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Mileage Tracker by Everlance

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Mileage Tracker by Everlance

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Everlance Inc.
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User Reviews for Mileage Tracker by Everlance

Design flaw or intensional

You are not able to manually start and stop a trip for recording your mileage using this app. When you leave your location on a business trip and the entire trip needs to be logged for business, this app will automatically end the trip and start a new one when you have stopped for 10 minutes or longer. So pitstop for fuel, restroom and food, oops sorry, new trip. In my case when using the “free app” for 30 trips, (NOT) one 8 hour trip and return home consumed the entire free 30 trip per month allotment. For example, once I arrived at my destination I went to the store a mile down the street from my hotel and that was one trip because I left my location. Because I stopped and was in the store 15 minutes, returned to my hotel, that was a trip.Do not think you will be able to use this app for free, they have designed it to automatically burn through your 30 free trips quickly so you will have to make a $60 - $96 purchase this app from them. This problem could be fixed with allowing to manually start and stop trips and override the automatic start stop feature which is hugely annoying. This app does not do a good job explaining this auto start / stop feature on purpose and for good reason, I would not have downloaded this for even the “free version” had this been disclosed.

Chacharlz, May 29, 2019
Good if you only drive for ridesharing

Otherwise it’s the most obnoxious app I had installed. It’s great for keeping track of your mileage and expenses incurred from working for Uber/Lyft/DoorDash/Shipt/Postmates or whatever. But say you only do that once in awhile... the app is still going to notify you every time you drive asking you to classify the trip, even if you have it set to automatically classify trips as personal or work, it’s still going to ask you to classify the trip which is incredibly annoying to me. Same with transactions, if you link your bank account to help keep track of revenue and expenses from ridesharing, it’ll constantly ask you to classify any transaction that it sees, even if you tell it to auto classify the transactions, it will still ask you. Again, incredibly obnoxious. I even contacted support about this and was hoping it was just a setting I missed but now. You either have an obnoxious amount of notifications that are unnecessary if you’re not ridesharing full time, or no notifications at all and you forget it’s there. Like, I paid for your service, could you maybe use that money to get some good app engineers to make it less annoying?Thanks but I’ll figure something else out. Deleted.

craigzs, Dec 01, 2018
Used to be good

UPDATED REVIEW:I’ve been able to stick with not paying and it was working out OK for a few months. You get 30 free automaticly tracked trips, then it switches to manual. The app, however, seems to be designed to force you to pay. I will turn off automatic tracking to save some trips because I am not working, but then the trips will still be tracked and now my free trip count is down a trip. It can never be turned off, even though it gives you the option to do so. Furthermore, the prices have only gone up and up and the prices are outrageous for what it is. In the beginning it seemed like a small company that cares, now it’s a popular app that does not care about the user. When I first started using it, it was a flawless app. Auto tracked miles or let you do it manually. Then suddenly they updated the app with premium features, which is fine..we all gotta make money. But then it turned into bullying the users into subscribing to the monthly premium costs. No real guidance on the change to premium. Then suddenly it kicks into my "free" app and im only allowed to track a certain amount of trips a month unless I want to upgrade to premium.

crono1481, Mar 06, 2018
App has downhill

I have used Everlance every day for 6 years and have been relatively happy with it. Today, however, I woke up and found the app completely changed to the point of being unrecognizable from the version I used the day before. I now have to log in every time I open app and have had to change password every time. It no longer automatically records trips and I cannot figure how to change it. My trips would automatically classify as business and then I could easily change each individual trip purpose by scrolling through trips, identifying by the map, and the swiping left to change to personal as needed. Nice and easy, but it now longer allows this . You now now have to go into each trip, click on map icon to identify it, click on change purpose, and then click again on the specific purpose I want it changed to. These are extra steps that add time. I used to go through a week’s worth’s of trips and change them as needed in about 30-40 seconds on my dash mounted iPhone. Not only does this take more time, but the app screen is so small now, I can’t read it from my dash mount and have to hold it close to make any adjustments, not a good idea while driving. The list goes on and on. Whoever is responsible for this disaster should be fired. They took a good app and rendered it useless. Look elsewhere.

Dan and Ryan, Sep 24, 2023
Resolved: Won't refund my $60 after annual auto bill.

Ashkan, a Manager at Everlance personally sent me an email apologizing for my unpleasant customer service experience. He offered a gratis year of service as restitution. Technically, Everlance is a great product (5 Stars). But, their customer service definitely needs some improvement. Original negative review: I don't need the service anymore. Unfortunately, I forgot to terminate prior to being auto-billed for the next year. I have sent Everlance four email requests to them to terminate and refund. I received one email from them offering a $15 credit towards the outrageously expensive $60/yr service if I remained a subscriber, which I declined. Since then, no response...no refund. I even tried calling their support number several times. It immediately rolls over to a greeting that says, "No one is available at the Google number you have reached. Please leave a message...". I left a voicemail over a week ago, but still no response. What they are doing is illegal.

El Conejo Rabioso, Sep 19, 2017
Notify people before they will be charged $60!

I purchased a 1 year membership at a discounted rate through Shipt. I was not aware this was a discounted rate, though. I was also not properly notified I would be charged $60 soon. I haven’t even used the app for months and have emailed customer service requesting a refund. Enough is enough, subscription based apps. I’m to the point where I don’t even want to subscribe to anything. The app itself is ok, and maybe worth $60 if you are actually using it, but I no longer have a need for it because my job changed. A warning email entitled “Your credit card is about to be charged for an annual membership—please act now” would have been great. Don’t bury a vague renewal message inside a “happy 1 year with Everlance!” email that no one is going to open. Edit: after emailing them, they have already refunded me. Thank you for making it right.

