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User Reviews for Creative Collectibles Toolkit

Thumbs Down

Paid yearly subscription. Now, cannot login with paid subscription without giving them my cellphone number. I’ve paid. Why are you asking me for my number to login and use what I paid for?Also, the new update to Everbloom has completely destroyed the app. It use to be easy to use, now it’s unappealing and difficult. Too much of a drastic update for long term users.I’ve been a paid subscriber for the past 2 years, I will not be renewing this year.

Dixon Munro, Jul 25, 2022

I was really hoping to be getting something that I could do more things for free on. Most of hot all video editing apps have become so expensive to use the most fun features on. I’m so sad because I was really hoping Bryant’s would be different. I love his work and he is a big inspiration to me but I might not be keeping this app unfortunately because I don’t have the money to be paying for the features that I would like to use. It’s probably worth the money to pay for the app but not everyone is in a position to do that.

Exited about hungry mouse, Nov 02, 2020
The BEST video editor!!

I have tried all the video editing apps, and Everbloom is hands down the best. Worth the price too. Excellent value. Intuitive UI, just the right variety of filters, and I receive non-stop compliments and likes from friends and followers. I’m obsessed with Everbloom, and after watching my videos, all my friends have downloaded it. To the Everbloom team: keep doing what you’re doing!! - your #1 fan

I Love Everbloom, Oct 30, 2020

I love this app so much! It’s so convenient when you’re on the go & need a quick reel to post for your small business! It’s helped me out A LOT! But I really wish there was no watermarks when you save your videos…hopefully you guys can change that?🥺

i_Love_Drake, Jun 26, 2021
Would like a free trial

So while I’m definitely not disappointed in the app at all, I would love to get a free trial to see if the filters work with the photos that I’m editing. The filters look great on the examples but they don’t always look work out with my personal photos. So a free trial would be great to get a taste of what I’d be paying for. I wouldn’t want to waste my money on an app that I’m not gonna use/ like. Please consider even if the trial is only for a few days.

Jayda :), Nov 11, 2020

I’ve been a paid pro member for over 2 yrs. They’ve destroyed what used to be a perfect editing app! HUGE drastic update that’s done nothing but throw it’s users way off & leave us all confused. No notice, warning, nothing. Just an ugly surprise when we open our app. So much for hopping on the app, plug in a batch of pics/vids & have a classy, high quality edited video within a few seconds! They’ve done away with that…Looks like greed has taken over this developer, as they’re trying too hard to become ANOTHER social sharing platform, as well as also jumping on the whole NFT trend in hopes to I guess make big $$? Idk. Like I said, this apps left me completely confused here. I will NOT be renewing my pro subscription & deleting the thing off my devices as it’s not even worth the memory it’s hogging up on my iPhone/iPad at this point! Shame on you, developers!! *If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!*

Jenkiddtx, Aug 23, 2022
I love this!!!

The only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t use my favorite filter “Bahamas” by Bryant without having to pay, ik that this app and plan of paying is contributing towards him but it just is a little annoying j can’t use Bahamas and if there was more options that would be awesome without having to pay!!! Another than that more than I could ask, thank u so much for making this app!💖💖💖 - 13yr old Kumari FL

kumarisunshine, Oct 30, 2020

When Bryant tested from his fan number and said “ 🌺 Everbloom is here 🌺 with a hyper link I have never clicked so fast in my life. There is so many features and I didn’t expect all of them and I hope Bryant maybe makes a Spanish learning app in the feature photograph something he does and I hope that this is step one for him because with my editing skills it definitely was for me! 🌩🤍

peyton pey, Oct 28, 2020
Groovy App

Really do enjoying using this app for my BTS videos for my clients and my own creative projects. It totally gives you so many groovy video filters that flows. The app leveled up recently with ways to creatively edit the videos to your liking. The only thing I will say about the app is with the audio for music could definitely be better. The tunes are out of sight, that’s not the problem. With the audio version on this app, it doesn’t let you really choose your own creative music that you would like to put on the video. Trust, this app could totally get 5 stars but I had to give it 4 stars cause of the audio other then that it’s truly groovy!

Shakaa nouveau, Oct 26, 2020
App doesn’t work

App was perfect when I first downloaded and paid for a years membership. After the last update this app is not working or allowing me to upload any videos from my library. I’ve reached out to app support for the app and I still haven’t received any response. It’s been two weeks since I emailed. This was a waste of money.

therlovelytrend, Dec 22, 2020


Everbloom is the ultimate creative toolkit that will transform your content (pictures or videos) into beautiful, digital collectibles. Take pictures directly from the app or upload your contents from your camera roll and turn them into tickets, membership cards, digital artworks, or trading cards. Our advanced content editor will push your creativity to another level as you can modify and customize your content to your needs.

Amazing 3D templates at your disposal. Turn your 2D content into beautiful 3D creations in seconds by selecting one of the many 3D templates we offer in the app. Take full ownership of your digital collectibles and find new, meaningful ways to connect with friends, fans, and supporters. Offer special perks with your digital collectibles such as signed artwork or photo prints, virtual meet and greet, or other exclusive content—it's entirely up to you. Build a community of fans or collectors of your digital collectibles and communicate exclusively with them in the Everbloom app. Share your creations directly to all your favorite social media platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Everbloom’s mission is to empower creativity through shared ownership. We cover all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on creating and building your community. Start your creative journey with Everbloom now!

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