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Albert Kornas
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User Reviews for Doge Miner - Doge Coin Clicker


I love playing this game but when everything is so on like I need more things to be able to be bought at the Moon so I can actually farm easier and it says that it will be coming soon I’ve had this game for two months and it said that every single day it still hasn’t changed or added anything new please either move something new coming soon from the moon battling things or whatever and or add new things

😑😐😶😠😡, Apr 17, 2022
a good game, but has issues

this app is a truly amazing time killer, but there are two things that need to be fixed. ( in my opinion ). The first thing that I believe should be fixed is the cropped screen or whatever it is. When I opened the app after I downloaded it, the game fit on my screen as it should. But the second & third time, it was only on half of my screen. The next thing that I think should be fixed ( or added ) in this app is the ability to see how much money you have. I’m not sure if this is already available, but I spent a decent 20 mins trying to find this and failed find it. Overall, I give this game 3 stars. Edit: I forgot to add how many ads this game has. If your the developer of this application reading this, it would be very helpful if you would present less ads. thanks for reading :)

3m0b1tch._, Apr 25, 2022
Great game

I found this while I was getting my computer fixed and the complaints about adds are bull crap because you can just turn off your internet also people complaining because it isn’t a “real”dogecoin miner? What did you expect the game to give you free money?So over all don’t listen to haters this is a great game. Such good much fun

a sandbox player, Jun 30, 2021
The best game I played

This is really the best game I played because like it’s easy to get better pickaxes, spam click the doge to earn money like sonic, and the best thing, YOU CAN DISABLE ADS. BECAUSE EVERY GAME I PLAY, IT ALWAYS SAYS THERES NO ADS, THERES ALWAYS ADS. THEY ARE ALL LIARS. And especially for the fake robux games. But I’m on one of the fake robux games side, because it gives you free items for free as you play. But back to the reason I love this game, ITS JUST AO GOOD.

cooper jerry larson, Apr 27, 2023
Some problems…

Ok so this game is really fun but there is 2 things that bug me a lot. Number 1 being the amount of adds I know you need money but cmon. Number 2 is this that bothers me more than adds practically for no reason my screen is move my shop and everything else are in the same place but the doge and background are moved to the corner and it is really annoying thats it other than that its fine.

George Rybakov, Dec 20, 2021
Doge miner (opinion)

The first time you have a chance at the first game is in a month and you can get the game on your own if you’re interested and then the first time it is in the first week you have a free trial so I would recommend that if you’re not sure about it you could just wait and wait and then see what you find and if it is a problem with your end of game then I can give it a shot to you if it doesn’t come out to your face or not and then I will let them out.

hdgdheydhd, May 20, 2023
This game is good but so much ads and the screen is broken..

Each time you upgrade I calculated but if you spam upgrade there an ad EVERY 10 SECONDS! And if your not doing anything every 30 secs there’s an ad. Also there is a glitch when you play the first time the screen is in place but the third time you play the screen is out and half the screen is gone making the game insanely annoying. PLEASE FIX THIS! Also don’t buy the 1600 it only gives you 10 secs of it

jchjcbsdbsdhsduhcbdsgucbusd, Dec 03, 2022
Awesome game!

I initially found a different version of this game on my cromebook (which I recommend checking out) and thought it was amazing. I then decided to see if I could get a mobile version about two days ago. Turns out you can! I like this game because you get to buy and upgrade people (or dogs?) to work for you, as well as get doge coins for yourself. I also love dogs sooo… One thing I was kind of upset about was there not being any slave kittens. When I played the other version you could buy them, and it gave me a good laugh. I couldn’t find any on this version, but maybe I just haven’t progressed far enough. Over all, I really like this game though, it can be a bit boring at times. Worth a download!

LCG-hero, Feb 05, 2022
Very doge

WOW such good mmmmm it tastes good minasan kon’nichiwait’s me tofu chanyou know it’s important to try and do things to make yourself feel comfortable and feel at homethere are lots of ways to do this!putting on a warm sweaterlistening to your favourite musicor even eating a crunchy roll!oohooh ooh yeahooh ooh yeahyeahcrunchy rolltake me hometo a place i belongin that towni feel like i’m eating a crunchy rolldon’t be afraid to be alonei dream to livehold tightlet’s protect our strong selfcrunchy rolltake me hometo a place i belongin that towni feel like i’m eating a crunchy rolli’m tired of being hungrywhen i’m standing i dream of floating to my home townthis long winding roadis making me hungrycrunchy rolltake me hometo a place i belongin that towni feel like i’m eating a crunchy rolleven though times are tough i’m going to be bravei’m strong enough to set myself freeand become a better mecrunchy rolltake me homei really want to goto that place that has crunchy rollcrunchy rolltomorrow is another dayit’s not a goodbyecrunchy roll

loljudejame, Apr 06, 2022
Wow, much dogecoin

I love this game. But the reason that i gave it 4/5 is that you need 277 BILLION doge coins to get the rocket. It’s too much. I’ve been playing for at least 2 months, and i’m not even close. It takes forever and the pickaxes are so expensive. It goes 0, 100, 2k, 60k, to 1.5M. I currently have the 60k pickaxe, and it only gives 169 per hit. I’m not trying to give a hate comment, but it will take up a lot of your time. I think if you are really motivated then you can get it. Me personally, I don’t want to have spent most of my time on a game.

please fix these🙏🏻🦮🐕🦄🦋, Sep 17, 2022


The most exciting and addicting doge game is now on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You'll have many countless hours of fun and entertainment. The game is very simple: - Mine dogecoins by clicking/tapping on a huge doge coin - The more dogecoins you mine, the more equipment you'll be able to purchase from the shop!

Use your dogecoins to buy machines and diggers that will mine dogecoins even faster for you! - Unlock a secret machine and other high-level upgrades! - Fly to the moon on a spaceship, where you get brand new investments and upgrades to buy! You'll go from swinging a wooden pickaxe for single coins to using time portals and flying through space on donuts and drilling into the moon to earn millions of coins per second! Watch the coins pile up right before your eyes! Don't be fooled by the simplicity of it. It'll look silly at first, but before you know it you'll be spending hours trying to land nuclear blasts and traveling through wormholes in space. Doge Miner is unique because you'll be playing for an infinite amount of time. There is no end to the game, so you can keep playing to your hearts content, or until you mine so many dogecoins that your device isn't able to count such a high number anymore! Since Doge Miner doesn't require 100% of your attention, you can keep mining dogecoins while you do other things, like convince your friends to download this game! :) Can you be the first to a million? a billion? a TRILLION? Find out. Don't let your friends beat you. They've already started. Become the Doge Master. BE AWARE - The dogecoins in this app are FAKE, and therefore cannot be redeemed, spent, or used in the real world. There are no connections to the real virtual currency, Doge Coin. This game does not, and never will, have the ability to generate, or "mine", real virtual currency. In this app, the terms "mine", "mining", or "mined" refer to the process of obtaining dogecoins from rocks. Note: Doge Miner is free to play but does offer in-app purchases for various kinds of things. Any dogecoins acquired through in-app purchases will only work within the app itself and cannot be redeemed, spent, or used in the real world. You can disable in-app purchases in your iOS system settings.

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