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Don't Let Pigeon Run This App!

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Don't Let Pigeon Run This App!

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User Reviews for Don't Let Pigeon Run This App!

To every Karen out there that has a problem

To every Karen out there that has a problem, don’t just 1-star. Get help from me. In this review, I will cover two common problems with this app.If the microphone doesn’t work and/or the bus driver can’t hear you, reinstall the app and allow microphone permissions in Settings -> Don’t Let The Pigeon Run This App! and turn on Microphone. If the bus driver still can’t hear you, get closer to any of the speaker grills on the device or use EarPods that have a built-in microphone.If the app doesn’t start, your iPad has insufficient CPU or RAM power to run the app. Get another iPad with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM (for example, iPad Air 1 or newer, or iPad Mini 3 or newer) and with iOS 9.3 or later from somewhere and the problem is fixed.There. Now everybody gets to respect the drip. Also, if this review helped, make sure to rate this as helpful! ;)

- EthanclineW -, Mar 31, 2020
Deserves 5 Stars 😜

First off, this game is great. I got it for my sister and she loves it. I have no complaints, but one suggestion. For the voice recording, I find it cute but kind of annoying that the Pigeon always says “I have a frog in my throat.” I think the app should kind of make your voice sound like the Pigeon’s. I know this is complained about often, but THE BUS DRIVER NEEDS A SKIP BUTTON!!! I listen to him OVER and OVER and it also gets annoying! I know the app won’t have further updates, but I just wanted to point this out in case minds are changed. Other than that, the game is fantastic. My sister and I put all sorts of wacky things into the stories. The game is awesome and it deserves five stars. If you’re reading this, please don’t listen to the bad reviews. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

❤🍤24, Apr 19, 2019
Don't Let the Pidgeon Run this App

I had the same problem and contacted support and they replied very quickly with a solution. "Be sure that you've enabled the app access to your device's microphone. You can check this setting by opening the Settings app, clicking "Privacy", and then "Microphone". Mine somehow got turned OFF during the latest IOS upgrade.

CarolSouthard, Nov 12, 2013
Great idea but needs more content

My two kids (and I!) love the Pigeon books and cartoons. This is a great idea for an app; basically, your kid records his/her voice and it plays a story like a mad lib with whatever topics they choose. The problem is there’s only one story, and it gets old pretty quickly. The entirety of app is that story and a single drawing lesson from Mo Willems. While I’m very happy this has a single price and no in-app purchases, and I like supporting the author, for six bucks I hoped for more content.

drtwofish, Oct 30, 2020
Please Let the Pigeon Do More in this App!

Please let the pigeon do more on this app! C'mon! I gave you more than five bucks. It's a cute app, and my kids get a few giggles. However, it doesn't do a lot. There is one simple story line repeated back with your additions, like voice-recorded Mad Libs. You can also draw the pigeon with Mo, but that's it. There is very limited play value for the money. We hope you'll update with new story lines, Mo characters to draw, a chance to animate your drawing, read alongs of a pigeon book, or video clips or something else. (Your app developer would let you. True story.)

Greenarrow18, Jan 18, 2015
Really fun game but just needs a little more updates

I really like the game so much that you need more updating it because the only thing you can really do is draw pictures and like make stories I really still like it though but you just need to update it a little more often it’s super fun again but it just needs more updating because those are the only things you can really do in it.

I like books100, Dec 13, 2021
More than disappointing - a complete waste of $ 😡

I should have believed the negative reviews of this app. The animation helping kids to draw the pigeon for the first time is cute - but I already knew how to teach my students how to draw the pigeon. The create a story function appears to be broken - just doesn't work at all. The Disney website says that there are no plans to update the app - it would have been helpful if that was made clear in the app description. I wish there were some way I could get my money back. I will be deleting this app from my iPad as it is a waste of space. I was hoping for something so much better given the association with Mo Willems 😕

iOS teacher, Mar 28, 2017
Read this review for microphone issues!

I almost didn’t let my daughter get this app because of the issues noted. But I found a fix! Unlike other apps, this doesn’t automatically ask you for permission to use the microphone. You have to download the app then go in to your phone settings—privacy—microphone and then click for the app to have access to the microphone. She has enjoyed the interactive nature of the app!

LornaW, Oct 29, 2018
Pretty fun

This game is fun no matter how old you are but I would make a few changes….. one: make the game a little longer.(you can’t really do much) two: I personally would make it a game where you add more things maybe each week or two weeks.(there is no really a lot to play. However, the game randomly end after completing the 3 or 4 short games

Maddiebacon, Aug 04, 2021
Not worth it

Below is a review of the app from my daughters. My 7 year old used h r own money and is so disappointed with the game she wants her money back. "Hello. We have some complaints about the pigeon game. First off it's boring. By boring I mean there's really not that much to do. Also add more fun games like an activity book mazes with the pigeon. Second every story is exactly the same and could u please use a skip button so we don't have to listen to the bus driver every time. Third on the drawing part please include some other characters from your other Mo William's books. Thank you for reading this".

mj and eh, Nov 29, 2015


Three-time Caldecott Honoree Mo Willems brings the Pigeon to the digital screen with this original, feature-rich, animated app. “Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App!” lets you create your own Pigeon stories with your pal, Mo Willems. Just follow as the Bus Driver asks you for your ideas—then shake the Pigeon. Your story is ready!

Sit back and enjoy the show. Once you’re finished, try it again…and again. You can make as many silly stories as you want. This fully animated app includes hilarious shake-and-play technology, customized voice integration, and other exciting interactive features. Plus, you can draw the Pigeon with Mo! COOL FEATURES Starring appearance by the Pigeon, voiced by Mo Willems! Also starring YOU! Record your own voice as part of the story. Pigeon-drawing tutorial with Mo! Personalized vault for six of your favorite Big Pigeon stories! EVEN MORE COOL FEATURES! Three unique storytelling modes! Read-along option! Shake-and-tap interactivity! Pigeon-y sound effects and music! Note: If you have a second- or third-generation iPod Touch, be sure to use earphones with a built-in microphone (like the ones that came with your device) to enjoy all the great features of this app! Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies. https://disneyprivacycenter.com https://disneytermsofuse.com

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