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emoji 2 emoticon art

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emoji 2 emoticon art

  • Social Networking
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Kyungman Kim
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User Reviews for emoji 2 emoticon art

Love this app!

Love the art!!!

Amberly639, May 13, 2017
Easy to use with pleasant text generated images in text & email messages


amjr, Dec 29, 2019

I love this app to use for texting my friends. Works perfectly, no glitches, just perfect. But one idea: could use some words as art like "yes" and "no".In the next update try to include these:Search bar and Words as art.

DA MUFFIN MANgggg, Jun 05, 2013
such a cool app

enjoy texting to the full

Hugo sami, Nov 17, 2018
When it works

Its s nice app but features dont work even when you pay for them. It will say you earned a bonus, but no bonus. A little disappointing. Not sure ill keep it.

hummingbirdjedi, Jun 29, 2018
Love the app

But since I have bought the special for .99 cents where I can download updates. The new one don't paste right and the image is all messed up. I Tried to copy and paste and send to contact. And why have ads when I bought the .99¢. In the app itself. And what is the difference now between the the newer app? I would hope its the same. After buying this one

ILuv2TakePixs, Jan 11, 2012

It works for iPhone 4, but keeps blinking off on my iPod 3G. I doubt it's compatible with the iPod 3G, even though they won't tell you that. But I still have questions:||_ _ | _ | | |_| | |_| | | |_ | | ~ _ |ー|ー| |_| | | | |_  I was under the impression that the art as the one above was going to be included with the emoji keyboard extension. It's just like any other keyboard. So now I have to ask if we're supposed to open the emijo app, copy the art and paste it into a text field like I did with the upward?If we are, that's fine. But it should be explained in the app if it is supposed to be copy and pasted. Answers? Anyone?

mynicknamewasstolen!!!, Apr 25, 2011
Groovy groovy

A very fantastic variety of emotional messages, wide selection rather, cool that it includes many cultures across the world. You probably won't pick one not in your language, but it reflects a bright harmony that different nationalities also share in the joy of spreading thoughts, humor, and love. Love heals ALL :)

UniquelySuperBeth, Jun 04, 2013
Cool App!!

One of the best apps i have installed!! Glad i got it...makes texting really phone wish i could send the art to other carriers and phones...only i-phone users can see the cool art other than that its great!!!!!

worm01, Apr 16, 2011
Cute app

I enjoy the app. Like to put my own words into the pictures & post them to my online friends at holidays. Thank you for all of the time spent & ingenious pictures that it provides

Xyg12345, May 14, 2017


This is not a just text. It's an art! Enjoy & share real art with your friends via SMS.

Or you can create your own art too. Optimized for iOS6. Use of this App to send our TextArt/EmojiArt to NON-iPhone!!!. "TextArt/EmojiArt" App ever. Tired of boring simple text and email? and want to impress your friends, family, classmate? Now you can spice them up your texting with TextArt/EmojiArt with this app. Use pre-made beautiful TextArt/EmojiArt + Make your own. Like this Some of emoticons are collected from http://www.visualpharm.com/free_icons.html (Many thanks for the free emoticons)

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