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EPIK - AI Photo Editor

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User Reviews for EPIK - AI Photo Editor

It’s definitely not for me!!!

So I’m trying to find a new editing app and I’m on a fixed income so I’m looking for something free. I don’t need a big elaborate app that can change my eye colors or add makeup I couldn’t do on my best day or give me a perfect figure. I just need an app where I can edit out defects and maybe make a collage or two. So, I didn’t think it would be hard to find one considering I don’t need as much features as what a paying customer would like. I wouldn’t even care to pay a few dollars a month if I needed to in order to do something more elaborate like add a frame or something. But this app, they want to charge you almost $40 to use absolutely any kind of features! You may be able to crop a photo for free but you can’t enhance it or add text to it or use a color filter without paying for that subscription! And who wants to pay FOURTY DOLLARS for a photo editing app?! I can think of ten things in ten seconds that I could spend that money on that would be more worth it! But that’s just my opinion! Just be warned, it isn’t free and it is expensive.

🌸Kym🌸, Oct 01, 2023
It’s not the best

It’s a bit glitchy and I can’t get rid of people in the background . I think this app is ok. Sometimes my pictures are a little bit blurry so you need really good camera quality if you want your pictures to not be blurry. If you don’t care about the blurry background then you don’t need good camera quality.

beege920, Feb 17, 2022
A must have!

As a photographer and photo editor, this app is a must have. I also use their other app, “Foodie” which is how I found out about EPIK. I have to say, I’m impressed with what this app offers. There are many tools, filters, and effects to choose from. If you are looking for a great photo editing app, this is the one!

DivineLeaders, Oct 29, 2021
Doesn't work and won't refund.

I purchased the 90s yearbook photos with the incorrect credit card (my mistake). Then, I tried again with the correct card. The wheel spun for 5 hours. My phone died and when I opened the app back up there were no photos. The only way to get them would have been to pay again. I noticed on my Apple bill I was billed twice for the 90s yearbook. Apparently, after my card was declined the first time, Apple or EPIK took it upon themselves to rerun my card. I reached out to EPIK and told them what happened and got no response. I tried to dispute both charges with Apple and Apple refused to refund them. I had to contact American Express and they issued a refund. It's not like it costs a lot of money, but it's the priceable. I'm not gonna pay (twice) for a service I didn't receive. Also, what poor customer service on their part.

Doesn't matter 1000000, Oct 11, 2023
Not paying for fake AI yearbook photos

I saw everyone doing the AI yearbook photo trend on TikTok and wanted to try it out. I downloaded this app that people were saying they used to get the photos. I wanted to try it out with some celebs but then noticed you had to pay money to get the photos. Which to me seems brainless like why would I pay money for just a few AI photos. I also saw on TikTok some people never even received that photos after paying which just shows this app steals money from users. I’ve also seen like every tiktoker use this thats means they all payed for those photos which seems ridiculous to me. I thought maybe I could try other stuff on the app but like 95% of the stuff is pro so there’s no reason to have this app. I used it for 3 minutes and wish I could get those 3 minutes I wasted back. If you really want people to use your app you would make the AI yearbook photo feature free to use like at least once so people can try it out before buying.

Dr. Drew15, Oct 06, 2023
(DEVELOPERS: PLEASE READ)Used to be good but now it’s so bad

So this app used to really good, and I made really cool photos with the app. And then I stopped using it for a while and now this app turned into absolutely garbage. I get that you want money, but making almost EVERYTHING require pro is not a good way, it’s probably just make you lose people using the app instead of more people. The app before this stupid update was great since you didn’t have to pay to use the features and now it’s like 95% of the feature is pro. I feel like if you don’t pay for the subscription, you barely can do anything, making the app pretty useless. At least make more features free, and If you really need money, JUST MAKE THE WHOLE FRICKEN APP COST MONEY!!! Please at least do something about this .

DRZREZ, Jul 11, 2023
I really like the removal tool

The reason i got it is because when I'm playing PvZ i keep on getting this ad its always like "why you stressing? Remember this photo from Paris? Well I can't remove these extra peasants from the photo, well i know how to fix it i use Epik photo editor to fix it (sneaky snitch music plays) removes girl one "what how. Yeah its a piece of cake" "theres no way this is free." "This is the only free app with the Removal tool." "Are you an angle from the heaven" "yes but heres how to make it better" *removes tower* "hand me that.

