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DraftCode Offline PHP IDE

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User Reviews for DraftCode Offline PHP IDE

Terrific app!

I love this app.If you’ve used (or heard of) WAMP or MAMP, this is like that, in a “lite” version.When I travel - or even when I’m just home sitting in bed - I often prefer my iPad to a laptop. DraftCode let’s me work on web applications without dealing with remote servers or even needing an internet connectionSure, it isn’t a 100% replacement for working with a full-featured IDE on a laptop, but it’s great for knocking out prototypes or demos, working on a plane, or any time mobility is the #1 consideration.

bradleythegeek, Jun 07, 2020
Hard to tell what it's capable of

There's little to no documentation or tutorials to show off its potential.

Ccphila, Sep 18, 2017
Great but can’t figure out how to see server from the native browser

Using this to run WordPress and works well if in the app BUT I’ve yet to figure out a way to actually use the iOS Safari browser to see the site. Hoping there’s some way I’ve just overlooked. Documentation doesn’t mention anything.

dsmith7, Apr 02, 2023

Well worth the price. Thank you!

iDeveloperKIT, Feb 24, 2019
Incredible Possibilities

I love (LOVE) this app. Only two things prevents a 5-Star review:1) Scrolling: When scrolling, the screen snaps back to where you started and you must find your place again. I can't express how frustrating this is when you're trying to flow... This behavior occurs consistently doesn't happen system wide. You have to scroll twice after any change made because of the maddening "SNAP!"2) UndoI rarely use this function because it's more destructive than helpful. It doesn't undo one step at a time, it jumps back a seemingly arbitrary number of steps so you have no idea what was undone.If you've just squashed a bug and then hit undo a few lines later, you have my sympathies…Fix these and it's practically perfect (and probably one of the most valuable apps in the store)![ iPhone 8 • iOS 13.3.1 ]

Lao Tzu Bravo, Jun 26, 2020
Great for practice

It’s a little buggy. The keyboard gets in the way of me scrolling. Sometimes I can’t scroll at all.

Lbrew81, Nov 26, 2019
Solid App!

Well maintained; functionality true to description. Many thanks 🙏

livobserver, May 20, 2018
A Top Player!

I find this mobile IDE to be becoming a trusty tool in my workflow belt. While, there are bugs (especially the undo roulette, lol), I will say, at this moment, this is the best of its kind of app on the market, in my opinion. I look forward to following the developers as you all continue to enhance this wonderful application.

Mister Raze, Jan 11, 2021
Great start, but has some severe problems

While the app does exactly what it says, there's some things you should know before dropping the 10 bucks:- The Javascript messages viewer is always empty no matter how many times you try to print through the console.- You can't Cmd+F or Cmd+G to quickly find strings or lines. This is a huge blow to working on larger documents.- You can't quickly navigate lines because tapping any line only brings you to the front, and Home/End don't work.- Scroll position jumps to either the top or bottom of the document every time you switch between files.- You can't work from an existing workspace folder; you MUST copy a folder into the program's folder in order to work on it, or manually import individual files. That means if you're working on a number of files you have on Dropbox, every edit you make must be manually saved, file by file, back into the original folder.- And this is made doubly difficult by the fact that copying between the two locations is a nightmare on iOS. I can't even paste my project into the DraftCode folder anymore because I just get an error saying "Couldn't communicate with a helper application". This is actually a Dropbox problem, but it's one that you have to be aware of since you can't work straight from the Dropbox folder.

multi gravbreak, Oct 27, 2022
Was good

Has huge issues and cant be relied upon. Too many issues to work around or even mention here. Dont expect this to work well. I hope that they fix it.

Paid user also, Oct 21, 2020


Run and develop PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS locally on your iPad or iPhone (or an Apple Silicon Mac), offline and without requiring an internet connection. Run Apps as complex as WordPress or phpMyAdmin right on your device. Freely choose your workspace location on your device, either inside DraftCode, or in the folder of a Git Client like WorkingCopy, on iCloud or other services that offer selectable folder locations.

Access your PHP Web App from other Apps on your iPad while in Split Screen mode, for example Mobile Safari or Brave. DraftCode includes the standard PHP stack including PHP extensions typically available on a server: MySQL, SQLite, PDO, Curl, OpenSSL, FTP, XML, JSON, SOAP, GD and more. DraftCode by default includes PHP 7.3.16. (An additional runtime for PHP 8.0.28 is available as an in App purchase.) DraftCode Features: - Execute PHP/JS/HTML/CSS without requiring an internet connection - Run Apps as complex as WordPress on your device for offline development - Support for selecting a custom workspace folder in supported other Apps (like Git clients) or iCloud - Includes a Session Inspector showing state of current session variables - Shows PHP errors - PHP and JavaScript syntax colouring - Internal keyboard support with coding accessory - External keyboard support with additional keyboard shortcuts - Multitasking and split-screen support on iPad - Includes PHP packages: WordPress, phpMyAdmin, Composer and more - File workspace including support to zip, unzip, copy, move or duplicate files or folders - Code import/export from iCloud Drive, other Apps or iTunes file sharing - Kiosk mode that runs you PHP code fullscreen - Script mode to run PHP scripts without a web context or timeout INCLUDED PHP PACKAGES WORDPRESS 6 With just one tap you can run WordPress offline (using the included WordPress SQLite plugin) and develop themes and plugins for the popular platform. PHPMYADMIN Connect to EXTERNAL MySQL databases (MySQL is NOT included). PHPLITEADMIN Work with local SQLite databases. COMPOSER Use Composer v.2.1.12 to efficiently manage your dependencies. The package also includes an example project. For more information and answers to frequently asked questions please visit DraftCode's website. Please note: - DraftCode's runtime currently does not support re-write rules - A MySQL database is NOT included. (We recommend using SQLite when working completely offline.) - A phpinfo() output of the current available runtime configurations is available on the DraftCode website, please follow the "Developer Website" link below. - In-App purchase pricing can be reviewed on this App Store page under "Information" by tapping the triangle next to 'In-App Purchases"

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