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User Reviews for Do! Spring Mint - To Do List

Love it.

I really love this app. The only improvement I would like is an option for the badge notification to show past due or what is to be done that day instead of future tasks. It would make planning ahead easier as it wouldn't show on the badge until that day. Other than that, this app is simply great!

charmmyvee, Oct 12, 2012
Great app

I really love this app. It's easy to use and not cluttered with too many options. The only thing I wish it has different is the ability to just keep adding to the list without pressing "done" each time. That is a bit cumbersome and would be great if you could just keep adding. Other than that I am happy with this.

Happy in Geaorgia, Jan 26, 2016
4+ Stars

Super user friendly and useful “to do” app.

Igor Gant, Jul 07, 2018
Love it! Idea rho

Been using this app for years. Best list app for my needs An idea tho that I'd love. Better customisation for the background and the tags. I would love to make my own tags.

KaebaAuftrags, Jul 05, 2022
Nice app :)

I use this app daily, & it has been pretty useful to me thus far. I like that you can change backgrounds and fonts to your preference and make it your own. It would be great if within the app you could have a separate daily check lists so you could pick a day and see what your list was that day instead of everything being on one screen or at least seeing what tasks you completed & on what day. Other than that the app is great! :)

KC6613, Mar 16, 2015
Great for students

This is easier to use than many similar apps I've looked at. Is there a way to set up reminders that occur each week? For example if you have a standing appointment each Monday at 10, you could put it in once and have it repeat each week? That would be very helpful!

ndpndntjns, Nov 08, 2012
Wide tag option colors

Please change back to the color patterns to the ones before. Or at least make them more pastel and light rather than bold and busy. They were much more cuter and less busy than the updated ones now, especially when you activate the wide tag option. The current ones don't really fit the pastel "Spring" theme.

ThaGirlNextDoor223, Nov 03, 2017
Cute and useful

I bought this mostly because it was cute and it certainly has all the functions you need in a list making app. However, the only feature this app is missing is the ability to create separate lists. The ribbon tag system is pretty but it's a bit hard to organize visually once the list gets long.

thepandaa, Aug 06, 2013
The Best To Do list ever😍

I love 💕 scratching off my To Do List🤣

TLCDebra, Sep 25, 2020
Use it Everyday

I love this app and I use it almost everyday. It's probably the best simple to do list out there. I love that in the settings you can add task to the bottom of the list not the top. No other to do list that I've found does that. And I've tried at least five other to do list apps. Like when you add things to regular to do lists you add from top to bottom. All other lists that I used whenever you added a task it would add it to the top, which is not how lists work. The only problem I have with this app is that the automated delete tasks doesn't work anymore. On this app I would have it so completed tasks would delete after 12 hours of completion. I really like the aesthetic of seeing your completed tasks all crossed out instead of them automatically being deleted immediately. But I still didn't want them all to stack up so I used the delete after 12 hours in the settings. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore and they never get deleted. I noticed that I still had two days work of crossed out tasks. I tried turning off my phone and reinstalling the app, but the 12 hour automatic deletion still did not work. If you fix that, this would really be the perfect to do list app. Other suggestions are to add more themes. Or maybe just make one whole to do list app that connects all the Do! App themes together in one. Since I know you have three separate Do! Apps that are all the same except for the themes. That would be really cool. Thanks!

Zesty333, Jun 21, 2017


## ‘Do! Spring Mint’ is the easiest way to use ‘To Do List app’ in the iOS ## ## No more wasting time on making the list itself! ## • You don't need to study this app. just follow your instinct! • No more stiff basic fonts! • A realistic ball point pen & paper sound effect! • Don’t waste any more time in making list! • Extremely simple input, simpler than any other To Do Apps ## Simple completion check!

Now simply double tap! ## ## Features! ## • Simple completion check! ( Double Tab! ) • Today Widget! • Multiple App theme! • Changable Font! • Sorting! ・・・ Manual sorting, Auto sorting (Ascending, Descending order) ・・・ by scheduled time, by creation, by modified, by alpabetical, by color tag • A realistic ball point pen & paper sound effect • Password lock (Initial password : 0000) • Application Badge • Selectable date format • Data backup & restore (Dropbox, e-mail) • Fully Support Landscape Mode • Notification • Fix the item on top of the list (thumb tack) • Set Color Tag for each task ## If you choose Auto sorting mode, you can not manually change order of your to do list ## ## The only difference between ‘Do Spring Mint!’ and ‘Do! Spring Pink’ is advertisement. ## ## Support External Keyboard ## New Task (Command key + 'N') New Line (Option(Alt) key + 'Enter') ## Support : [email protected] ##

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