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User Reviews for Dog Town: Pet & Animal Games

I usually don’t play games

I usually don’t download games anymore because they usually aren’t satisfying, while I can’t say if this game is satisfying since I only downloaded it this morning, it is really fun! I recommended it to one of my friends and she loved it too. I hope their are more dog breeds as I’ve already obsessively bought and bred most of my favorite ones. I love the virtual dog hoarding/collecting. I would never hoard in real life but when I was younger, like most of us, I would hoard my Pokémon and my many nintendogs. This is no difference. Like most people I know only to hoard virtual pets and not real ones. I don’t think this game is promoting that at all. It’s just a fun and cute game. I love the easy quests, but my favorite part is the collecting and the breeding and the leveling up. I would love if there’s a cat version or if there are even more dog breeds to come. I haven’t collected them all but I’m afraid I might and then I’ll just have a whole bunch. I want to customize my dogs’ collars so I can tell them apart if it does get to that point. That would be nice. I have no real complaints. It may have glitches twice and I lost out on some rewards for completing quests but that may just be my phone itself. It happens sometimes in other apps too. Thank you for this amazing cute little game app!

AilithSky, Jun 02, 2020

First of all I love animals of all shapes and sizes, but if I had to choose, dogs would win favorite. This is seriously one of my favorite apps. There are some problems with DogTown that I feel that I need to point out; first of all the quests take waaaaaaay too long and I’m stuck on a quest that never ends !!! Like, it takes 12 hours and when I’m done, it starts all over again!!!! Also can you add some mixed breeds and hairless dogs. I would really appreciate that because my dog is a mixed breed who looks like a German shepherd and I feel like hairless dogs are under appreciated because they are bald. If you would, can you get the dogs to interact with more toys, and maybe get into some trouble. That would make the game more realistic and interesting. The dogs do glitch a little but no biggie. Otherwise great game. I love how adds only pop up when you want them to, like to get more food or diamonds. I also think that it’s cool how you make it look like they are actually eating and drinking from the bowls. Other than those few bugs, this is a really realistic and cute game that any dog lover should download. Sorry that this review was so long, and please fix those bugs. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-Riley P.S. if you need name ideas, here are some good ones that I like; Dynamite, Omelet, and Blitz. 😉

animalgirl113, Feb 05, 2021
Fun Dog Game

Well I am pleased to share what I think about this game. It is a realistic game that shows you many different dog breeds and they are very cute. It is much better than other games because for some things that take long there are speed up buttons and when something takes time to get ready again you have many other things you can do. I believe this game is truly 5 stars but I have ideas. If the creators could make a game this good with only dogs imagine a zoo where you have to care for animals! Anyways back to this game, it does have in app purchases which I think is a downside because people sometimes aren’t allowed or can’t get those purchases so they sometimes have to wait days to be able to play again so maybe you can have different buildings like one for dogs one for cats and one for birds so you have multiple choices. In all I believe this is a truly amazing game and I especially like it because in my first breeding session I got a German Shepard my favorite dog breed! So if you are looking for a game to spend time playing and get good at try this game, it is good even if there are some imperfections because the creators used their imagination to make an awesome game! -MaskedWolf4eva

battle the, Jul 10, 2021
Best Dog Game Out There

Ok, so this is definitely the best dog game out there. End of story. I cant find a better one. I have a few things to say, both good and bad, some I’m just throwing them out there. First, it gets annoying that some breeds take up to 6 hours, and some quests. I’m on level 22 so things started taking longer, but I did get a 3-star Aussie. Second, when you visit other people’s houses you can’t see the names of the dogs or the level. Can this be changed please? Lastly I think that you should add more dog breeds, and also maybe if you breed certain breeds you can mix breeds, like if you breed a lab and husky you could get a lab husky mix. I have one and she is super cute. She kind of looks like the black and white husky. Ok now some good things. First, I love the new update that you can feed them treats, teach them tricks, brush them, and wash them! Second, I love how instead of just having one type of, say, German Shepherd, theres 4-5 different kind!! Ok, so last thing; a lot of people would like a cat version, and I agree. I know that there are more types of dogs then cats, but it would still be cool & fun to try out. That’s it! And I highly recommend this app to all those dog lovers out there!!!!

