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User Reviews for DominGen

Clearly the best of the kingdom generators

This app is wonderful. Daniel does a great job with it and always keeps it up to date. It is my go to app for randomizing a kingdom when playing. I have all the sets and this app allows me to select which sets to include in a kingdom for when I play with different people who only know some of the sets. I love it!Recently I have been playing through all of the suggested kingdoms from the individual sets and noticed an error in the set Schemes and Dreams. There are only 9 kingdom cards in that set in the app. It appears that Philosopher’s Stone was inadvertently left off the list. I have used the app for years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a mistake. It is so well done. Thank you!

cjd52, Mar 15, 2020
Seems perfect but fatal flaw is holding back 5 Stars

Great app.except Maximum expansions option. doesn't choose from my collection randomly. Keeps using the same first two expansions I clicked that I own. If I don't want to go over two expansions at a time but want it to randomly choose which expansions are used I can't. Isn't this it's intended purpose. Update: Never mind. You just have to return to the title screen to re-randomize expansions or it will draw from the same ones. Great app 5 stars

Evadsmon, Feb 04, 2020
Works great (when it works)

I love this app and I am glad to see that it is keeping up with the latest dominion set updates. It has great options for picking how many landmarks and such to use. Unlike one of the other apps I use, it tells you explicitly which card is Bane, whether or not to use Colonies, etc.My only complaint is that it doesn’t always function. (It will freeze when I click on the icon to give me a new set of cards.) if this problem gets fixed, it will be perfect!

Free Blackbird, Aug 02, 2022
This app is Awesome!!!

I am long time Dominion player. This app makes setup fast and intuitive by telling you every resource needed, plus if there is a question about what a card does it has a direct link to the wiki entry for that card. I love this app!To the developer: My only request is that, although you have the capacity to save your favorite custom kingdom setups, it would be nice if you could optionally give the custom set a custom name to tell it apart from your other saved sets more readily, and maybe be able to see those sets together or separately from the list of recommended kingdom sets.I found a bug: apparently if you generate a set with Young Witch, then replace it, the bane card remains in the setup.

Hallstead, Dec 23, 2018
Great, a few display bugs

I think this is the best dominion randomized app. The developer is responsive to requests. In full screen mode (I tapped the card to see it all) on my iPad Air 2 if I swipe to the next card, the label at the top still shows the first card title. Also, some cards are shown at the wrong size (ambassador). Last a suggestion, I recently learned of choosing a new kingdom by changing just 4 cards to make setup faster. It would be great if the app supported this, let me select cards to keep or reject and generate a new kingdom.

howard66, Jan 05, 2019
Love the app!

If you have multiple expansions, this is such a great app. I seriously can’t say enough about it. The only reason I rate it a four is if you use the plunder expansion, you can’t share the list. Which is a bummer since we usually generate the kingdom and let folks veto any cards. It makes it hard for everyone to see. I’m hoping for an update soon because this is seriously the best way to handle the expansions!

Kjom25, Aug 06, 2023
Good app

This is a good-looking app, having images of all the cards is nice and quick access to the wiki is handy. Having the setup info displayed is helpful also. My main recommendation would be to add the ability to “favorite” specific individual cards (similar to the ability to block), and be able to review favorites, select from them etc. Maybe even a setting to increase the chance of favorite cards being included in randomized sets? The ability to toggle force-touch vs normal tap would be nice also for those who don’t like using force-touch. Other than that, great app!

mr. jb7, Mar 30, 2018
Best Dominion randomizer on IOS..but hoping it’s not abandoned.

This is easily the best Dominion randomizer available for IOS. Great interface. Love the easy access to the Dominion wiki for the cards. Also love his it shows you exactly what tokens, mats, etc.. you need. Heck, it even picks a card for you if Way of the Mouse is selected.I’m just hoping the developer will continue updating for Allies and the soon to be released 2nd edition of Seaside.Thanks for this awesome app!

rjd5974, Apr 27, 2022
Great Randomizer! Almost Perfect.

I really like this randomizer. Visually, it’s quite nice to look at and randomizes cards in a way that makes setup intuitive. For instance, by including all needed setup cards in addition to kingdom cards, it’s pretty foolproof. My one complaint is that you can’t set a maximum number of expansions to be included. There used to be a randomizer that allowed you to pick a max number of expansions (say, no more than 3 in a game) while still picking from them all, which I really liked.Update: Wow, I left this feedback and the developer updated the app to take this into account and make the suggested changes. Talk about responsive! Already loving how this is changing my dominion play possibilities!

Schnarebear, Jan 16, 2018
Best randomized

I’ve been using various apps for years as randomizers and this is hands-down the best. It’s also kept up to date so I can use it even shortly after new expansions are released. That being said I’ve used it a lot the pst few days and have noticed som bugs and I can’t find anywhere else to report them.1) Often the app will not let me manually select landmarks or events. If I only select landmarks/events/projects and press select manually then the app will crash2) I have events/landmarks/projects turned on always, but if I select promotional and not empire/adventure/renaissance then the summon event never shows. The ability to select promotional events outside of the kingdom cards as is provided for adventure/empire/renaissance would be good.

Seymour Buhtz, Dec 18, 2018


DominGen is the ultimate Dominion kingdom generator, letting you quickly and easily create playsets just like you would shuffling up a deck of kingdom selection cards. • Generates random kingdom sets, but won't repeat cards until it runs out of options, ensuring that every round you play feels fresh • Spotlights instructions for cards that need special setup so that you don't miss a thing • Handles selection for cards like Traits, Obelisk, Druid, Young Witch, and Way of the Turtle • Save your favorite setups, and share them with friends (even if they don't have the app) or post them to the web • Supports all Dominion sets, including Dominion (1st and 2nd editions), Intrigue (1st and 2nd editions), Seaside (1st and 2nd editions), Alchemy, Prosperity (1st and 2nd editions), Cornucopia, Hinterlands (1st and 2nd editions), Dark Ages, Guilds, Adventures, Empires, Nocturne, Renaissance, Menagerie, Allies, Plunder, and promotional cards. • Customize the way kingdom cards are picked with different options to support all kinds of house rules and preferences • Design your own custom setups with a step-by-step picker • Quickly access rules, strategies, and tips for each card through shortcuts to the Dominion Strategy Wiki • View all cards across the different expansions • Explore recommended sets by selecting different expansions • Block and replace cards that your play group dislikes • Go back in your history and see recent kingdoms you've generated • Optimized for both iPhone and iPad