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User Reviews for Even App

Pretty great app! except …

I have been using the even app for quite some time now and i haven’t had much issues with it , it’s got instapay which i love , i get paid EARLY , and i know exactly how much i’m going to get paid for the next couple of paychecks. I ran into a problem although when i tried to change my bank account , i think it’s RIDICULOUS that in order to change your bank account you have to delete the whole app!! there is LITERALLY not an option to change it at all! I literally just want to change it however what if someone else entered the wrong information on accident ? or what if something happened to that bank account thus forcing them to rid the one they have currently , it’s not fair at all and i feel that’s something very simple that should have BEEN an option on the app , PLEASE fix this it’s very frustrating. Thank u. - Ashlee

Ashlee Elise, Dec 07, 2021
Best finance app I’ve ever used

Even is AMAZING! I can see how much I make every day, how much my next paycheck is, and get paid EARLY! It keeps track of all your income, bank accounts, and bills. It budgets for you 100%, shows you how much you can spend everyday and still pay all the bills and rent coming up. It’s like having a personal accountant. Also customer service is fast. My question (adding my raise) was answered and the representative fixed everything for me in less than 2 min. They responded instantly, within about 10 seconds which really surprised me. Oh and you can set aside savings without opening up a new bank account. I don’t even use my bank’s app anymore, Even does it all.

Bored Barista, Apr 16, 2019
1-5 stars

Even can be a lifesaver. Allows you access to funds for your emergency situation. On the other hand many things are not clear or partially hidden from user; for instance the price. It is not free! It leads one to believe it is. Also i hope you dont have any questions that require immediate attention. Your led to believe that you can just text them and all is well and probably will be, but it may be 6,8 hours later. There are other issues that give it that shadowy feel of what are they not telling me even though you wont find out till too late. I asked for maximum draw then the second i closed that screen the mac went up 40 dollars. Guess ill text them and get that straightened out. Nope text was closed. Didnt tell me that either

brypod, Aug 10, 2018
It was okay until a mistake happened on their end

It’s a good app really. But someone on the even app really needs to do their job correctly!! My instapay got messed up with my last paycheck and now they had to take money out from this paycheck so they could fix the problem. Which I don’t honestly agree with at all. I ain’t saying I want free money. I’m saying the job should have been done correctly. Because now I have to wait for ANOTHER paycheck to pull money if I really need it. Like right now I need it because bills have got to get paid and now imma be behind and it’s gonna cost me more money!!! Can’t pull an instapay out from the paycheck I’m working on now. Y’all were doing great up until this situation. Now I’m skeptical, especially since y’all want us to do that savings thing. So because this happens I WILL NOT be using that savings part on my Even app BECAUSE of this situation.

Cant even Write a review!!!!, Jul 13, 2019
One Star for Intregrity

UPDATE: Was told by Even Support that Even Basic is in fact free for employees of qualified employers. I still believe that should be more clear, as that’s only informed in the membership screen.Even has a lot going for it. It’s a beautiful app with amazing features for financial planning. However, it’s payment structure is very hidden from the user and awfully misleading. The app description mentions nothing about a subscription, neither does the app’s setup. If I hadn’t gone into my settings I wouldn’t have noticed that A: Even has membership options B: there is no free membership option C: I was signed up for a free trial membership (the Basic plan) and wouldn’t have known the date or anything had I not checked that section. Upon reading their website FAQ, it mentions that Even charges no fee except for their Plus membership which is $6 a month rather than $3 for Basic. Things like that should be made evident to users, not hidden behind doors. Also as a critique to hopefully have this pushed in a future update, it looks like Even has iPhone X support but items are getting cut off on the notch and on the bottom portion of the display. Please fix it as it really ruins the sleek style of the app.

JDGA__, Feb 07, 2018
Very Disappointed

I have been using Even for almost a year. It was working perfectly, and it was the best financial app on the market. It allowed me to get money from my paychecks early, and my favorite part was the “spend” tab. It organized my bills very plainly, so I knew what bills I had to pay with each paycheck. It was the best. However, recently the app is no longer compatible with my bank, so I can’t use that feature anymore. I honestly valued that feature more than being able to get paid early. I don’t understand how it worked for so long, then stopped. I’ve contacted the support team several times, and they’ve said that there is nothing to be done. Now I’m having to use another app for the planning/budget aspect. I’m paying every month for the even plus subscription, and it’s disappointing that I can’t use every feature on the app. Had my bank been more popular, I’m sure this wouldn’t have been an issue. I feel that smaller banks aren’t given as much attention during development. Even though this could very well be an issue with my bank’s software development, I think the spend tab should be available still, to allow manual input.

