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User Reviews for Dreame - Read Best Romance

Nice concept, serious flaws

This is an Amateur writing site, for writers wanting to be discovered. I understand the whole coin system is a way for them to make money but it’s honestly ridiculous. When you go to a store to buy an actual published book you make a one time purchase to read the entire book, not pay for every chapter. If they were to change the way you had to pay for these books it would make a lot more sense, not to mention a lot more enjoyable. I’ll mention that the whole reason I downloaded this app was because I found one of there ads on Facebook. There app had a clip of one story that was honestly extremely poorly written, but the story line was intriguing. So I downloaded the, just to find out the ad didn’t mention any title or author of this story. Which in any case annoyed me because I had to rummage through the comments to find it. They even changed the cover of the story just for the ad. I didn’t look at how you can even get your stories onto this app either but I bet that there are multiple things wrong with that as well. This app is overall a nice concept, but has some serious flaws. If someone is actually reading this review and really wants an app like this I would suggest just downloading watt pad. It allows you to read the same type of material without having to pay for each chapter.

caitiebaite, Feb 13, 2020
Great but could be better.

This is one of my absolute go to for reading. There are some amazing story writers on here. One thing I wish we could do is leave feedback after we finish a story. I have read over 15 stories/ books and several of them have had error after error. There was one I didn’t even finish the spelling and grammar was so bad, and another was so out of order it didn’t make any sense. I understand that these are not edited and published, but as a reader if we had a way to help make them better that would be awesome. I also wish there was a better way to earn or get the coins. Several of the books I have read I bought coins because they were too good to take a break from. I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for a membership either on unlimited book and no waiting. But the app is super easy to use and navigate through. I also like the aspect that once you find a genre you like it suggests similar books. I’m always at a loss on what to read next after I finish a book but not while using the app. Overall I would recommend but strongly encourage looking into some of the things mentioned above.

coopam18, Dec 01, 2020
Difficult app that charges full price for rough drafts

This is my second attempt at using this app. I get drawn in through FB ads of stories they give a taste of and I want to finish. However, it is so unnecessarily overly complicated with these coins. There is no clear explanation of how anything works. Also, the majority of the books are very poorly written. Sometimes the storyline is good enough I can overlook the grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and continuity errors. But then I have to try to figure out how to use their ridiculous coin system which I discovered last time costs the same as buying an actual edited and published book. The reason I’m here giving this app another shot is because if you can get past the bad writing these stories can be addictively creative and you cannot find them elsewhere. This time around I spent $3 to buy 300 coins to try it out before spending more and I have no idea what is going on. I cannot purchase anymore chapters after choosing only one and my wallet says I have 1 coin, but another area says I have 311 coins. A bunch of chapters opened up in the book I was reading so maybe that’s where my coins went? But I thought we are supposed to have the option to choose where we spend the coins. That’s how it was last time. I’m at a total loss. Since this app seems even worse than the last time I tried it, I certainly won’t be investing anymore into it.

Jen30D, Jun 12, 2021
Lovely idea

I love the idea of this app and what it has to offer but I am discovering more issue with it the longer I use it. I love that it offers writers a place to post and put their names and ideas out there. But I dislike that we have to pay for books per chapter or that depending on the story it has a timer that is a longer wait time for every chapter. I dislike that your “daily bonus points” often times don’t show up in my wallet and if they do it’s only in certain books. I hate that there are many books available that have multiple chapters that are the same writing and some books are missing chapters all together. I don’t like that I spend money on a chapter and go back into it later and find that my points are gone and the chapter I unlocked is no longer unlocked. I don’t like that you have to spend your “daily bonus points” within a week of getting them or they just disappear? This is the apps way of making you spend money to get enough points to read A SINGLE CHAPTER. I have tried re-downloading the app and have even gone as far as making a second account on a different device and I have the same issues. I am seriously dealing with this app because I am invested in a couple stories and I will be deleting it once done.

Katie_44460, Mar 30, 2020
Good, but very frustrating!

I saw an add on Facebook... to be completely honest the cute pic is what drew me in. 😝 I began reading & instantly got hooked, and let me tell you, I am not a big reader. Never really was my thing but I was hooked & couldn’t stop reading! As soon as the story stopped and it said to download the app to continue with the story I immediately downloaded it without hesitation. I kept on reading and then the “coin” situation happened! Ugh. You need to buy coins to unlock more chapters if you don’t want to wait x amount of days for each chapter to unlock/be available. Seriously?! I’d rather pay an upfront cost, $4-$5 for a book but this locking the chapters and having to wait days to continue reading or spending an absurd amount on coins really annoys the crap out of me! But lord help me this book is ADDICTING! I’ve been trying to earn coins but no way am I gonna pay a ton. This needs to be rethought and done a completely different way! Once I finish this book I’m not quite sure if I’ll keep the app. And the typos? I definitely am not interested in paying more than a buck considering how badly they are.

