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Does the Dog Die?

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Does the Dog Die?

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Does the Dog Die, LLC.
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User Reviews for Does the Dog Die?

A Truly Appreciated App

I absolutely love and appreciate this app! I have always hated sitting through movies where animals are killed or abused gratuitously. I think animal killings and mutilations in movies are completely unnecessary, now, every time I want to watch a movie I can go into this app, pop in the name of the movie and find out if there are any dead animals or scenes were animals are killed or abused. I love being able to be forewarned so that I can absolutely not watch that movie. To me, this is one of the most helpful apps ever made.

CarolynMcEvoy, May 19, 2021
Wonderfully helpful

I use this to identify if a movie has one of my triggers before I watch it. It’s saved me so much stress to be able to watch something without worrying about suddenly running into something triggering! I recommend this to anyone who struggles with certain content.

doihavetopickausername, Jan 21, 2021
So Helpful

Love that they finally have an app! Been referencing the website for years and it’s so nice to have an easy accessible app to look for triggers. This site/app has saved me so many times from panic attacks and just a general feeling of being upset. It’s nice to know I can go into a shoe or movie knowing if there’s a part I should skip or if I should avoid something all together. Thank you for your service

maddyanddarby, Jul 24, 2020

a great app for anyone with phobias, trauma, kids, friends with trauma, etc. When you look up the movie, it lists yes/no options for various triggers and warnings (which can have comments that elaborate on the votes), so it doesn’t spoil anything specific about the movie unless you seek it out. If you or anyone you know plan on watching a movie and there’s a known phobia/trigger, looking and having just a heads up is wonderful. SO MANY movies and options!!!! worth the cost 100%

mboyd2219, May 09, 2020
Horror Fan and Anxiety Sufferer’s Best Friend

I absolutely love this app! I’m a big fan of horror movies of all kinds, and it’s really helpful for me to be able to skim through any upsetting triggers within these movies to either warn myself beforehand or just avoid the movie entirely. I love horror but sometimes there are just certain themes that I’d prefer to avoid, and this app makes it so easy to find movies I like that won’t trigger an anxiety attack. The user interface is really easy and simple to use. I really like that there’s a section for comments so users can explain a little more about each trigger if needed. I love that you can pin certain triggers so that they appear at the top of the list on each movie’s page. This app is totally worth the $3.99 (the website works well too, but the app is so convenient and streamlined without the ads). I have to imagine this app would be helpful for parents as well in the case of selecting appropriate movies for their kids (there’s even a “is Santa spoiled?” question on each movie’s page). I’m truly thankful for this app and highly, highly recommend it.

MountaineerEngineer, Oct 05, 2020
The best app for watching movies

If you’re like me you crumble when you watch a horror movie and you see a furry or non furry friend. And you just sit there wondering is this poor animal going to meet a horrid faith? This app...has helped my anxiety not only with animals dying but other triggers in my life. It’s so totally worth the money if you watch movies often or are just to anxious to watch one with animals in it.

MySongs<3, Jul 22, 2021

I went back to an old movie I wrote a note on underneath the “does an animal die” trigger. I realized that on the website it says “besides a cat or dog”, but it says this important info nowhere on the app. unknowingly, I said yes and was downvoted when I said cat (but I didn’t know it wouldn't count as an animal since its only specified on the website that it does not count and I used the app!) please fix this.

strangersayshi, May 14, 2022

There should be a warning or rating for animal treatment in the same way there is R, PG13, contains explicit lyrics. I should have checked a series that just came out, but I didn't. Of course there was a scene in which an animal was killed. There's 6 episodes left and now I won't watch the rest based on principle.I was raised on a farm and saw things I literally see a shrink about. This stuff in movies upsets me each time.I have no problem paying for this app. It's totally worth it.

The maxx12, Aug 18, 2021

the app is everything i’d hoped for and then some. there’s still improvements to be made, but i’m highly impressed by how smooth it is already!!i hope soon you add upvoting comments to the app like it is on the sitei’ve also noticed that there seems to be duplicates of some sources of content. examples i’ve found of this so far are Money Heist and Criminal Minds.anyhoo, thank you for working so hard on this platform!! 💞

TinyKookie, May 09, 2020
Excited to Try

So far I love the app and the UI is intuitive. I like that it's pretty easy to find out what people think is appearing. My only request would maybe be an auto filter option? So you can browse movie titles that you know will most likely be OK without having to go through each movie? Maybe having it be percent based, so if it's 5 yes and 95 no, it recognizes the discrepancy and allows it to be looked at closer? Whereas if it's 95 yes and 5 no, it recognizes that most people agree this trigger is there, so auto filter it. I think that would help the app be a staple in a lot of households. The app is convenient and helpful, but sorting through the 70+ triggers for multiple movies in a row can be tedious, so any way to filter faster would be great, especially when you don't know what to watch.

UncleDodes, Dec 07, 2021


Does seeing a dog die on screen leave you an emotional wreck for weeks? Does the Dog Die saves you from emotional turmoil by exposing which of your triggers are in movies, TV shows or books. NOT JUST DOGS 70+ triggers, including: Animal Triggers • dogs dying • spiders • horses dying • cats dying • animals (besides dog/cat/horse) dying • dragons dying • bugs • snakes • animal abuse • dog fighting Addiction Triggers • drug use • alcohol abuse • addiction Bodily Harm Triggers • people being burned alive • finger or toe mutilation • shaving or cutting • eye mutilation • torture • seizures • teeth damage • bones breaking • heads getting squashed Family Triggers • kids dying • parents dying • cheating • kidnapping Gross Triggers • farting or spitting • vomiting Medical Triggers • needles or syringes are used • hospital scenes • cancer • electro-therapy • mental institutions Mental Health Triggers • people dying by suicide • body dysmorphia • self harming • claustrophobic scenes • eating disorders • anxiety attacks • gaslighting • autism abuse Noxious Triggers • strobe effects • shaky cam Pregnancy Triggers • miscarriages • childbirth • abortions • pregnant woman deaths Fear Triggers • jumpscares • clowns • shower scenes • ghosts • demonic possession • stalking Sex Triggers • sexual assault • sexual content • incest Social Triggers • LGBT people dying • hate speech • misgendering • fat jokes • black guy dies first • ableism • antisemitism • homophobic slurs Spoiler Triggers • Santa (et al) spoilers • sad endings Violence Triggers • car crashes • blood or gore • drownings • planes crashing • people getting hit by cars • falling deaths • child abuse • domestic violence • nuclear explosions • hangings • gun violence • buried alive • choking Pin YOUR triggers so they’re always at the top.

Request NEW triggers and VOTE on others’ suggestions. ADD new movies, TV shows, books and more. RATE and COMMENT on movies you’ve seen. REPORT inaccuracies. PERSONALIZE your experience. NO ADS!

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