Kayla Pippins, Jun 01, 2019
Doesn’t even do the fastpay

I am new to this app. I signed up the other day so I could take advantage of the 1X Weekly pay that my company offers through the Even app. Since signing up I have been able to open the app and otherwise scroll/flip through the main pages of different sections. However, whenever I go to the instapay page, and click continue so I can fastpay, the app crashes and force closes itself making me reopen the app and start over. It crashes every time I click continue to do the fastpay. I have been talking to support for the last day or so, and over that time they have told me they were speaking to someone to try and resolve the issue. First they told me they were talking to just normal IT, then they were talking to their software engineers (I’m assuming to try and see if there was a flaw in my apps downloaded coding), and then a third agent came on the line and said they were speaking to management to try and figure out what was going on. Like really it shouldn’t be this difficult for me to use the fastpay feature y’all are making it way more difficult than it has to be. Get your act together!!!

Legend4479, Oct 31, 2021
Essential App for Walmart employee’s

I am a Walmart associate and I started about 2 months ago. Even was one of the recommended apps to download for all Walmart employees. I did not expect this app to be as useful as it is. I personally hate getting paid every 2 weeks, but because of Walmarts massive number of employees, they need 2 weeks to make sure everyone’s wages are accurate. With Even you can take control of your paycheck and decide when you want to get paid. With the Instapay feature up to half your paycheck can be transferred within a day to your bank account. Also, if you’re a Walmart associate, you get the instapay feature for free. I also have found the savings feature useful as you can set aside multiple savings goals that are controlled by you and automatically deducted from your paycheck. This app is really useful and again, a must download if you work at Walmart. There is a fee for Instapay for everyone else.

Lilardd, Jul 20, 2022
Best Customer Service!

I made a mistake with my bank account information and began getting frustrated with this app. My first thought was not to go to customer service because that never ends well and was stuck in this predicament for a couple of days. I was getting more and more upset. I finally decided to give it a go and it was basically like texting a person. The response was immediate, instructions were clear and the app became easier to follow. Loving the app and the ways I can make a savings account also definitely love the customer service. I’m not a paid customer and I never write reviews especially this long but this app really deserves it. Once you’re sure this app will help you with problems that occur it makes it more trusting and makes you at ease to use it!! 10/10 Recommend :)

pimprose, Jun 25, 2020
Tsk tsk tsk smh

Just a tad misleading, guys. "Even's budgeting features are free to use. Even Plus blah Instapay blah blah employer in the list they may blah blah $8/ mo." I must be a real moron because I downloaded the app thinking my employer didn't have to be on the list to use the budgeting part of the app and if by some chance my new employer WAS on the list, well, I might get really lucky. They may pay for the Instapay part and even though the idea of being paid early really wasn't all that appealing to me because if you took advantage of that aspect of the app, it might be helpful at the time, but it would just be that much harder to make it until the next payday features or would be farther away, I thought I'd check it out too and just pay the $8/mo myself if my employer didn't ---just in case, you know? Well.....that would be a huge NOPE!! If your employer isn't on the list, you can't use the budgeting part either. That was a bit of a let down so 1 star for being misleading.

Pisle, Dec 03, 2020


The Even app partners with leading employers to provide a game-changing new benefit: the tools you need to manage your money. With Even, you can: -- Get paid early. Request up to 50% of your next paycheck early, and you can receive funds in seconds.

Say goodbye to “gotcha” fees and hidden interest. Say hello to Instapay. -- Start saving automatically. Choose a percentage of each paycheck you want to save, and we’ll put it into your savings. Adjust or transfer funds at any time. Earn interest at 2x the national rate.* -- Manage your budget easily. Even detects your monthly expenses and gives you a daily, personalized snapshot of what’s ok to spend. -- Project your earnings.** Even tracks your work schedule, and makes automatic updates after each shift. You’ll see how much money you made per shift and per paycheck. The Even app is only available to employees of companies that have partnered with Even and offer this product as an employee benefit. *0.125% APY, compared to national rate of 0.06% as of 9/20/21. APY is variable and may change any time or after account opening. Powered by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. **Available for members whose employer has configured this benefit within the app.

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