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Emulsio 4 › Video Stabilizer

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User Reviews for Emulsio 4 › Video Stabilizer

Does a great job!

I discovered this a while back and downloaded it thinking it could come in handy at some point in the future... I was right!The app does a great job at removing shake in most cases, and the option to stop removing wobble and rotation is awesome, and really helps Emulsio to work in more situations.By far, my favorite features of the app so far are the ability to see either how much the camera shake is being removed with the compass view or look at the stabilized footage next to the original footage in a side-by-side view! That really helps me figure out how large a percentage removes enough of the shake without taking too much of the frame off.I appreciate having the three different “looks” to go through! Normal works, I think the cinematic look works fantastically, and I know the vibration look will come in handy...I love that they’ve overhauled the app’s aesthetics to fit iOS 11 and the support for the Files app is HUGE to have when I’m working with Video!

2000holmes, Jan 21, 2018
Swing, and a miss

I’m typically a “glass half full” guy, and very seldom pay for apps. We have a small video production company, and thought “why not” to go with what we thought might help for my less-than stable camera skills. Unfortunately, this program just isn’t there yet. Jelly everywhere, irratic focal point, unpredictable horizon. We’re fine because our main video program (FCP on a MacBook Pro) does a fantastic job, but as far as this app? Well, let’s just say I won’t be modifying my “don’t pay for apps” business model anytime soon, because this is pretty-much a complete waste of money. Great idea, poor execution.

duluthfisherman, Oct 02, 2021
Turns Clips Jittery

So I tried this out before upgrading. I found that some parts of the clip are jittery where as the original isn’t. I tried a lot of clips, and even doing a short 1 minute video. They both had added choppy video. It does a great job at stabilizing, but with random choppy, jittery footage thrown in. For this reason, I will not upgrade. I find that planning with a gimbal is best. If you do use this, plan on for some cropping, shoot further away to compensate. It’s a good app! You can make this app work good for you if you shoot your video right and plan on running clips through this app. It’s not a bad app, just not worth the upgrade in my opinion. I do see that the developer does respond to your comments, unlike other ones, so a huge plus there.

Geek 452, Nov 22, 2019
Great app for the price

This app is very good for the price. I tried the trial on one or two videos and immediately bought the app. It works great. A few nice things that would be preferred would be being able to batch process more than one video at a time. I’m sure a lot of people like to fine-tune each video but in my case I preferred to select to 20 videos and let it just stabilize them as best it can and save them all out at once. Hopefully something like that maybe that in the future Release. Other than that, if you have an iPad Pro it does a great job on 4K video and it’s pretty darn quick on the iPad Pro.

HubukaiMovieGuy, Jun 20, 2019
PLEASE add a hand/drag tool so i can center my video where I want

This app is exactly what i was looking for! A quick tool that will fix videos taken with my very shakey hands. HOWEVER, when the stabilizer zooms in to account for stabilization, I wish i could then move where I want the center of my video to be. It only zooms on the very center so it cuts off the subject if the subject is in the corner. PLEASE add a hand tool or a drag tool so I can pan the video to center where I want. Thanks!

hwenglo, Jul 29, 2023
Not good for wakesurfers

Most of what I film is wakesurfing or paddleboarding. The constant movement of the rider, board, and wave makes it impossible for the app to find a horizon I think. I don't think I can really blame the app for that though. The software can only do so much when it doesn't have a fixed reference point. The wakesurf clip I tried on the app had a jittery vibration to it after applying any level of stabilization. I decided to try it out with a video while walking where it can pick out a non moving point like a selfie or the horizon. It worked much. Street in this situation.The controls on this app are very intuitive, and it has many really good options for basic editing on a mobile device. I will keep using it to see if I can find a way to get it to start liking my surf films. At a minimum it helped on other videos, so I'd recommend at least trying it. It's free to try. As others have stated it will watermark the video unless you buy the in app "pro" version for less than a Starbucks drink.

Islandboy85, Jul 06, 2017
FAKE! App ADDS jitter during “analyzing” so that it can remove it

I hate when developers think customers are stupid. I’m not saying that the application does nothing but it is CLEARLY ADDING jitter to my videos just so that it can remove it during “stabilization”. It might actually stabilize...many programs do, but their preview is literally a LIE. Before you give them any money, check your actual video just before previewing it in their app and you will see what I mean. I have plenty of proof if you want to see how they FAKED the jitter in mine. It’s too bad. Would have been willing to work through more of the app, but clearly can’t trust the developer.