Kimmi1210, Jun 13, 2020
Not So Happy

Let preface this by stating this is still an ongoing case. Dreame claims to be working on it but this started over a month ago (this is March 2022) and still happening. I used to love this ap but for the past month all they’ve done is fail. First the refreshed/reset the ap and made me re-pay for some of my chapters. When I submitted a ticket for it we went back and forth for over a week before they finally blamed it on the writer. Now my ap keeps refreshing/resetting every day, multiple times a day and they will do nothing about it. Can’t even get a refund for unused coins cause they said it’s not their problem to ask the payment service provider. Then said “besides there are many interesting stories on Dreame…” they went on to ask that I continue to support the up n coming writers, which I’d be happy to do if I could get through a story in peace. Today? I lost my entire library. Now I have to battle with them over that and whatever repercussions come from it. They won’t even offer any sort of incentive for the trouble or to stay, either. I know this because something similar happened to me last year but not to this degree. They told me then, just as they are now, that other people were going through the same issues. It finally did get resolved but they just moved on with out any recognition of the fact that their glitch caused their customers distress in any way.

Koehlia, Mar 16, 2022
Good reads but painful to the grammar police

So far the stories are definitely enticing to read but they can be tough at times to get through when you are having to re-read each line to make sense of all the grammatical errors and typos. It was bad enough in one book I read they kept mixing up the characters’ names. A baby can’t be named “Amanda” in one chapter and be named “Charlotte” in another. If I had to say, it felt like I was reading the very first draft of a story someone just finished or it was written in one night, without the author even re-reading their own work. I mean putting the thing through a computerized grammar and spell check would have helped somewhat. The coins concept, I get it, the app developer and author need to make a living, but I’d rather spend my money on well published and edited work then this stuff if I’m going to be spending the same amount, if not more, than what I would have spent on something similar at the book store. It’s not like these are long novels that would take very long to edit. I’m not a writer by any means, but I’d be embarrassed to have my writing viewed in such a rough draft state. “Intrigued’ and “I married the CEO” I think is what I read so far. Both need work. From other comments I’ve read I’m sure the next one I read will be just as rough, but I guess I will have to grit my teeth and bare it.

Me dwarfs, Apr 20, 2020
Too Expensive and Poor Grammar

I just downloaded the app because I love to read and an interesting story appeared in my FB feed and I got hooked. I decided to buy $15 worth of coins. That is the cost of a book in Kindle (although that is an expensive one and kindle books have less grammar errors). Sadly $15 is not enough to finish even one book and worse you can’t see in advance how much it will cost you to just read the book. How much more will it cost to finish just this one book. I guess I will never know. I find this type of sales gimmick unsavory and shady. I will delete the app and just continue on with my kindle books. It’s surprising the authors and app company are choosing to be greedy, the amount of money they are saving with electronic books instead of hard bound or paperback should be reflected in the cost to read their books. I gave them 2 stars because while they are swindlers (not allowing you to know how much it will cost to read their book) the stories are interesting but then so are all the books on kindle and there they are honest and upfront and best of all someone proofreads their stories. Shame. I think the amount of money to be made will be much lower then it would be if they were upfront about their costs.

Me-Cali, Apr 23, 2021
2 Books In

I just downloaded the app 2 days ago. I like that the books are available to read but have not downloaded the. I started to read 2 books and I’m almost done with 1st book. I purchased coins so that I could judge about how many coins I had to use to read an entire book. So far, I purchased 500 coins and have read a book and 1/3 of another. I like that the more coins you purchase the bigger the discount and bonus coins you get. I like that there are a lot of the same types of books grouped together so that you can keep reading similar stories. I like that you can start to read books and if you don’t like it than you just keep searching. No need to use coins if you didn’t end up liking the book. I don’t like that the chapters are soooo short and you have to use coins to read the next chapter. I don’t think I’d be able to wait (or want to wait) until the next chapter is available to read especially if you’re an avid reader like me. I don’t like all the grammatical errors and typos but I understand that these books might be translated from another language in another country. Overall, so far I say 4 out of 5 stars.

Mrs. Cara, May 28, 2020
Why can’t we simply bookmark our spot!?!

As much as we pay for these stories/books the least I expect is to save my spot! Lately it’s legit been anytime I even were to switch from Dreame to check Facebook... or respond to a quick text. Doesn’t matter. As soon as i click back on Dreame it shows the entire reloading thong and brings me back to the first page of my current story. I’ll give it that at least. But luckily most of these amazing stories are long so it’s really annoying to have to figure out where you were. Especially with some being numbers. I truly feel like asking for something in the app to save our spot truly shouldn’t be asking for much. The stories are amazing. I don’t even spend this much on books in real like. But I’ve just gotten addicted Amd LOVE it. We can thank my phone being off two months so when I ever got on Facebook and they would post huge chunks of these stories I’d screenshot them for later whenever I’d get back to WiFi or a hotspot. Now I’m stuck in the never ending web. I’m ok with it too. Only think is I won’t be buying another book until we get some marking thing or at the very LEAST they fix the app to not refresh and start over every-time we bounce from another app back to Dreame. Thanks! I’ll give 5 stars once that’s fixed!

Schroko#1, Jun 02, 2022


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