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User Reviews for Dogemon App

Love it but…

Got it, it’s beautiful, it’s great, only thing is I’ve been trying to transfer the doge I have obtained into my crypto wallet and I have even went as far as downloading more than one wallet just to try to get it to go and every time with every different wallet it tells me it’s invalid address. What wallet do you prefer to transfer the doge into please and thank you?!

5678ijg, Aug 14, 2021
Impossible games

All these web3 games are setting people up for failure. Unless u spend tons of money on them u aren’t getting anything. I cannot get a single attack on these things because even when the shield isnt up it pops up every single time. Even when I attack at the same time. Idk maybe I’m just retarded

Aerokossa, Jul 22, 2022
Mind was changed instantly

(Fix for crashing) I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to play this game anymore, because it kept crashing on me when I tried to launch it, but it turns out I just needed to update my IOS. Now that I’m back in the game and seeing how crazy well the token value has been doing : 📈+84% in the past 30 days, meaning my purchased DOGO tokens are worth almost 2x 💵what I paid for them. (Not financial fried rice) I am just extremely bullish for this project now. The new battle system and animations are simple but stylish.

Allmyscreenamesweretaken, Oct 25, 2021

PLEASE DONT DELETE MY REVIEWS APPLE!!! I really do love this game!!! I have literally thousands of Dogemon caught as well as Dogecoins!!! This game is truly an amazing game, especially now with pvp credit staking!!! And just wait til McDonalds releases a DogeMenu when they accept Dogecoin!!! This is the kind of app that could help people get food just by allowing them to play for free, playing to earn $DOGE and $DOGO!!!!!!! We really need more love for this app, it’s my favorite already and only improving greatly!!!!!! Show some love everyone and catch Dogemon and Dogecoin before rewards get much better for both DOGE and DOGO!!!!! ❤️❤️🚀🐕🐕🐕🐕 AGAIN, I AM NOT A BOT SO PLEASE DO NOT DELETE MY COMMENT APPLE!!!!! If anything, help me out and show some love haha I love this game ❤️

DogoJoe, Feb 21, 2022
First Mobile Metaverse advanced

I’m happy to have entered to this game at its early stages. It’s a fun and great game, with a huge community. I think the efforts added to this game it’s visible and you can tell that they are the only ones in the industry of Metaverse. The top features that I love about this game are it’s Metaverse, Play to earn, and Argument reality. Now with the new features to come? Wow I can’t even imagen how CRAZY It will be.

Greg112895, Jan 26, 2022
Tons of Potential but sadly 2 stars right now

This crypto game has tons of potential. There is definitely some issues with the game that are must or players will leave. 1.) AR disabling either white or black screens the game and have you try to catch them. There should be a default Non-AR background with creature stationary (mag snap) to center central location. Also could use a button to turn off AR altogether. 2.) Character location issues. Character needs to face the way the player is facing. This will give us exact directions we need to go in order to get the next dogemon. Also some ? will be at the edge of player circle or show the dogemon but won’t let u interact. 3.) Battle system needs overhauled. I can’t tell you how many battle I have lost with the last wild dogemon hitting just 1 HP and knocking out my last one with a 16+ damage hit. No battle or healing items so you better hope they power up or defense as their last move to beat them. Please fix the above issues and I will come edit my rating to higher rating, rating of course based on quality of the updates not just throwing them out there and working halfway.

Mr. Jones417, Nov 11, 2021
So over it

So I’ve been playing this game for quite awhile, had over 4000 doge balls and quit an amount of doge coins , etc. I get online to play it today and low and behold, everything was wiped out. Will be deleting it due to having to start back over, it’s not worth the time or effort .

pitterpooh, Nov 20, 2021
Underwhelming gameplay

On the plus side, the app does exactly as advertised: you can walk around and catch crypto- themed critters.But, the game play is highly underdeveloped. There are no badges or achievements, no way to merge/upgrade your catches or do anything with them beyond trade them for credits. There are no teams or factions to join, and no RPG elements are included. There are only 6 critters to catch so far. The gyms allow you to buy more balls at a discount, but serve no other purpose in the game.The interface has some serious bugs. The most serious of which is lack of generating new critters if you walk in a new direction (you can reset by force closing the app).The earn crypto element is a cool idea, but not enough to offset the poor play experience. The minimum withdrawal amount and fees make withdrawing impractical, you’ll need to play an awful lot to acquire enough tokens.

Seraphys, Sep 21, 2021

I play Pokémon go daily and the thought of this was fun and inviting. It’s seems like it’s still needs some improvements and should enable the option to catch the creatures without camera on all the time for a safer experience instead such as Pokémon go has the option to enable or disable. Looks a bit silly looking around for a creature and public’s looking at you all crazy and some getting offended when they think you are recording them. It does take awhile to accumulate doge

YaaaFood, Aug 18, 2021
As of 5-22–22

This app is amazing so far, very interactive with a small learning curve and plenty of room for development (which is the only reason i give 4 stars) other than some polish and being able to connect to more exchanges/wallet IE: Coinbase/Klever/Cyrpto but that seems more up to those sites platforms than the games devs.

Zeds_leader, May 22, 2022


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