Jon-12345687654, Feb 18, 2020
Powerful tool with notable weak points

I wanted to use this app to stabilize my concert videos. From playing around with it, I can tell under different circumstances this app would be amazing, but I think it struggles to find a steady reference point due to the flashing stage lights in the videos I want to stabilize. This is frustrating for a couple reasons:1. When the lighting is consistent, to tool works beautifully; HOWEVER, there is no point in using it at all if even a 0.5 second chunk of the video gets thrashed around due to flashing lights. You can’t turn the stabilizer on/off at certain timestamps, and there’s no functionality to splice together videos, so it’s really an all-or-nothing issue, and I haven’t found a single video that actually needs stabilizing where it hasn’t had even a moment of that jittery thrashing.2. There is no manual functionality. I thought the compass button may allow tweaks to individual frames in the case of these jittery moments, but from what I can see it just tells you what the automated stabilizing changed about the frame. I recognize that manually stabilizing would be much more time-consuming and difficult, but having the option—especially for videos where only a couple seconds of tweaking would be necessary—would greatly improve the usability of this app.I think this app is great and definitely has its uses, but for myself, these issues make it nearly useless.

kowaiSUPREME, Nov 20, 2022
Never works

I'm a 25 year experienced video editor. I just wanted an app to use for video stabilization when it's not important, as in, not a professional video. I've adapted all of the settings and it doesn't appear to be any use. Imagine how bad an app like this has to be if it can't even stabilize a video of the sunset on the ocean. There's a clear horizon and a central point of focus (the sun) and it still doesn't know how to create a truly stable video. My hands were very steady, so the original video is mostly steady, but I wanted tripod-level steady without having to move the video onto my desktop to use real editing software. This should've been the easiest edit ever, but considering this app has always been lacking in ability, I shouldn't be surprised that it couldn't do something as simple as this.

ktgilead, May 10, 2023
Great app on my iPhone not so much on my iPad.

I tried this app for mobile video editing but it can do so much more for videos shot in other cameras. I like it a lot and as long as I remember to keep some room while shooting for possible cropping with the stabilization I’m fine with it. My biggest problem would be that I can’t export the video when I process it in the iPad, the app does everything except that, such a pity. My iPad is a mini 3, is it possible that it might not work for this model?In general, very happy to add this tool to my list.Thanks.

Mag_bert, May 11, 2019


** Macworld Conference ‘Best of Show’ winner ** Want to make your videos smoother and more professional? Emulsio is a video editing application that automatically removes camera shake, and lets you make cinematic motion just like professional movie editors. Emulsio lets you use advanced stabilization techniques, adjust the stabilizer strength, preview the result within the app, and even view a before/after video comparison.

You can also trim or cut any part of the video. Emulsio is a must-have for all movie makers! Emulsio can be tried out for free and the watermark can be removed through an in-app purchase. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. KEY FEATURES • Import any video from your album or any compatible video file. • Choose the stabilization strength necessary to efficiently remove distracting camera vibrations. • Compensate horizontal, vertical and rotational camera motion, as well as rolling shutter distortion. Besides, Emulsio can handle black borders by momentarily decreasing stabilization strength. • Assess stabilizer effect and settings by playing both the original and stabilized videos simultaneously. • Remove any part of the video. This is a non-destructive process, you can always change your mind until final export. • HDR video handling: HDR videos can be processed and exported with their full dynamic range. HLG & PQ transfer functions are available • Export the stabilized video to any compatible application (Mail, Messages, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, iMovie,…). • Fully exposed video encoder: format (mov, mp4, m4a), codec (H.264, HEVC), quality/bitrate, resolution to customize output (smaller size or better quality). • Transcode videos: skip the stabilizer and just use the transcoding feature to export to a small file size using a more optimized codec. • Very fast video processing on your iPhone or iPad. No Internet connection required. • Support for high-speed videos (up to 240 FPS) which preserve their frame rate after export. • Modern OS features: import and export of HEVC (compatible devices only), Drag & Drop, Peek & Pop, modern video access (browsing & searching). • Pro Pack or Pro Plan: HDR video handling, better accuracy for 4K videos, improved correction of rolling shutter distortion including third party sensor calibration, and removal of the watermark. PRICING You can unlock all features either through Pro Pack, a one-time purchase, or through Pro Plan, an affordable subscription. Pro Pack upgrade pricing is also available if you own a previous version. HELP & FEEDBACK Visit creaceed.com/emulsio for more information. Send your questions and feedback to [email protected] Terms of Use: https://creaceed.com/terms Privacy Policy: https://creaceed.com/privacy

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