BookWorm2598, Nov 16, 2020

I NEVER GIVE REVIEWS BUT HERE I AM POSTING ON THIS ONE FOR THE SECOND TIME. I have so far 102 dogs (there are no more to get) all rooms at level 10 (except last one )and have trained 95 dogs without spending money. Had to watch a gazillion ads to do it (Hope creators of game get paid by ads watched). Thank you for adding training dogs as a goal because the game was starting to get boring. However, there are 7 dogs that can’t get trained Corgi and Dachshund (says training coming soon). When?? Also I had put off doing quests. I finally completed the level I was working on from December. It say New quests coming soon. Again When?? The next goal level on last room is 150. That is a very long span from 60. So to summarize: Great doable fun cute game. Need to update untrainable dogs. Need to put in two or 3 rooms between 60 and 150 . Hopefully there will be other types of goals coming soon because at the moment it looks like I’m done until there are more dog or things to do. All I can do is rack up gems, money and tokens for no purpose. Still giving it a great review because IT IS A FUN CUTE GAME AND I’m hoping you are in the process of doing more.

Mad as a rabid dog, Aug 11, 2022
Love this game! Some things could be fixed...

The dogs are really realistic in the ways they act and look, (except once my dog sat -through- his food), and are absolutely adorable. It’s sooo fun to play and the quests don’t take up a (super) long time that would make me not want to keep this app, because, well, I love this app. I would totally recommend this app to anyone who loves dogs and taking care of them. Two things: 1) The Nurturing time takes really long and I would really like it to be shortened, (but in the end you get an adorable puppy!But when you just get a dog card when breeding and not a new dog it’s kinda (very) annoying...), 2) my Yorkshire Terrier floats right above the ground and it’s kinda odd. Oh, a third thing is that sometimes my dogs walk through each other and glitch a little. Other then that, this game is PERFECT for me and I am so happy that I got it. This game is SO CUTE and I love it. Thank you so much! (Sorry for this giant review).P.S. I was wondering why the dogs don’t use the bathroom... it would make this game more authentic and realistic.P.P.S. A poodle would be a good new breed...

Nnnnnn641, Mar 27, 2020
long review, good game

The character designs are all very cute, the dogs on screen act like real dogs, the gameplay is simple but still very entertaining. I like the accuracy in the majority of the dog breeds, in terms of size, description, and coloration patterns. It is not a pay to play game, as I seem to be succeeding without having used real currency to buy anything, but buying with real currency could be beneficial. Ads are not a problem, and more often than not, a reward is given for watching an ad. The few criticisms I have is, 1.) you can tell the person who wrote most of the dialogue and words on screen doesn’t speak English as their first language, which I really don’t have a problem with at all. There are a few misspellings and weird sentences, but all of it is very easy to understand, and the kids that this game is targeted towards won’t mind. 2.) If you don’t shut the game down completely, time won’t pass. It’s a minor inconvenience, and, again, not a huge problem. Overall, fantastic game that is entertaining for dog enthusiasts of all ages.

Sayler28, May 13, 2019
This app is awesome heres my review

I give this app a 5 stars because it’s an amazing app the dogs are so cute and I love how you can level them up and do quests and tasks. There’s not many things that are bad there are some adds but not many and I like how you can just watch an add and get some cash, diamonds, and food. For me the adds aren’t that long and I also don’t mind adds. Exept there’s one thing that I would like the developer make can you plz make a cat version I do know how long it takes to make some games because I’ve seen some people make apps before but can you plz make a cat version because I love cats and dogs and I’d love the cat one. So now the things that are bad in the game. Also when I redownloaded the app I was able to go back to my old account and I was very happy because all my dogs, cash, and levels were still there. So now here are the bad things about the app. To me there’s nothing wrong with this game the game is great. To be honest if I was able to give this app 10 stars I would because this app is great I recommend this unless you don’t wanna watch adds but usually it gives you an option to watch an add there’s a task to watch one. So yea that my review the developers made this app look so great there’s some adds but not many so 5 stars for such an awesome game. Thank you for reading.

