glitch and flip all over the place uncontrollably. I know this game is probably made for less complicated creations, but please make an update to make it easier to play with bigger creatures. Otherwise, this game is awesome. Thanks!

Anonymous derper, Jun 14, 2019
A mind-stimulating app

I haven’t seen any other game like this! It’s so cool to give your creature muscles and skeleton, then watch it learn to use its body with the A.I. based on each trial. The 2D platform works as a challenge and as an advantage to use your creativity! I made this weird bipedal thing with a spring appendage that sprints using somersaults. It balls up it’s front leg and twerks it’s hoof for balance.The only thing I’d fix is to give the muscles a limit to how far they can stretch. Because there is one pretty easy hack that seems to defy physics. Otherwise it’s a pretty solid platform.

baz scoggs, Jun 05, 2022
Interesting start

For a basic look at how evolutionary algorithms work, this is a fun start. I did however quickly bump up against some limitations which I think could make it better.- Muscles should have maximum and minimum stretch. I tried to make a creature with bones only connected by muscles (no joints) and found that the muscles could stretch to absurd lengths. So much so that they would extend way beyond the edge of the screen- There should be a zoom out/zoom in feature so you can see your entire creature if it extends beyond the edges of your device- It would be interesting to allow exact attachment locations on a bone rather than just the middle- Multiple muscles between bones would also make it more interesting- For experimenting with boneless creatures, it would be cool to have direct muscle to node connections rather than restricting them to bone connections- And finally, for longer simulations (10 seconds or more) the creatures often get trapped in a steady state where nothing happens. There should be some sort of progress detector to look for stationary states and force the creature to do something different.For what it is, it’s fun and easy, but it was so successful that it quickly had me wishing it could do more complex things.

cuzco1, May 13, 2018

I love this game, I saw it while watching oompaville and was like, “Man imagine if this game was on IOS..” turns out, it is! This game is still in the early stages too, there’s so much possibilities! For example, trying to make swimming or flying creatures. Fighting creatures like battle bots? Lol. But anyways, I just have one problem. That brain neural stuff. I don’t know how it works, I’m only 12 and honestly confused. You guys don’t give us enough of a description to do anything with it, which is probably why I’m failing so bad at the climbing challenges. But, I did make the perfect creature for running. Top speeds (at gen 50) of 12 meters per second, and a total distance of 170 meters in 15 seconds. It’s literally just a stick in the shape of zig zags like this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ With mussels attached everywhere 😂 So yea, great game, endless possibilities, keep up the great work 👌👍

JustANormalDude, Feb 14, 2020
I love it, but

I was playing this game when I finally found a design that actually worked for my dog. I saved it as a simulation when I renamed it and accidentally loaded a new one, the save is now a previous version of the dog that does not work. The new dog is not in my saves so I can’t get it back.If there was some way to load a simulation and have the creature so I can save it that would be VERY helpful.

SomeGuy9199, Jun 10, 2021

Every few months I look for new apps that are good artificial life, neural net, and digital evolution and rarely find ones at all, mich less good ones. This one, however, is a wonderful exception. Very well-implemented, and hours of fun for both enthusiasts and those just looking for a stimulating, thinking-person’s app. Plus you can build your own creatures - so a good app for people who like to play God of their own digital universe :). Highly, highly recommend!

tally.bookman, May 06, 2018
Great game love it

This game is magnificent and is probably one of my favorite games on my phone actually. It also doesn’t have ads or in app purchases so you don’t have to deal with those features that may turn you away from it. But that being said here’s like 2 things I think would make it even better:1) A tutorial. It’s pretty simple so there’s not much that would need to be said, and I figured it out pretty quick, however there are some features that I didn’t figure out til later. Also I don’t know what the neural networks do.2) a mirror ability so that you could mirror your creations on 1 or 2 axis so that the creature can be uniform. It makes me unhappy when 1 side is not quite the same as the other and I think it would make it better.That being said this is easily one of the best phone games I’ve ever played so like even if neither of these suggestions are added it is definitely still worth your time.

Weiderkin, Jul 16, 2020
Wonderful game, I have a suggestion.

This game is wonderful. You can make different creatures and watch them advance through the generations. There is a lot of customization too. If you can think it, you will most likely be able to make it (Bipedal creations are hard, you won’t really be able to make a humanoid and have it be able to walk). You can customize the neural network used by the creatures. You can have them compete in running, jumping, obstacle jumping, and climbing. But I have a suggestion, please add an ability to change the simulation speed during evolving.

xXSuperFireCaptainXx, Oct 01, 2020


Use joints, bones and muscles to build creatures that are only limited by your imagination. Watch how the combination of neural networks and an evolutionary algorithm can enable your creatures to learn and improve at their given tasks all on their own. The tasks include running, jumping and climbing.

Can you design the ultimate creature that is good at all of the tasks? The latest update allows you to easily share your simulation saves and creature designs with your friends. Note that this is more of a simulation than a game. There are no real objectives. But there is a lot to learn if you are interested in the basics of machine learning and neural networks. You can even look at the source code if you want. There is also a Mac & PC version available for download and a browser version for you to try out on the main project website (keiwan.itch.io/evolution).

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