Isthisnametakenyet74837483, May 10, 2019
Stopped working when I started paying

I appreciated the trial of the premium features before committing to pay for an entire year. I was very pleased with the app during my trial. Never had a problem. It seemed that as soon as I dropped the $60 for the year, the app started to have a bunch of problems. Miscalculating the miles on a trip and I have to go in manually to correct and not starting trip requiring me to go in and manually enter it. If I have to keep manually entering everything, I’m going to start wondering why I’m not just doing it the good old fashioned way and saving my money.Update: I contacted everlance and was quickly helped to troubleshoot. Sounds like problems with the gps was a common problem with the latest iOS update. Their recommendations worked, and everything seems to be working well for now. In the future, if there are known of problems affecting numerous people, it would be nice for everlance to put out an email notification with strategies to solve the problem. I’m trusting this app to track data for my taxes, so it’s important that it work (or that I be notified when there are problems with the system) the way it’s suppose to.

janetw12, Mar 10, 2018
Okay for tracking mileage, Terrible for tracking Expenses

I switched from Quickbooks to Everlance, frankly because Everlance was more affordable monthly. And I regret the decision to switch.I’m self-employed and was looking for a more cost effective system that would allow me to easily export my expenses at the end of the year for my accountant. I wanted them already divided into categories, so all the information she needed was at her fingertips. I learned the hard way this year that Everlance will allow you to export your expenses but it’s ALL transactions for the entire year, business related or not. I literally had to go through a spreadsheet with thousands of items line by line and divide everything into categories myself manually. Most annoying and time consuming process, so I’ll definitely be canceling my subscription.If you’re looking for something just to track milage, this app is fine. For anything else, look elsewhere.

katylynnwatson, Mar 25, 2022
Lapsed tracking

Update: problem fixed after the last update! Thank you for the hard work!ThisApp has been solid since I started subscribing over a year ago. In the past week or so, this app has not been living up to that standard. There are huge lapses in tracking as I go about my routes. It stops tracing the line then starts tracing again a good distance from where it stop tracing. Once I hit stop tracking, the routed map gets updated where you see straight lines going through buildings, roads and all kinds of terrain and bodies of water. (For example, one trip shows me criss crossing directly through the middle of a highly guarded federal building) I see others have posted with the same problem. All this time, I’ve been hoping for a patch or explanation. Todays update on iOS did not resolve the problem. What gives? P.S. will rate higher once fixed

KillinEmLoudly, Apr 11, 2023
I’m just about Fed Up!!

I use to love using this app. I even swore by it and also put so many people on to it if they were doing any kind of delivery service. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve lost a good bit of my miles. The auto tracker use to track every mile down to the T from when I started my day all the way to the end but now it only tracks what it wants I guess. Hours of my mileage not tracked at all. Since I couldn’t count on the auto tracker anymore, I started manually turning on my tracker when I started my runs and of course sometime throughout my runs, the tracker would just stop without notice or anything which makes for a good chunk of time that my miles weren’t getting counted. -_- Like COME ON!!! I’m losing miles left and right!!! Me thinking that I’m doing something wrong, I get on here to see if I’m the only one with this problem but I’m Not. Many other people are dealing with lost mileage as well. What’s the point of paying for an app that works 50% of the time? I wouldn’t make it a big deal if it was just a few miles here and there but we’re talking about hours and hours every day! Sometimes half my days and sometimes even more!!! I’m sooo mad about it that I’m just dumbfounded and in disbelief. So if your looking for a way to track your miles…. This ain’t it…. Let me save you the time.

LilBiT1689, Oct 02, 2022


Everlance is the ultimate mileage tracker and expense log app for gig workers and freelancers. With Everlance, you can easily track all of your work-related mileage and expenses automatically, and save money by maximizing your tax deductions. As a gig worker or freelancer, keeping track of your mileage and expenses can be a real hassle.

That’s where Everlance comes in. Our app uses advanced GPS technology to track your mileage in real-time, so you never have to worry about manually logging your trips again. Everlance also automatically categorizes your expenses, making it easy to see exactly how much you’re spending on business-related costs. One of the best things about Everlance is that it helps you save money on your taxes. By tracking your mileage and expenses, you’ll be able to maximize your deductions and keep more of your earnings. Some other great features of Everlance include: - Automatic mileage tracking: Everlance uses advanced GPS technology to automatically track your mileage whenever you drive for work. No more manual logging required! Expense categorization: Everlance automatically categorizes your expenses, making it easy to see exactly how much you’re spending on gas, parking, and other business-related costs. - Customizable reports: With Everlance, you can create customized reports to see your mileage and expenses over any time period. This makes it easy to track your progress and make adjustments as needed. - Syncs with your bank account: Everlance can sync with your bank account to automatically import your expenses. This saves you time and makes it easy to stay on top of your finances. With Everlance, tracking your mileage and expenses has never been easier. Our app is designed specifically for gig workers and freelancers, so you can be sure that it meets all of your unique needs. Download Everlance today and start saving money on your taxes! We'd love to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or suggestions on our mileage tracker, please reach out to [email protected] Learn More: Terms of Service: https://everlance.com/terms-of-service Privacy Policy: https://everlance.com/privacy

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