Soooo addicting & fun, Oct 22, 2020

I really like this game, while it seems to promote the idea of a puppy mill and breeding, it also promotes the idea of making sure you can feed all of your dogs before you get more. So, I don't see so much of an issue there unlike others. I mean, the dogs are being taken care of, and they seem happy in the app, so no harm no foul. Next, I love the design of the game. Easy to play, and the dogs are adorable and resemble actual dogs, and it's realistic but cute and cartoony. This game, takes time to play and you're waiting on things constantly, is the only issue. Maybe make a "speed time up" button for people who are busy at certain times? Other than that, I highly recommend this app. It's fun to design the rooms, and send the dogs on missions, however I feel like the person playing should get a bit more of a role. Be able to get more involved, and play through scenes like when Tim looses his dogs. It'd help pass time. I got this app thinking, "How cute, a way to pass time. Aight, I'll try it." But this app doesn't help you pass time, it makes you want time to go by faster. If the game developers go in and add cutscenes and such, with choices your character can make, that'd be nice. And PLEASE MAKE A CAT VERSION! You've got a bird version, but no cat? I really want to see a cat version! You could change up the house, and cat breeds are a breeze. So why no cat app, but a bird and dog? Please make a cat one! I'd love it.

VivienneEmmalene, Apr 12, 2020
Amazing! Just a few things....

This is one of the best apps I have encountered. It has amazing graphics, amazing story, and amazing features! Although I would like to say that the loading after I enter the game once every day, is very slow. It goes pretty fast at first, and then it stops at the exact same spot every time. It can be frustrating. Other than that issue, it is a great game! I wish to see a cat version of this, as you have made a bird version. I also have a few suggestions. Maybe you can add more dogs such as Afghan Hounds, Basset Hounds, and Bulldogs. Also maybe we can have a mixed breed feature, where it combines the male and female breed into a new, different breed, making thousands and thousands of breeds possible. Now that would be complicated, but worth the work. It would make many players happy, as well as me :). Maybe also a toy feature, where it follows the toy, as you drag a toy that you pick from the bar, just like the giving them a treat feature. That would be so, so, SO great of you if you included these suggestions, as well as fix the bug i have encountered. Thanks in advance! :D

Wish not to be known, Jan 17, 2021


Start your own Dog Town by breeding and collecting dogs. Experience dogs training where your puppies can learn lots of new tricks. You can use your voice to give commands to your dogs like in real life!

You will collect dogs, train them, get medals, level them up & send to quests & funny adventures for exciting in-game rewards! Take care of your puppy, wash, groom & feed. In Dog Town you can customize the rooms where your dogs live! Design your own interiors with hundreds of exclusive decorations. Are you ready to build your virtual Dog Town? Let’s get started! In Dog Town you can: • Train your dogs and teach them lots of tricks with new training feature! • Breed and Collect new dogs! • Enjoy gorgeous 3D environment! • Play with realistic Dogs with lifelike behavior! • Take care of your dogs: brush, wash, train, pet & feed! • Level up your dogs and send them to quests! • Decorate your rooms with hundreds of decorations! • Collect more than 100 dogs and more coming with each update! If you always wanted to adopt pets, play with puppies and dogs & were interested in animal shelter, pet & dog rescue then this is one of the best virtual games for you. Each animal has a unique character and behavior, so you will always recognize your "Sleepy" from the "Jumpy"! Also you will see their unique behavior while training your puppy. We've put a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that you would feel attached to your dogs just like you would to the real ones. In Dog Town you can collect dog breeds like: Basset hound, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Springer Spaniel, Boston Terrier, Labrador Retriever, Australian Shepherd, German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Great Dane, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Pomeranian, Doberman, Siberian Husky, Miniature Pinscher, Beagle, Chihuahua, Corgi, Dachshund and many other dog breeds. There is a large emphasis on Dog Collection and management for casual and midcore players. Download now and start having fun! Terms of Use: http://www.frismos.com/terms-and-conditions/ Privacy Policy: http://www.frismos.com/privacy_policy/

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