Dsuggs, Mar 30, 2022
AMAZING app 👏 But, Please. Be careful, guys

This app has the 100 % accuracy, and is amazing and has all the qualities. But one thing is that when you look at the nose edits and hair and just all of it, remember that nothing is more beautiful then yourself. Never think differently of thatAnyways, this app is the best app ever! It’s free kids friendly 5 stars 100 % accuracy and no big ads. The only ads that this app has are the little ones at the bottom sometimes. But you guys aka developers, are literally my family, and I love you guys… but if you guys wanna experiment new photo apps and have a lotta gigabytes. Then just try it yourself! Thanks, guys. You guys are gonna change the world someday.. thanks for reading this review!

Gi Marie G, Dec 11, 2022
Download NOW❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ok so this game is sooooooo frame good it’s like not even a game it’s like well it is a edit app look I can see what I look like with difrent make up and hair like I scan change my hair into like soooo freaken sot and I can do difrent colors of my hair like I have brown hair and I got on there and I saw my self with this like ombré pink purple blue hair and so then I loved it and I got my hair done like that in real life and so I have had this app for like 3 or 4 weeks and there has Ben NO ADDS att all I promise is so weired but ILove this app ❤️❤️❤️❤️so GET IT❤️pls❤️

hbfryufhfygfh, May 14, 2022
Love it ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This app is amazing it has no ads doesn’t ask you to subscribe to anything for any of the tools this app is also super high-quality and when you’re bored it’s really fun to edit in this app because there’s so many possibilities you can do with it I definitely recommend this app over a lot of other photo editing apps because this doesn’t make you subscribe or purchase anything for any of the tools and I love that and it has absolutely no ads finally someone who figured out that it’s very annoying to have ads thank you to the creator who made this app also thank you TikTok for telling me about this app I highly recommend this app because this photo editing app is great like all the other photo editing apps have asked me to purchase stuff and subscribe to it because of the tools that it needed for it and it made me watch tons of ads every time I click something so I really like EPIK it’s amazing 🤩

hello my name is a name, Jun 02, 2022


Use professional editing tools and powerful AI technology to easily and conveniently edit photos. [AI tool] ・ Enhance: Improve clarity and resolution! Create high-quality photos ・ AI skin: Perfect your skin by AI correcting blemishes ・ Smart AI cutout: Carefully separate figures, objects, and even animals ・ Remove: Easily remove unwanted parts ・ AI filter: Create your own characters in different styles ・ Hairstyle and Expression: Create a new look [Professional photo editing tools] ・ HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Selective: Precise color adjustments ・ Lux, Texture, Grain, Brilliance, Vignette: Create different moods ・ Crop, Rotate, Mirror, Flip, Perspective, Adjust resolution: Set the composition you want ・ Batch: Edit multiple photos at once ・ Patch, Clone: Naturally edit or copy a specific part [Perfect portraits] ・ Looks: Experience the magic of one-tap beauty with skin retouch, makeup, face tuner, and filters all at once ・ Erase wrinkles, AI Skin, Blemishes : Smooth skin without blemishes ・ Reshape, 3D Face, Mirror correction Individual Left-Right Adjustment, Preset, Perspective: Natural and detailed face correction ・ Style, Paint, Fine tune: Stylish makeup perfect for your face ・ Body,Length: Take perfect full-body photos! Create the body you want ・ Hair Color, Hairstyle: Transform with different hairstyles [Trendy content] ・ Filters, Effects, Relight: Create a trendy feel ・ Stickers, Text, Paint, Draw shapes: Make your photos more unique ・ Time stamp: Record your special moments ・ Template: Thousands of customizable templates [Creative Tools] ・ AI Collage: Create unique collages with different photos ・ Spot color: Highlight the color you want ・ Mosaic: Try various mosaic and blur effects ・ Cutout, Separate: Smart cropping ・ Layout: Combine photos in cool arrangements ・ Background, Pattern: Create your own unique backgrounds ・ Custom stickers, create one-of-a-kind filters [Movie feature] ・ Video mosaic: Easy mosaics with automatic figure tracking For inquiries about subscriptions, contact [EPIK > Profile > Settings > Contact]. - Terms of use: https://terms.snow.me/EPIK/terms - Terms of Use for Paid Products and Services: https://terms.snow.me/EPIK/paid - Privacy policy: https://terms.snow.me/EPIK/privacy