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Easy Photo Collage Maker

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Shachar Udi
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User Reviews for Easy Photo Collage Maker


This is what I was looking for because it is easy to understand and to navigate through the projects. I am not very computer savvy but this did not stress me out .

Abbot Rabbit, Jun 07, 2022
Not easy to use

Every time I select my two photos to use (just trying to make a simple side by side comparison), they appear as weirdly zoomed in or halfway out of the frame. When I hit the “adjust” button the photo appears normal, not cut off or anything, but when I go back to the collage it still is not aligned in the frame. When I go to save it or share it, it is still in the mis-aligned version. I have tried many things and nothing fixes it.

Billybobjoebobbibbob, Apr 19, 2020
O.M.G y’all!

Y’all gotta download this! My god. This is the best Collage app ever created! ( And there is a lot y’all. 😂 ) Woah. I’ve downloaded sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo maaaaaaannnnnnnyyyyyyy pic collage apps, and so far girl, I’ve found the fricking perfect one ladies. Mm. Woo! 😘🤗🤗🫶🏾🫶🏾 Please please please download this y’all.

Blahtooblah, Jul 06, 2022
Better than the rest

This app is so easy to use and I have tried all the others. And the others just keep asking you for money and interrupting with with ads. You find yourself in a money loop. Not sure who’s writing those other reviews

GoogleStinks, Jan 08, 2021
simple and clean

This is definitely the best app. It’s beautiful and get the job done way faster than most other collage apps. This app does pays for itself with non-intrusive ads below the screen. I hardly notice it’s there. It’s clever and I find myself returning to use it more often. Because with other apps they run video ads which made me paused for over a minute. Most of the time I forget about the next photo or discourage to continue stitching more photos.I don’t write review at all and that means something.

Hp9c6, Nov 08, 2021
Too basic, very limited

You are very limited in what this app does. It only allows you to have a collage that is a square. There are many times when I have pictures where I would like to have it as a portrait or landscape size. Another thing that you cannot do is move the borders of the templates. They are in a stuck position so if you need to make one picture more narrow while another one more wide, you cannot do that. Another thing that is annoying is the default blue borders. If you want to change the border color, you have to do it every time. There are also video ads every time you get into do a collage, so if you decide you want a different template and go back, then you go back in and have to watch another video ad. And the last thing that is annoying is the sound it makes when you save the collage. The sound is like an error sound so every time, I think I’ve done something wrong. Download PicCollage instead. It lets you do a lot more.

Kkae4, May 05, 2022
Booooo 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Constantly tries to force you to open Facebook, which I don’t use. The button to close the ad doesn’t work but the one to open Facebook groups does. Can’t continue because that ad won’t close. Pretty useless if ask me. Also insists on inserting app name into your photo at the end of editing which nobody wants. Good templates if you can get to them. But that’s about it. So one star for that. At least it’s free. 😕

Nathan Pee, Mar 13, 2020

I agree. Use to be everything here was free. Now 99% ask for money. I’m retired and all my Social Security goes to living. Any app that wants money, I delete it. Thank you for being free.

Russ6547, Jul 04, 2021
Easy to use

This collage program is easy to use and pull pictures together. Not as powerful as some, but quick to learn and easy to navigate. Works well for a quick and easy collage to make a point or compare, etc. Some cons: may not have the collage breakdown you are looking for (3 up/3 down in landscape for example). Watermark is larger and more intrusive than many other programs. No ability to rotate collage formats that I’ve found. Very annoying. Because there is limited editing ability in the app for your pictures. Font capability is awful. Just don’t go there. Preset colors and fonts are a lame implementation of a complex function. The point size is horrible to get consistent. Works fine for a single title, but don’t try to use multiple text scattered on one collage. Getting them to be consistent is an absolute PITA. It would be better if, once you had chosen a font style and color that it came up as your default on the next text added to the same collage. Not necessarily the point size, since many times titles are larger than block text or captions.

SProwett, Oct 28, 2020
Love this app

Very easy to use and edit. I love that it doesn’t automatically push a “premium version” like other apps do upon first using it.

tickledasapickle, Apr 25, 2022


Turn your best moments into a beautiful photo collage with Easy Photo Collage Maker! Choose from a wide variety of grid layouts, filters, stickers, fonts, borders and colors to create a gorgeous photo collage. Photo collages are fun!

Millions of people around the world are creating collages every day. Join them and be creative! Easy To Use Create a photo collage in seconds! Choose your collage layout, then add photos from your library or snap pictures in-app using your camera. You can easily swap photos using drag & drop. Customize Change your collage border size and color, zoom and scale each photo, crop and rotate photos and apply filters to each photo individually. You can also add fun text to your photos. Add Stickers Stickers are a fun way to be creative and enhance your photo collage. Choose from a wide variety of stickers and make your photo collages pop! Download Easy Photo Collage Maker now and make gorgeous photo collages to share with your family and friends! Features * Easy to use interface - great for any age! * Stylish layouts - choose from a variety of designs * Add photos from your photo library or camera * Apply filters to photos * Add borders - choose color and size * Add stickers & decorations * Add text - edit font, size and color * Add Images anywhere in the collage and change their shape! Credits * Icons: Designed by Freepik from Flaticon * Stickers: all-free-download.com * Stock Photos: https://www.pexels.com/

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